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Article Summary: Rape of the Lock (Pope, 1714)

Updated on July 31, 2017

This article talks about the intrigues of the family and the general outlook of the society during the 18th century. In other words, the author makes fun of the going on at the family sphere while approaching the issue from a political angle. For instance, in this article are invocation of battles, muses, unique battle equipments and machinery, underworld journey, grand speeches, and feasts. This was the political environment of that time which has been related to the social life. Interestingly, the theme here is a simple family dispute rather than a national matter. At this time, people had become so used to war artillery and common words for battles to a point where they extended some of the tool names, actions and behavior to the societal and family settings. It should be considered that this was a world war 11 moment where war and battles was a phenomena.


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