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Art of Interviewing

Updated on July 15, 2015
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Art of Interviewing

Tips to follow an Art of Interviewing any person to become successful:

- Getting people to talk is an art that should be learnt.

- Get to know what interest people about the subject

- Learn to ask questions and record their responses.

- Choose the people you want to interview.

- Take an appointment either by telephone, letter or in person.

- Give the interviewee sufficient notes and clear idea of the purpose of the interview

- Decide in advance the venue of the interview according to the convenience.

- Choose a place which is less interrupted.

- Inform the interviewee about the time taken and how much you expect from him to give you.

- Another session can be held if the interview is incomplete.

- Do your homework you can on the subject before the interview, the questions you would like to ask, his interest, work he is doing presently and what he has done before.

- Talk to the people who are very close to the interviewee, know his likes and dislikes.

- Always list your questions and keep it handy if one doesn’t click you can easily switch on to another.

- Be relaxed, dress neatly neither too casually or too extravagantly.

- Be punctual and if late explain the reason in brief and honestly.

- It is important to be true to yourself.

- Ask your questions as pleasantly and informally.

- Ask short precis questions.

- Do not try to show off you know better then him/her.

- Do not interrupt in the middle of the sentence.


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