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Are you a believer? Chapter 1

Updated on December 29, 2011


Know them that labor among you…the spirit of the antichrist has gone out unto the world…[1]

Chapter 1

The New Beginnings Inspirational Church was in great splendor today. Their newly ordained pastor, a former evangelist, was in full regalia and dressed to kill. After three years without a pastor, New Beginnings was happy to find the likes of Pastor Mbedigo sa Walet Dbiangelo. After his heart-inspiring message on that third Sunday in May, the church was convinced he was the one. He was not originally scheduled to speak. In fact, Pastor Eugene Matthews of Mincy, Utah was the scheduled speaker. Enroute to the church, however, Pastor Eugene, God rest his soul, was involved in a car accident and had to be rushed to the Emergency Room at Mt. Sinai Local. Two weeks later, Pastor Eugene was released to a long-term facility for his extended recovery.

At nearly seven feet tall, weighing in at 200 pounds and the most beautiful piece of milk chocolate you ever seen, dressed in a red and gold African garment, with gold trimmings going down the sides, around the sleeves and collar, made from the hands of South African tailors and wearing a pair of Giorgio Brutini soft leather black slip-ons, mercy, mercy me, he certainly looked the African royalty from which he came. Pastor D., as his followers knew him, was the perfect piece to the missing puzzle the church had been looking for.

The grand choir was dressed in their purple and green robes aligned on the side with gold stripes to match the pastor’s tailor-made garment. The letters NBIC written in gold just above the left breast in a circular motion was befitting. The choir had been blessed with a lucrative gift from the bank president who had sponsored the purchase and design of the robes. Mr. Lance Mercedes had been generous to the church in giving his tithes and offerings over the years and now his departing gift would forever shine on the backs of the choir members. No one knew why he had left, but he would surely be missed. At least his generosity would be. Like the newly ordained pastor, they too had received their royal garments from the South African consulate of garment makers.

[1] 1 John 4:3

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