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As I stand alone.

Updated on July 26, 2015

Time drags on.

As I stand alone

At 3.18

What's my life been about

Really what have I seen

Time passes by,

now 3.24

Is fortune within reach

Is it chapping my door

Time still marches on

Now 3.31

If I stay up longer

definitely see the Sun

tiredness hacks at me

feeling drained and sore

insomnia is merciless

my emotions it tore.

coming or going

i don't even know

expressions of heartache

are expertly on show

confusing,mind cracking,hell is here

time to sleep,try doing it for fear.

express your inner self

tiresome and insane

losing my sleep pattern

it's all just a game.

Never ending.

ive had Insomnia for a very long time now,I forget just how many years now.its constant,I'm weak during the day but sharp and alert.i dread night time as I know I will pretty much see each hour on my watch clock.time literally drags on,it's sounds like a cliche,but it's never been more appropriate in my case.ive tried every conceivable remedy and potion,but I'm still at square one.I am awake for 4 to 5 days,then on the sixth night I have a broken sleep which seems to rejuvenate my body a little.its my curse ,and I don't see any escape any time soon.

See it each morning.

Tick tick. Tock tock.

every minute,every hour

sleep evades me,my emotions are sour

nothing works,feel sickly and poor

my mind is wavering of this I'm sure.

up and down,sideways and back

god this is hard,I feel I might crack.

i try not to fret,I stay positive and clear

dreading each night coming,a type of fear.

take it on the chin,I'm used to it now

will I ever get cured,when?why?or How?.

Very familiar.

Doctors advice.

ive been given sleeping tablets previously,big mistake.they didn't help my sleep,the following day I walked around feeling drugged up to the eyeballs.So ,not surprisingly I stopped taking them.My GP suggested calming music.I gave it a bash,too many distractions and too many thoughts flicking through my brain.i find it very hard to relax in general.Then the old and trusted(cut down on coffee,drink de-caffeinated).Did it for a few weeks,didnt have any effect whatsoever,and decaf coffee is a bit of a coffee connoisseur,so I would have been hard to satisfy in general.And also he suggested not drinking after six o'clock.Tried it,made no difference at all.So I think I might have Insomnia for a while yet.

Extreme activity.

when I toil and graft

throughout the day

i might dose for an hour

i hope and pray.

a power nap they call it

i wake up feeling good

i feel lively and optimistic

my body's in a good mood.

Feel like I could tackle anything

no task is too tall

bring it on

i know I won't fall.

then night creeps up

i feel even more awake

why am I cursed

need a cure for my sake.


i do dishes at three

i dust at half four

i try to keep quiet

bugger the squeaking door.

gives me away each time

i need to fix it soon

oil the hinges well

play a better tune.

brush the carpet at five

cannot vaccum,too loud

house work I enjoy

kinda makes me feel proud.

house is spotless,

from the 11pm hell

doing the cleaning all night

disgusting,and the smell

food waste bin is awful

kitchen floor is a mess

i scrub for all I'm worth

a good way to de-stress.

Again and again.

Suggestions welcome!

Cure for Insomnia?

See results

What's in my future?

Will I ever be free from Insomnia.Judging by recent times,I don't see any cure anytime soon.Ive researched the subject till my typing finger aches,still nothing.If the day ever comes when a cure is found,I'd be at the head of the queue for the remedy,no matter the cost.i envy my wife and five kids.They literally sleep like the dead.They have always been the same,whereas I could hear a blade of grass blowing in the early morning breeze ,and wake up immediately.I hate it with a passion,it affects your every waking moment.It causes stress,short temper,tiredness etc etc.The list goes on and on.


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    • Leland Johnson profile image

      Leland Johnson 

      9 months ago from Midland MI

      John, I know you wrote this a while ago, but I'm just getting to it now. I'm in a library in Midland Michigan, USA. I do appreciate your prose though I am sorry for your situation. I suffer only occasionally from insomnia and I can predict when it will happen. It's always either one of two things. Either I've had too much caffeine or I've been in an emotional argument with someone a couple hours prior to bedtime. I believe in a more holistic approach so I think it's good you're not taking pills without a second thought. I have a friend who is a surgeon and he told me he takes a single Benadryl tablet every night and he sleeps like a baby. I tried it, but I was groggy all the next day. Perhaps a counselor of some kind might help, or a minister? You sound like a hard worker- exercise always makes me sleep deeply. I hope you find your cure my friend. God bless.


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