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Ascending And Descending The Metaphorical Tone

Updated on October 26, 2014

Singing In Key How Amusing

Piano Keys Keyboard Music Instrument
Piano Keys Keyboard Music Instrument | Source

A Chord Awakens The Ohm Of Her Existence

A music enthusiast named Katia Singer sat down by the piano keys and clumsily plunked out ,a simple tune reminiscent of her childhood years. Her middle aged hands could not keep pace with the score being played in her imagination. "Skill needs to be perfected in order to enhance creativity", she thought as her brain optically scanned the problem. A gray striped domestic short hair rested his catlike body upon the one hundred year old player piano. Siddhartha was his name and his large almond shaped amber green eyes kept watch on Katia's attempts to master her favorite musical instrument. The old piano was the perfect resting spot for the cat as it provided an easy access for Katia when she petted her favorite and only companion. Space on top was provided especially for this. Katia decided to abandon her piano practice for the day. In the old wooden storage box nearby, she retrieved an old paper piano roll featuring the ragtime music of Scott Joplin. "How fortunate I was to be introduced to his music at such a tender age", she thought.

My Cozy Companion

Domestic Short Hair (male)
Domestic Short Hair (male) | Source

Unconditional Love

Siddhartha, who was named after one on her favorite novels by Hermann Hesse, stretched his long body exposing his unclipped claws. His mouth was large in size and each time he yawned, two of his fangs on the upper row were missing. A laid back relaxed disposition was his demeanor. His love for Katia was unconditional and he would wait for her by the door anticipating her arrival. Their interaction was always loving and most of the time playful. Siddhartha loved when she would make use of an exaggerated funny sounding voice just to get his attention. Katia felt impressed by his skill of excellent eye contact. She felt that his eye contact was even better than some some of the humans she knew. If any activity beyond the glass window pane seized his attention, its intensity would stiffen his cat muscles into readiness.

A homemade fishing rod toy now and then was used to intensify Siddhartha's prowness. He was lord and master of this activity. Katia was creative when employing different techniques. Not only did she use this toy in the traditional sense but she would take the stick part and poke it under Siddhartha's quilt, intensifying his playfulness and interest. Another way to provoke feline interest was to take the tassel part and move it across the floor in the fashion of a mouse scurrying about.

Memorable Tune


Fishing For Creative Expression

The Maple Leaf Rag echoed in Katia's cerebral treasure chest. Its timeless notes resonated in the winding corridors of her mind. "Classic beauty never fades. It holds its company amongst the immortals", she exclaimed while turning her focus to her feline friend. In turn Siddhartha did his usual penetrating stare at her expressive face. "This is your home as well as mine. In it you will enjoy music that has stood the test of time. The music awakens the inner muse in all human beings. My dear kitty, your ears maybe more sensitive than mine". She rubbed behind Siddhartha's straight alert ears. He found that to be soothing and started to purr. While she rubbed in front of his ears, his gesture pressed against her long fingers. The purring announced itself in louder volume instructing Katia to continue. After she paused, his large paw touched her shoulder as a hint to continue. Katia read the cat's gesture correctly and she responded to his wishes.

Someone rang the doorbell.

Toys for Cats

What toys do you use to stimulate your cat's interest into playing?

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Cat's Cradle

Comfy Kitty
Comfy Kitty | Source

Home Sweet Home


Friendly Interaction

"How do you do!" It was Chen Mei, one of the cordial neighbors from the right side downstairs apartment. In both her hands she carried a plastic plate filled with cooked peas and carrots, grilled chicken and rice. The dish looked exceptionally mouth watering and Katia was grateful of Chen Mei's generosity. "It must have taken you the whole afternoon to prepare and cook such a magnificent feast." "Oh no. I took advantage of some shortcuts. Eat hearty now." "Thank you my angel friend. I really appreciate this. What can I do for you?" "Nothing. We have plenty of leftovers and I thought it would be a good idea to share with others". "By the way I don't want to keep you standing in the cold any longer. Again thanks for your generosity". The door shut itself and Katia ascended the stairs. Siddhartha was waiting in the doorway. As she sat down to eat her meal, he rubbed his soft fur against her legs.


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    • Judy Filarecki profile image

      Judy Filarecki 

      4 years ago from SW Arizona and Northern New York

      I love your cat conversations. I use a laser light to catch the attention of Mozart, my cat. He love chasing it and being an indoor cat, it gives him lots of exercise. I have several Hubs about him and enjoy him even more every time I read them. Cats have such fascinating personalities.


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