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Applying Probability And Random Selection To Make Writing Easier

Updated on December 26, 2013

Probability and voting selection-names of companies to heads of states.

Most of the things that have come down to us or have come to stay or generally accepted in our system are simply a result of voting or through probability and random selection. From names of companies, words in dictionaries, new phrases, names of countries and companies and even heads of states .Even the pope is voted by other cardinals.

Even we can also know the character of a person after seeing them react or the attitude they have put up. That you can see a general pattern or tell who they really are by the series of consistent actions or reactions to situations. We can notice their taste of fashion looking at the sort of clothes you have seen them wear and they have dressed on several occasions that you have seen them.

Generally, we accept that what is selected through voting by a majority (of great minds) to some extent is close to perfect.

Our lives are governed by choices

Generally, our lives are governed by choices. Most of these choices that we make in life are generally made through comparisons of other related options to pick the best possible idea. Our current status of life is always the reflection of our past choices that we have made.

You need rules to govern your selection to make more accurate

However, to make your random selection more accurate you would need rules to always govern the selection or screening procedure. In order to make your work easier and selection close to accurate.

Choosing from the best possible results.

If our choices will make sense or be more accurate, they will have to undergo an advance but simple screening procedure for the best possible results.

The process or procedure the object runs through that gives the result or outcome of the product its uniqueness. No productive and no article can be 100% perfect. However, after taking them through the appropriate consistent procedure or process and test analysis, it is able to approach perfection or you will be able to achieve the best possible result.

These laid down rules or consistent principles govern our methods of comparisons and choices that reflects our minds. They define who we are and they reflect in the outcome of the choices we make.

Example or Application of laid down rules

Apparently, it is not the article that has to be worked on for long hours to attach your signature or personality- It is your personality and thought pattern or way of thinking that should govern or influence the set down rules. So that any time you apply the rules they automatically affect the outcome of your content. They infect the content with your personality that has already been coded into the rules governing your arrangement of ideas. This will help you to work faster and churn out more articles.

This is much like owning a restaurant or cooking meals with a particular ingredient and cooking style or method. It makes the cooking become easy and not hard work. The last and invisible ingredient would be your own method of putting together the ingredient or cooking the food that gives it a unique taste. That is one of the ways you can also attach uniqueness to your work - by having a unique way of going about your work.

Writing also involves analysis and selection

Generally looking at writing from the right perspective includes an aspect of probability and random selection of related ideas. The ideas logically may be related but they are only making sense to reader because they are conforming the sets of rules –if you like the agreed sets of rules-that govern their order of arrangement.

It is a matter of comparing ideas and picking out the most related (by subject and ideas) and turning them into articles.

As you get to compare ideas and select or develop new and advance ideas out of the lot.

Writing develops your analytical skills

The same way writing also develops your analytical skills. As you put ideas together to compare. You can make good decisions and make good choices when you write a lot. You get to put into a readable format your mind or your thoughts. This makes it easier for you to select your best thoughts and group your ideas to understand your thoughts.

How written ideas really makes sense to reader

The fact that we are able to make some sense out written ideas as readers are not by any special means. If you can break down the procedures down or rules governing your writing and arranging of idea style, you will be able to write or churn out lots of ideas without much work or any deep contemplation that may only stress you out and not make you enjoy writing much.

With any piece of art, usually we are able to make some sense from the final result of a product because it conforms to many of things that the target viewer is familiar with or can relate to. Moreover, we accept because the majority is believe to be right. Alternatively, able to understand certain things through several occurrences. The rules that govern the selection process determines the final result and the pattern. The specialness and uniqueness of the product lies in the perfectness of the system or procedure that manufactured the idea.

Probability and random selection in writing makes it efficient and speeds up arrangement

Probability and random selection in fact is required especially when you are dealing with commercial quantities. And in the case of writing especially when you are publishing articles in commercial quantities, you would work much faster and efficiently with this method of selecting the best possible idea from the lot.

Advantages of setting down rule to govern your style and arrangement of ideas

Setting down rules to govern your writing will help you to do less thinking. You can focus much of your attention in just attaching your signature to the content and less on thinking about how you can perfectly arrange your ideas. You can also publish consistently and confidently, ones the content or ideas obey the rules that you have set down you are good to go because your content will makes sense to anyone who reads it.

When you set down consistent rules, you will have less reading to do and much energy therefore to just do yourself or do what you do best. Just writing or producing your thoughts.

You will not be able to lose your personal touch to the content or article even when you use a software to write your article. The way you use the software will be governed by the same rules that have been influenced by your personality and style of writing. This will affect the outcome of the article making it have the unique signature that you want.

With good analysis of your own ideas, keywords, subjects and objects contained in your content, you will be able to write and arrange contents without a lot of hustle.

Writing is a mind work and putting down a consistent well pattern system or rules to govern your style of writing and arranging ideas will help greatly in putting out great articles without much work. You can make writing a hobby that way.

It will help you to maintain a particular style and taste of discussion that will make your content unique and stand out from the rest.


Why you should to rank your ideas-why have a consistent pattern of selecting ideas

Thinking so much about your ideas or writing could bring about a writer’s block that result from stress and deep thinking. To write commercially, you should have a consistent pattern that governs your selection of ideas for articles. This will help you to work more because you will not have to drain your brains energy through deep contemplation to churn out ideas and after go through great stress to arrange your ideas perfectly.

You can achieve your writing goals easily

Problems encountered in the past writing processes shapes your current method of writing and arranging your ideas. Setting down a consistent process that governs your style of writing helps to keep you on focus by remind you of past flaws or problems you have encountered in the writing process. It is a way to keep undertaking the best possible procedures that have yielded positive results in the past and to stop the procedures that have not brought you any advantages. This means that you do not have to go through greater efforts to come up with ideas for your content. You can always start from the point closer to achieving your goals in writing. This makes the writing process interesting.

Gives you much confidence in your writing. Allows you to start work by bits before you are guided into your mainframe thinking. This gives you much confidence in writing. You can write out your ideas in a much more relaxed way.

You are able to think straightforward because when you follow a particular pattern in each of your writing or in the initial stages of the writing process, it is reflected in your style of writing.

Having a consistent screening process results in a more straightforward final content.

The circumstances from which your ideas evolve from is always reflected in the final content. It shapes the final content and ideas. Having a consistent writing procedure shows a deeper level understanding of your work. The more you understand your work the more you are able to put down sets of rules to keep you inline and make you consistent and focused. Your work is much more controlled and this results in a consistent straightforward final content. The procedure used in writing or arrangement is reflected in the final content. This means that if your ideas are screened and arranged with a consistent process, it will reflect a straightforward content. It should make your final content understandable to reader.

Disadvantages of not have a consistent or systematic method of arrangement.

Without the appropriate or consistent method, you will always find writing boring because you would have to regain your bearings or wait for the inspiration to come before you can write and arrange your ideas. Arranging your ideas become difficult.

Advice for writers.

You will only need to do a one-time contemplation and analysis. Research and experiment with several arrangement patterns and ideas. Write more articles and deduce the best possible methods that suit your topic and thought pattern. This will become your personal signature. It will be your style as a professional writer.

Try to be consistent with your topics. When you are much consistent with topics, it becomes easy for you to develop a consistent rule that would govern your style of writing and arrangement in order to make the article writing process easier. It is easy to notice the consistency within your own pattern of thought if you are consistent with your topic or if you write on a particular topic often. You can notice the different tones in your discussions and easily come up with a unique rule to govern all your writings to make writing easier. With this advice, you will be able to churn out several articles in minutes.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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