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April May Dance Until June.

Updated on May 19, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

When one is high on a mountain insiration seems much nearer

April May Dance Until June.

April's golden tresses
grace willow trees
and bless forsythia tips
just starting to bud
near my mountain porch, 
my heavenly perch.

My dog catches zzzz's
hIs paws moving to 
squirrelly-cued dreams, 
or chasing rabbits far beyond
Alice's  hole in one- derland
as melted snow rushes 
faster to the river 
flowing towards valleys below
turning into mini waterfalls
in the gaps

Clouds almost 
touch my world up here 
as if I could 
touch them back
misting pastures
with foggy views
while a rainbow 
bends to color 
their gray and 
white canvases

Summer slowly ascends
the slopes below me 
as remnants ofd snow
wash it's bare toes
and it comes 
bearing the scent
of honeysuckle and
brightening the grassy slopes
with devil's paintbrush.

While I remain a 
speck of flesh 
amidst the greenery
a pigment of imagination
on God's incredible palette, 
trying to capture his marvels on 
these pounded, ground up remnants
of some trees reduced to pulp.
Birds and butterflies
flit to and fro
in a dance of cel;ebration
for the new season
with so much now 
to feed them 
that was buried 
in the icy chest
of a cold mountain winter.
fresh worms  
slithering out
and pollen galore 
popping into bloom. 
A gentle breeze whispers
an old forgotten tune
that caressess my soul.
It is good to be alive
when summer comes around
I can feel the dust 
of my youthful days
stirring deep within 
my old and weary bones
and limbering up 
my aching muscles
from months of 
tending a fire.
Now the sun's warmth
will blaze upon my and 
heat up all the wood 
I have not yet cut.
my axe and my ass
are on a hiatus
although i might take
a long hike
Just after I nap
in my newly hung hammock 
I am not alone here
the many creatures 
who have been roused
from their nations of Hiber
scramble to and fro
there is much to do
but there are so 
many long and lazy 
days to fulfill the tedious
work not yet finished. 

Author notes
written by a cabin 
I used to frequent 
when I needed escape 
from the world at large, 
things seem much smaller 
on a mountaintop, 
as far as the world's 
troubles go. 

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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