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Apparently When in Rome

Updated on November 4, 2015

"Look, I'll tell you right now that if you go looking back in my history it will neither impress you or give you any real reason to believe or possibly even hea

Who could have known? But it may land in the hands of many. This something that peels back like strips of one very large onion; smelling even more pungent. And should tears fall in ones wavering within the sight of it, this cryptic thing? Alive it is. Breathing...I don't know if it could be referred to as that; this living style kept well oiled and running by a world far beyond the knowledge of most others. A world that has continued to appear and develop before her, but... should she continue without regard of it's hideous nature nor in fear retreat? Even so it is has become absolute that she can't. It is for now an impossible thing, for there is no feature within her to turn it off. And now that she has been seen in the land and in the world by those owning and running around in it, in their opinion she survives possibly because she belongs to it. Yet she has not come to revere it by any means, has called it out as disgusting and goes on exposing it to a usually unaware public. What time is it on that old clock ticking and tocking away, yes and anyway now?

Watch her..."I make an announcement! That such a world, it's longings and desires, and we are yet speaking about the wondering chaos of mankind on it's surface for now; but down there just beneath... yes these behaviors, gatherings and lifestyles of such and sort can only be rewarding to those of a like mind. Validate it.

And it must be said not to judge me or others. For It is also said to be that these same responses equate to those of plenty psychologists or detectives having the task of these most undesired inspections. This because even as they are at times perceived in such a manner to be a host of such atrocities, included by the wasted minds, those feeling wealthy and full in their pleasures of torture; that these sexually demonic tyrants creating and repeating twisted fantasies are somehow becoming a interest to behavioral capture-rs. As they are sent and pulled and drug through such a mind and world...sitting their witnessing the ones salivating on their words as they tell on themselves, for they are so sick with desire of it and action of it that there are only so many surfaces that they can carry as "The normal."

Drug along she must listen intently along with the one foaming of it's own dark desires. She being considered for desire both by her surrounding kind and the one who is in plain sight of her, all this while she has considered that she may as well use the inescapable time to detect and analyze to help reveal in understandable revelations some things that may help protect others during the great fight, the great war.

And let it be said that it can be testified to by many of those having had a similar task, that the mind of the eschew had at times not only have had plenty pleasure in sharing, but that they have had at many times fell into a lust with those looking to persecute they and their crimes, feeling as though they are a part of the same place and order in some fantasized way. Yes the mind of the devil and like kinds could never be understood, they or their vicious needs, their addictions, but they would at many times believe it so. In the end I think that most of them believe that someone should or absolutely will understand, and it's true. Only it won't be us who truly hate and can not wait to simply wait for them to be prosecuted and put away. The jury is in and we are all apart of it."

"I know that it sounds crazy mam believe me, and I know that I have little to no physical evidence of this intrusion happening to I and my family, but I assure you it is there."

The small Trojan horse had came to a stop before many walls, faces and offices naturally. She lived among them. This one, only threatening to some while completely disregarded by others, and thank the highest heavens for being so gracious as to bring it all about in every aspect in which the world found least of concern. For it is assured that only the true will understand and see. All so big and all so nothing in comparison to the entire scheme of things. How amazing the conductor for he always does that. This is all very amazing but focused.

Who knew however, that amidst the great authorities of the earth there were actually some sanctuaries left within it's offices and resources,yes; somewhere within it's rule and about within it's people. Well, why wouldn't it be a exact replica and reflection of the world's condition for by it bearing the truth...there was, is and will always be good left in portions of most people and most places everywhere, just very little of it. What fruit will we all eat in the end?

"Look, I'll tell you right now that if you go looking back in my history it will neither impress you or give you any real reason to believe or possibly even hear me. But try and listen as I continue, for the words keep changing by me and my mind elevating past me," she thought within her head.

"There are things going on surrounding my media devices, my accounts including medical, financial and otherwise. They have not taken anything but they have cost me time and loss of hours at work. They have also caused a lot of stress and painful conditions having withheld, confused or stagnated finances within my entire household, and right now I do not know just how far it reaches but I would like us to simply focus on I and those in my household."

"And spirits do not work this consistently even though such capability is there. Nor do they have the same response to physical actions and prepared statements within the world. They have an entirely different opinion of most things, and are on a entirely separate agenda in most ways. But, how satisfying it must be to them to have the reward of an aggravation existing; that some people in her form may actually assist them with their devising of a whole other matter while pursuing their own."

There goes another silent thought she had no intention of mentioning to the naturally three dimensional woman within her naturally three dimensional office, within it's naturally three dimensional workings. Yes, no matter how kind or considerate even within her honest attempts to be attentive, no, she would not be able to understand such things. They would be the defendants normal loud and intrusive confusion crossing most everyone's mind only as simple insanity. And, everything that could actually be grasped or heard would fly quickly out the door and a stone for stepping would be shattered, and in most cases for many other individuals in the same or similar situations life, left only to their victimizers who now grow more bold; to make the victim weaker and the predator more powerful. And, once their victim is loss to their demon, or simply their own wicked behavior, they will travel on to the next and the next more hungry than the hour before.

Yes, she was sure the officer had prior heard many misconstrued stories of such chaos both out of frayed minds and within very controlled people and their systems...however for now she could not but barely hear a peep of the young woman's cry out for restitution and lawful assistance in hopes to gain a much needed resolution. Still...the young woman knew without a doubt that as she sat in that office movement had obviously been granted by the outsourcing of her greatest resource and that yes, the slow moving boat had began to pick up speed. Pharaoh was a brute who remained obstinate too, for other's sake lets hope and most of all pray that all her predators will remain affixed to their perceived power above all law too.

"Okay, I hear you, and I'd like you to go with my suggestions. Write down everything and keep record of all conversations from this point. I will leave you with this number which advises that you have came into to the station and we've offered a process to further consider whether or not there is more going on within your systems than what is deemed normal, okay," she smiled.



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