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Are You A Shy Introvert? Take This Quiz And Find Out

Updated on November 4, 2013

Are You An Introvert?

Introverts tend to be reserved people. They prefer solitude. They like reading, writing, and their computers. They enjoy time alone, and usually have few friends. They think before they speak. They prefer their own company rather than the company of others. They are mistakenly labeled as snobs or people who think they are superior to others. Nothing could be further than the truth.

The Thinker


My Son Is An Introvert

I have a 16 year old son who is definitely an introvert. He prefers to be alone. He hates to go to eat in a crowded restaurant, but would rather stay home and eat a PB&J than go out to dinner with the family. He has always been this way. I worried about him when he was a baby. He was so quiet. He seldom cried. I just thought he was a “good” baby. He never went through the terrible 2’s. I secretly worried that maybe he was “slow”. He learned to do all the things normal babies do as far as development. As he grew older and went to school he was still quiet. His grades were excellent, so I knew he was a good learner. I was relieved. I read a lot about personalities in children, and I was reassured that he was a normal child. He was what psychologists call an introvert. I was told that I should not try to change him, but to accept him for the person he is.

I Understand My Son, The Introvert

His teachers always remarked what a wonderful student he is. Teachers welcome students who are not disruptive; the ones who do their work, and don’t bother them with questions. One of the problem with students like him is they won’t speak up and ask questions. He will find the answers on his own rather than ask. His mind is like a sponge. If he is in a crowd you get the idea that he isn’t listening to the conversation because he doesn’t interact. Afterwards you realize that he heard every word that was said. He is an excellent listener as most introverts are. These are the kids that are bullied at school because they won't stick up for themselves. You see, I understand my son all too well because I am an introvert, too.

Being An Introvert Can Be Difficult

Being an introvert in a world where most people are just the opposite can be difficult. In school it’s the extroverted kid who gets all the attention from teachers. It’s the quiet child who gets overlooked and “falls between the cracks”. I know from personal experience what it is like to be an introvert. I was painfully shy when I was a child. I made excellent grades in school. I learned to read at an early age, and when we had guests at our house my Mother wanted me to read for everyone because she was so proud of me. I could have died. My parents would have been more pleased with me if I had been more assertive; more outgoing.

It Is Difficult For Introverts To Talk To People


Growing Up As An Introvert

Growing up I was painfully shy. I had very few friends. The friends I did have had personalities like mine. We would read together or play together in our quiet games. I never wanted to eat in public for fear everyone was looking at me. I remember in High School I really wanted to be like the cheerleaders who were all bubbly and cute. How I envied them. I didn’t do sports because I didn’t want people looking at me. I just knew if I fell down or made a big blunder, I would absolutely die! There was always the fear of getting hurt. We introverts are very cautious people. We tend to think twice before doing anything that might cause injury. I would sit on the sidelines and watch instead of participate.

I Am Easily Recognized As An Introvert

Even now I am easily recognized as an introvert. I avoid parties and crowds. As Greta Garbo once said, “I want to be alone.” I don’t like to chat on the telephone. I say what is necessary and that is all. I am a good listener as most introverts are. I am a deep thinker. When I have to make a big decision I go to a quiet place and think. I enjoy my company. I don’t have to have people around me to entertain me. I like me. I am uncomfortable at parties, so I avoid them. We introverts sometimes play a role that is really not us. When we are forced into a situation where we have to be outgoing we can rise to the occasion. I sold cars for a while, and was good at that, but that was not the real me.

A lot of writers, music composers and entertainers are introverts. We tend to be creative people. We are always thinking of things to create: a painting, crafts or a story to write. Some politicians are introverted until the time comes that they have to perform by speaking in public to secure votes. The comedian hides his shyness behind a mask of humor. Johnny Carson is a good example. He was an introvert, believe it or not!

When I met the man who would later become my husband I could see right away he was an extrovert. He loved crowds, and loved to be the center of attention. I liked him a lot, and I wanted him to like me. It didn’t seem to bother him that I was shy. I made an effort to be more outgoing just to please him, but I just couldn’t pull it off. He accepted me the way I was. Sometimes we introverts can change to please others, but it is difficult, and probably not mentally healthy. Thankfully, he loved me the way I was.

Take The Quiz To See If You Are An Introvert

I no longer apologize for being an introvert. I am mistaken at times for being a snob. That is very common for us. Just because we don’t laugh and talk a lot, people believe we think we are superior to them. That is just not true. Don’t judge a person like me when you first meet us. We are not snobs. We are introverts.

Are you an introvert?

  • Do you express yourself best by writing?
  • Do you like solitude?
  • Do people say you are soft spoken and mellow.
  • Do you hate conflict?
  • Do you dislike talking on the phone?
  • Do you let phone calls go to voice mail?
  • Do you do your best work alone?
  • Are you known to be a good listener?
  • Are you a cautious person who never takes chances?
  • Do you think before you speak?
  • Do you prefer your own company more than the company of others?

If you answered Yes to those questions you are an introvert, and don’t ever apologize for that! There are a lot of worse things you could be.

Are You An Introvert?

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