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Article Writing Quick-Guide

Updated on April 7, 2016

Search engines are in the business of answering peoples questions as quickly as possible. To this end they are constantly trying to rank content by how useful it is to an end user. It has reached the point now that writing content to rank well basically means writing content that will please the users. So, writing a quality article entails merely writing content that people will want to read.

Keep it Original

Copying another websites content does not help with your ranking, it can harm it. Even copying content and changing a few words here and there is a very bad idea - Google algorithms are too smart for this nowadays.

A website has to have original content if it wishes to make it anywhere near even the second page of google results.

As a starting point, choose something you want to write about related to your field of interest. For a start, covering common questions may be useful. If you are selling Blue Widgets, you could write about “How To Use Blue Widgets” or “Why You Need A Blue Widget”. Later on, you could use more posts to elaborate on finer points.

Keep it High Quality

Once a topic for an article has been chosen, that topic needs to be kept in mind while the article is being written. Separate your main points with headings, and try not to use large paragraphs.

This nearly always results in an article that is both attractive to read and that will be viable as a search result for the topic.

Search engines have implemented means to measure an articles quality, so the following need to be adhered to:

  • Correct typo's, spell check makes this easy.
  • Adhere to good grammar.
  • Keep it easily readable.
  • Don't use too much slang,
  • Avoid cursing.

Additional Ideas

Articles on the latest news as it happens can do very well. You can do this relatively easily by giving your thoughts on the latest news rather than rewriting the news.

Keep track of common questions that clients ask you and write about that.


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