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Up ended Archie

Updated on November 9, 2015

Deep hearts.

This guy came in to my life as a friend years ago,he had the heart of gold but any accident in my vicinity ,he usually had something to do with it.

Man in a Million.

Confused wee man.

The person I refer to,is an imbecile
Incapable of sorrow,can't even feel.
If there's things that require the use of a knob,
call up ended Archie,he's the man for the job.
Thick as hell,round like the neck of a bottle
He drives you mental,you want to throttle
His stupid face ,is always about
Thickest person alive,of this there's no doubt.
Give him two shovels,tell him to take his pick
He will go for the wrong one,a certain trick
He does make you laugh,how he functions with no brain
The guys totally mental,completely insane.
If something seems impossible,or just plain thick
Trust up ended Archie,he's a totally sick
He is entertaining,we all know one
An embarrassed father who bore this son.
Dangerous Archie,knows no fear
Makes me laugh,I've often shed a tear.
Better than a film,or even tv
He's sure to please both you and me.
He would be missed,if he was ever away
No one to laugh at,I dread the day.

Up and down.

Crazy Guy.

Crazy guy,always falling

Hurts his legs,ends up crawling

Bumps and bruises,cuts and grazes

Almost count his actions ,almost in stages

He falls,gets up and later falls again

Being that clumsy must be a pain.

DIY ,surely DI don't

Do a good job,he certainly won't .

Crazy and dizzy.

Madness just a touch.

Not a day passes by,

When you see him fly

Falls for fun,like an addiction,

Hopeless case,like an affliction.

Ive never seen him without a cut

Most of the time he's on his butt.

Years Pass

No matter the drama,

Hes willing to help

No matter how he hurts

Even the occasional yelp

Heart of gold,

Give you his all

Even though usually

It involves a small fall.

Mad state of mind.


Friends,real friends are few and far between.when you get the opportunity in life grab it,ive learned very few friends tend to be loyal.


Over the years I've always helped this guy,he's a crazy man but a fantastic laugh.i could not imagine life without this great friend.



Hes the guy who falls for a gaff.

At parties or in company

He's always the funny one

The kind of guy you wish

Could be your only son.

Trusting,hearty,loyal like a dad

Know he's the real deal,not a fad.

D.I.Y. Or not.

Big DIY job,do it yourself?

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