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Army Strategy Games

Updated on July 9, 2009

Army Strategy Games – Overview

What do you know about the army strategy games? It is always nice to learn things, especially on areas and expertise where you don’t imagine yourself to conquer. But it is also something to gain a good insight to when it is part of your plans to join the crew. There are lots of ways for you to find out more about the subject. You can learn a lot from reading and digging on materials being handed out as part of the recruitment process.

Learning more about the subject just for the heck of it is very different when you have already decided to eventually be part of the military. If the latter is the reason why you want to find out more about the matter, you must first think hard about your decision. Is this what you really want to do? After you have joined the military, are you going to seriously push through with the venture? You must look at your reasons for joining as well as the reasons that will make you decide to stay.

Quick Facts

To kick off your learning venture, here are some interesting facts about the military.

1. The United States armed forces are the collaboration of all the branches of military forces in the US. It was first formed with the goal to defend the country against the British Empire. This was enacted by the second Continental Congress during the American Revolutionary War.

2. In 1775, the Navy, Army and Marine Corps were formed to be used the year after in the declaration of independence. In 1915, the Coast Guard was formed through the merge of the United States Life-Saving Service and the Revenue Cutter Service. The latter has been in existence since 1790. The United States Air Force was hailed as an independent service in 1947. It used to be the United States Army Air Corps since 1926 until the time that it was finalized to become the US Air Force.

3. The military in the US played a vital role in the formation and continuing development of the country’s history. The impact was most felt when the nation won that Barbary Wars and the War of 1812. These occurrences strengthened the sense of national unity and the people developed their sense of identity when the nation had won those landmark battles.

4. The commander-in-chief of the military is the president of the country. The policy of the military is being carried out through the joint force of the president and the Secretary of Defense. At the height of the September 11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was formed in hopes to fight the internal threats that the country gets.

5. The military in the US is composed of about three million personnel, which makes it one of the largest militaries worldwide. Half of these numbers are allocated as reserve personnel. Its manpower can be greatly attributed to the large pool of volunteers that it gets.

6. The armed forces in the US have powerful and advanced gadgets and equipments that give them power and confidence to fight their battles. They have the full support of the US government and it gives them full support in terms of budget so that they can afford advanced equipments in large quantities.

7. The budget of the army strategy games amounts to about $711 billion each year. This is about 50 percent of the expenditures of the military worldwide.

Things to Consider before Joining the army strategy games

If you are thinking about joining the army strategy games, there are so many things that you have to think about before you seriously pursue the idea. You have to gain a very good insight about the expertise that you are about to venture into. But more than that, you need to look at yourself. You have to be very sure that this is what you really want before you commit to any step towards achieving this goal.

The first thing that you have to know is that not all branches of the military have same and equal responsibility. All the personnel in this field may be getting the same basic pay plus allowances. But there are still many factors where they differ. These include the incentives that can be obtained upon enlistment, the base housing and quality of their barracks, deployment rates and job and assignment opportunities, as well as promotion rates. These factors differ according to what branch you belong to.

It All Boils Down on You

But in making your decision, you simply cannot ask people what they think is the best military branch. What others may deem as the best may not be the same according to your standards and taste. You have to take a deep look at each branch and see where you will fit.

You must be able to decide on your own. You can start by reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses. You have to set not only your mind but also your heart in the venture before you take any step towards it. Here are some things that you may want to think about to help you decide.

1. Are you physically ready to join the military? Do you think that you can handle their tasks and responsibilities? You cannot commit to it if you will only be a problem in the group. And you will not pass the health requirements if you will not be able to do the tasks that are involved in the training and the job itself.

2. Are you mentally up for everything that is involved once you have decided to join? You must be prepared that it will be a tough road ahead, even tougher than what you thought it will be. So you have to be prepared for the worst. This way, you will be more ready for whatever you may have to face once you are in.

3. Do you think you will be up for the challenges that will be posed even during the recruitment process? And why are you doing this in the first place? Are you doing this to earn and to get a stable job? That shouldn’t be the case. Although it is understandable that it’s part of the reasons, the main factor should still be because you love your country and you are willing to protect it no matter what.

4. Is this really what you want to become? If someone is only forcing you to be part of the army strategy games, it is not a good sign that you should proceed with the venture. Even if you will become successful with your application, you will not be as productive like how you would be with your dream profession. Pursue what you really want even if it goes against what most people are telling you. It is your life. You have to make your own decisions.

Interesting Facts about the army strategy games

If you want to join the army strategy games or you are merely interested to know more about it, you can easily do so with the available reading materials that you can get access to. This will prove to be a lot of help, especially when you are still considering whether you should join the crew or pursue another venture instead. Once you have started your search, you will be faced with so many interesting facts about the topic.

Self Assessment

If you are researching to find out more about this to know if you are ready to be part of it, you must first think things through before you decide on anything. By learning more about it, you will be able to formulate wiser decisions. But aside from what you will learn about it, your decision must be based on how you really feel and what you really want.

Think about this as a calling. Not everyone will last as a priest. The same holds true with all other professions like being a doctor, teacher or a writer. This is the same notion that you must think about as a military personnel. No one has the right to force you to join it, especially for wrong reasons. There are people who join the military thinking that at least, this is a stable job where they can raise their families. But more than the monetary aspect, you must make sure that you can last in this field.

There are many challenges that will be posed on you from start to finish. As part of the military, you are unsure about what the future may bring regarding your own safety. You must be ready in all aspects of your life before you even sign anything to start training as personnel. If you think that you have all the right reasons, you have to talk it out with your family. They have to know what you are getting into. They must be prepared like you are. Once you are part of the crew, your family will be affected with all the things that will happen to you once you are starting on your duties. You need their love and support. And they need to know that you are happy where you are at and wherever you will be.

Fast Facts

All the military forces in the US is known as the United States armed forces. It was formed at the time when the nation was fighting with the British Empire during the American Revolutionary War. In 1775, the braches like the Marine Corps, Navy and Army came about as part of the preparation for declaration of independence in 1776. In 1790, the Revenue Cutter Service, which is now known as the Coast Guard was created. It became the latter when in 1915 when it merged with the United States Life-Saving Service. The Air Force was first known as the United States Army Air Corps in 1926. And in 1947, it became an independent service.

The military has a great role in forming and developing the nation’s history. Historical landmarks include the nation’s victory on the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

The army strategy games commander in chief is the nation’s president. This person gets aid in terms of implementing military policies with the Department of Defense as well as the Department of Homeland Security.

Initial Steps in Preparing Yourself in Joining the Army Strategy Games

1. Meet the recruiter – People leave the military because of retirement, pursuing higher education, pursue a civilian occupation and more. Whatever the reasons these people that leave the military must be replaced. An approximately 353,000 new recruits are being welcomed by the army strategy games. The military must attract qualified applicants and train them to be able to perform its mission. Recruiters play an important role in this process. Advertising is not enough to gain recruits. They are the people who go out and look from schools, communities, youth groups and wherever else that can be reached to keep its numbers strong. Each branch of the armed forces uses different criteria for selecting its recruits. The common denominator is that they employ experienced enlisted personnel to sell their product. The military recruiter is an expert on and advocate of his or her product. Thus, he or she can provide every information, guidance, opinion and stories about the army strategy games. They are mechanics, cooks, administrators, electricians or just about anything you can name working inside the group. They know the enlistment criteria and have good public relations skills.

2. Undergoing the interview – Although most initial interviews with recruiters occur in the recruiter’s office, there are instances when the recruiter might suggest another place for the meeting. However, the best setting would be the recruiter’s office. Meeting your recruiter at his own office gives you the opportunity to see for yourself his or her environment. Before the interview, your recruiters have asked you to bring most possibly a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Driver’s License or High School Diploma. You may begin the process by bringing along with you your Social Security Card. Dress appropriately for the day and know about the company which you are interviewing. Most informationís can be seen in their websites. Write down the questions which you may have.

3. Determine your enlistment eligibility ñ Meeting the moral requirements for enlisting is easy as any average law-abiding citizen is qualified to join the military. If you have previous law violations (only minor cases can be tolerated) reveal it right away to your recruiter. Always remember that you need to divulge whatever law violations you had in complete details. Although you had violated laws, you can still join the military by furnishing a moral waiver. Waivers are not automatically granted. The recruiter can offer his or her help for you to be granted waiver. If a particular recruiter refuses to help you with the moral waiver, you can look for another recruiter that can help you with your concerns. The level at which the waiver can be granted depends on the weight of the offense/s. The process may take time depending on the level of approving authority.

4. Writing a statement concerning your law offenses/violation – You will be required to write a statement concerning your law violation. In doing so, it is essential that your letter appears to be sincere and well-thought. It’sthe only way you can tell the waiver-granting authority about yourself. Do not ever sound like your blaming others for the offense. Take responsibility for your actions. Take your time, write neatly, proofread for grammatical errors and double check spelling and grammar. Be polite and do not make derrogatory statements about the authority (police, courts, the judge, etc.) Stress what you can offer to the military (US) such as skill, work ethic, and more.

How to Find Out More about the army strategy games

If you are the type of person who wants to know as much about the subject before they commit to it, then you must know how to research about the topic at hand. This is especially true for people who have been pondering about joining the army strategy games. This is not an easy decision that you are faced with. You have to know as much facts and other people’s journey through it before you can make a firm decision if you want to be part of the bunch.

Online Research

But how do you start your search to know more about this? You can do it by browsing the Internet for available information regarding how to enter the military and how to live the life of one. You will be lucky if you will get to know people who have had experiences on this venture. They may be maintaining blogs where you can read about their joys, sadness and horrors when they were still active in the service. That will give you a better view about the kind of life that you want to be in. That will make you think hard if you can do and even surpass what they have done and gauge if you are up to the challenge of becoming a military personnel.

It will also help you if you will find online forums that contain topics that pertain to joining the military. You can speak with other people who are thinking about the same things that you are pondering about. You will be guided by people who were or are still active in service. It will be best for you to have a mentor at this point. It doesn’t matter whether you only get to find one on the cyberspace. The good thing about this is that you are able to express yourself and somebody who understands what you are going through are giving their professional opinions about the concerns that you may have.

Browse through the available websites that contain vital information as to the steps that you have to accomplish to be part of the military. If at this point, you are already decided that this is really what you want to pursue, you will know the next steps that you must accomplish to get nearer your goal. You can also read about the latest news and happenings related to the matter. These will help you form better decisions as to what you want to achieve and how are you going to do that.

Offline Research

If you don’t have much time to spend on the Internet, you can borrow books at your local library that contain the information that you need regarding this topic. You should also get yourself updated with the current condition of the military people by reading news materials or watching shows that provide such on TV.

If you know anyone who has experience on this, it will be best to seek them out and talk to them. You need as much information that you can gather in order to formulate what is the right thing to do at this point. But if you really want to pursue the venture to become part of the army strategy games, don’t let anything stop you because that only means that you are up for the challenge and you are ready for anything.

Color Vision Requirements for the army strategy games

If you think you are somewhat color blind or you can only recognize some but not all colors, you can still be qualified to join the army strategy games. But the field and designation may vary because there are branches of the armed forces that require their personnel to have a normal color vision.

Brief Background

All the military forces in the United States fall under one category, and that is the US armed forces. This helped create what the nation has become from the time that it was created. This played a vital role for the US to win the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812.

The country’s President plays as the commander in chief of the military. They are being helped by the head of the Department of Defense, the Secretary of Defense. This is where the military policy is being enacted and enforced. Since the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security was formed to guard the nation against internal threats.

There are over 3 million personnel in the military, hailed as one of the largest pool throughout the world. Half of them are reserve personnel. Most of the members of the military’s manpower come from volunteers. They have the most advanced equipment and gadgets. They are being looked up to for such fact. And the reason for this is the budget that they get from the government, which is about $711 billion every year.

Military Manpower

Do you want to know the exact numbers of people in the military who are on active duty? The answer is 1,454,515. That was as of February 28, 2009. In addition to that, the seven reserve components have 848,000 more people. With such figures, it is no doubt that the military in the US is now known as the second largest in the world. The top spot belongs to the People’s Liberation Army of China. The country has its troops deployed all around the globe.

It was proposed in 2007, at the height of the country’s fight against Iraq and other factors that come into consideration, to increase the size of the military. It was specifically asked by Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates to increase troops of the Marine Corps and Army to supply enough people for the triumph of War on Terrorism.

Color Vision Requirements

Having a normal vision is not really a requirement in all branches of the military. But your color vision is going to be tested when you take the MEPS or the Military Entrance Processing Stations.

There are jobs in the military where they ask for people with normal color vision. This is for safety aspect as well as for these people to perform better on operations. They have to distinguish the colors from the smoke flares, indicator lights and other things.

But how do they know who has a normal color vision? This is done through 3 kinds of tests. You cannot choose what you want to take. It would really depend on what is being used on the MEPS that you are taking. The tests include Farnsworth Lantern (FALANT), OPTEC 900 Color Vision Tester and Pseudoisochomatic Plate (PIP).

If you want to pursue the Marine Corps or the Army, you will pass even if you can only discriminate between colors red and green. So if you think that you fall under this category, you already have an idea as to where you will be assigned when you join the army strategy games.

Basic View on How to Get Enlisted in the army strategy games

If you are planning on joining the army strategy games, you must prepare yourself for whatever is ahead of you. To make sure that you will last, you have to be equipped with the right reasons why you want to be part of it. It is understandable if you are doing this for the money. If you want to join the crew just so you can have a stable job that can raise a family, then by all means, proceed with the venture.

But that must not be your sole reason why you want to be in. You have to put your heart, mind and soul into the challenges ahead. If you are not up for the tasks and how these could affect you in all aspects of your life, you may have to rethink your decision. If you are set about joining the military, here’s an overview of how you can get enlisted.

The Process

Service members who would like to join the military are mostly recruited. Some are tapped while they are still in high school and others, when they are already in college. The target age for the recruitment process is 18 up to 28. If you are only 17 years old, you can still get enlisted. You have to join the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and you have to get your parents or guardians’ consent. Through the DEP, you can become active in locally sponsored activities which are related to military. These activities can be in the line of sports or competitions. It will depend on your location and the programs that are being implemented by the DEP program where you are. The recruitment process as well as DEP is led by assigned recruiters and other staff and officials associated with the military.

When you are done with the enlistment, as a new recruit, you have to go through Basic Training. If you will be pursuing the Marines or Navy, this is referred to as boot camp. After this, you have to attend school at a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS), which training facilities can be found worldwide. But the training depends on which branch you have chosen to enroll.

If you do not have higher education certificate or a college degree, you will be asked to hold the pay grade of E-1. After you are done with the Basic Training and you had experienced minimum of six months Time-In Service, you will be promoted to E-2. There are various incentive programs and schemes that will be given to enlistees depending on the services where you are part of. You can get higher initial ranks intended for college credit. You may also be given chance to refer friends who want to get enlisted like you. By going through the DEP program, you will have the chance to get rank before you leave and complete Basic Training.

For every junior enlisted rank category, meaning E-1 to E-3, there are various authorized pay grade advancement obligations that depend on the service. For example, if you enlist in the Army, you can get an initial pay grade of Specialist or E-4 along with four-year degree. When you still belong to junior enlisted ranks, you are still not in competition with regards to promotions. The latter will eventually be obtained when you have served for a specified number of years on whichever branch of the army strategy games you belong to.

An Outsider’s Look at the army strategy games

It is always nice to learn new things, especially on territories that you are likely not be able to venture. But if you are interested with how things go about in certain fields, all you have to do is conduct a basic research to open your mind to what you thought was very unfamiliar. This is also true for people who are very interested with the army strategy games. Not everybody is fit to join this profession. If you have family or friends who have been to this line of duty, you may already have basic view of how hard it can be. Your physical limitations will be put to test. But more than that, military personnel must be open to any possibilities. They must make sure that they know what they are getting into before they commit to it.

It takes some time and a lot of thinking before one can agree to join the military. If you are in this kind of dilemma right now, you have to think beyond the recruitment process. You have to imagine yourself years after you have qualified for the branch of the military where you have to chosen to apply. You must be there for the right reasons. For some people, they do it thinking that this is an easy recourse to earn a living. But more than earning from a stable job, the job itself has no stability. You don’t know what tomorrow may pose as challenge for you and as threat to the nation that you have to help conquer.

Looking In

For those who are simply interested with how’s it like to be part of it, just read about the success and travails of people who have experienced what it’s like. And to enlighten you about the subject, here are some more facts about the organization and how things work inside the military.

All branches of the military are among the uniformed services of the United States. All these are under civilian control and being managed by their Commander-In-Chief. This person is the president of the country. This designation was authorized by the US Constitution. All branches are under the Department of Defense, except for the Coast Guard. The Department of Defense is handled by its head, the Secretary of Defense. The Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security when everything is peaceful and there are no posed threats to the country. But when there is war or the country is in battle, the Coast Guard is then being transferred under the Department of the Navy, which is part of the Department of Defense.

The president is being guided by advisors to be able to implement the right action in the military field as well as diplomacy. This is being headed by the National Security Advisor who works under the National Security Council. The president can also turn to the next in line in terms of military duties, the Secretary of Defense. This person is a member of the Cabinet and serves as head of the Department of Defense. The President and the Secretary of Defense are being guided in the decisions that they make with regards the army strategy games actions and procedures by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They are the service branch chiefs such as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


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