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As Confusion leads To Mystery

Updated on September 18, 2013

Searching For Answers

Life moves in a quite different fashion

There is no control or rhyme

Only a hidden meaning with a reason

When you try to make sense of events that have touched you deeply

You have to decide what you will take for the final answer

If you let your emotions get in your way

You can easily be swayed

In a whole different direction

If you see only the facts than life can be very cold

It will give you little meaning and a temporary satisfaction

That will slowly fade away

You will be back where you started with no more help than before

If we make peace with ourselves and our maker

We can see a bright new future open up

Once again we can find things funny and humor in the most surprising places

Realizing that times keep changing and as we grow

We are not the same

With this new information

Once again we make a new discovery

Life is for the living and memories can be thought of at any time

You were my mom and that is something I will always remember

Years may pass but love is made to last


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 4 years ago

      shara63 You explained it so well. This is one of those things in life nobody ever tells you then one day you find out for yourself.Thanx for sharing and caring.

    • profile image

      shara63 4 years ago

      Its very true, that mistry comes from Confusion ,

      but then arises curiosity and brings some Invention !!

      and this way cycle of life goes on and on ...unstopped unbound, time immortal!!

      congrats DREAMON !