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Ash's Story

Updated on January 6, 2015


The sun gradually rose above the horizon, birds had started to sing. Dew on the grass sparkled in the sun’s rays.

Ash was sitting outside on the patio. He wore a pair of black pajama bottoms and no shirt. The concrete felt cool beneath his bare feet. It had been a rough night. A vision came to him that felt so real he woke up in a cold sweat. No premonition affected him this severely.

What does it mean?” He wondered

He saw an ancient weapon that hasn’t been seen in centuries. He also saw a young woman, tall, semi-muscular build, curly brown hair, and green eyes.

Who are you? What are you? “She asked

Somehow he felt they would meet and she would discover what he really was.

“Ash…”Amber whispered

She appeared beside him, wearing a gray t-shirt and black boxer shorts. He felt her arms wrap around him as she hugged him tightly.

“I’m fine love.” He replied

“No…something… wrong…” She paused; “You won’t tell… when ready… find me…”

Slowly she let go flashing into the house. He sighed burying his head into his hands. As his head rose up he flashed into the bathroom to shower.

The water hit the top of his head and felt refreshing. He knew Amber meant well, but it was difficult or more painful to talk about his past.

He came out of the bathroom, wearing black biker boots, dark blue jeans, and black t-shirt. His sunglasses appeared over his eyes as he left the house. His new Harley Davidson Superlow appeared. He put on his helmet, started the bike and rode off.

Riding always cleared his head, though today it brought back memories. Similar to the real world, the ‘Otherworld’ also went through the same time periods. Magic amongst the demons, witches, shifters, and were-animals was growing.


“Ash…Ash…” A young girl called

He was sitting beneath a large oak tree reading. The girl looked about seventeen, fair complexion, black hair and brown eyes.

“Good morning to you Elizabeth.” He replied

“Good morning brother.” She continued

She wore a three quarter sleeved dark blue dress with white ruffles on the sleeves.

“I have been looking for you.”

She sat beside him.

“Did mother send you to fetch me?” He asked

“She did; we will be having guests this evening. She wants you to return home, bathed, and presentable.”

“Her gatherings are very boring.”

She nodded in agreement, but got up holding out her hand. He took it and they walked back to their home.

A large red brick home stood at the end of a long dirt path. Sunlight made the white window shutters and dark brown roof glow. It wasn’t a terrible home, a loving mother named Abigail, and some loyal servants.

Neither Ash nor Elizabeth knew much about their father. From the stories Abigail told he was handsome, loving, and funny. His name was Christopher and he died before Elizabeth was born.

As the sun began to set, Ash and Elizabeth walked downstairs, seeing their mother in the sitting room. The dark green curtains were drawn, two oil lamps sat on both ends of the oak mantle. Their light made the off-white walls shine. Two green upholstered chairs stood across from it, and a matching love seat on the right hand side.

Abigail wore a dark red dress with short sleeves. She turned to her children; she looked like Elizabeth at age thirty years old.

“You both look lovely.” She commented

Ash had changed into a black waistcoat, matching breeches, white stockings, and navy shoes. A female servant appeared behind him holding his black jacket with gold buttons. She wore a light brown dress with long sleeves.

“Thank you Charlotte.” Ash commented; “Thank you Mother; you look beautiful.”

There was a knock at the door. Charlotte went to answer the door, soon Abigail’s guests arrived. There were three couples; a witch and warlock, were-bears, and wind demons. Abigail, Ash, and Elizabeth greeted them and they sat down in the sitting room. Ash and Elizabeth sat next to each other as the adults got lost in conversation. Charlotte soon appeared leading a young woman to join everyone else.

She sat beside Abigail, but Ash didn’t get a good look at her. Charlotte came and whispered into Abigail’s ear.

“Everyone supper is served.” She announced

Abigail led all the guests into the dining room. A fire burned within the light maple fireplace, two candles stood in the center of the table burning bright. The color of the walls was the same throughout the downstairs and hallway upstairs; off white. Red curtains were drawn, covering the two large windows which were to the left of the large maple wood table. Eight matching chairs with red cushions surrounded it, the gentlemen pulled out seats for the women; everyone was seated.

Ash sat to the left of his mother, while his sister Elizabeth was on her right. Two female servants came out of the kitchen with the first course of the meal. Conversations began, as Ash began to eat; his mother always invited the same guests, except for the young woman who sat at the other end of the table.

She looked about twenty, and not a day older. Her long blond hair was clipped up as two curls fell in front of her ears. Her blue eyes glowed in the fire’s light, as hers met Ash’s she smiled. He smiled and continued to eat. The servants returned and cleared the first course dishes and brought out the second course. When he looked up, the girl was gone.

Where did she disappear to?” He thought

I am beside you, sir.” She paused; “Do not be frightened, I will not harm you.

My mother and sister will think I have gone mad. Please return to your seat.

Do not worry; no one can hear our conversation.

What is your name Miss?

I am Desire. It is a pleasure to meet you Ash.

What creature are you?

A goddess….

He laughed out loud, but thankfully someone had made a joke.

Impossible… no one has seen any god or goddess in centuries.

You do not believe me. Shall I prove my powers?

Not here; later after supper, meet me outside in the courtyard.

As you wish Ash...

He watched her flash and reappear back at the other end of the table. She smiled and he felt his cheeks turn red. After supper, Ash walked outside holding an oil lamp. He walked along the grey stone path, past the flowers his mother and Elizabeth planted. Desire was seated upon a white marble bench wearing a white dress with pink rose pattern. She stood up and smiled.

“I am pleased you decided to come.” She commented

“Was this proof of your power?” He asked


She reached for her dress sleeve, Ash watched as it began to rip. He started to look away, but watched as she changed into a white toga. A gold braided belt tied around her waist. Her hair became loose, falling over her shoulders.

Ash couldn’t move as she sat down on the bench. She conjured a golden chalice filled with red wine. After taking a sip she smiled, and stared at Ash. He began to smell the scent of perfume and realized it was coming from her.

“I know that you, your mother, and sister are demons; very powerful demons.” She continued

“Why come to the Otherworld? I thought gods and goddesses lived on Mount Olympus.”

“This place is my new home. Mount Olympus was a prison with my father ruling. In this world I live by my own rules.” She replied

“Ash…” Elizabeth called

Desire waved her hand over herself, changing back into her dress. Elizabeth walked up to her brother.

“Oh… my apologies for disturbing you...” She paused

“It is fine dear sister.” Ash replied

“I must be leaving now. It was good to meet you Ash and Elizabeth.” Desire interrupted

She got up and walked back into the house.


He rode down to the shore and walked along the beach. The waves slowly swept up the sand and then retreated back, leaving a foamy path.

“I thought I might find you here.” Charlotte commented appearing beside him

“Amber called you?” He asked

“She’s worried about you. What did you see?”

“I’m fine Char. I promise.”

“Stubborn ass… call when me you’re ready talk.”

He sighed as she walked away and then flashing. On the other side of town, Jade was walking Paige in her navy blue stroller through town. She stopped at the café and went inside. After ordering her mocha late, she began looking around the room.

“Jade! Over here!” A woman’s voice called

Her eyes lit up to find her friend Katrina, ‘Trina’ for short. She was seated in the corner, her curly brown hair tied back into a ponytail, a pair of glasses sat in front of her green eyes. She wore a long blue ‘maxi’ dress and brown sandals.

“Trina! It’s been too long. Welcome back home.” Jade began

Trina stood up and hugged her friend. She then bent down to look at Paige who smiled at Trina.

“Thanks. And this must be Paige, Jade she is beautiful.” Trina replied

“Thank you. So what brings you all the way from California?”

“I was invited by an old colleague to view some new artifacts he retrieved during his last dig.”

“Sounds exciting; where did he go?”

“Egypt; I’ll be meeting with him Friday. Besides that it feels good to be home.”

“Jason couldn’t make it?”

“We broke up last month.”

“Oh Trina I’m so sorry. What happened?”

“The love faded and we couldn’t stop arguing. So, he moved out and now it’s just me.”

Jade sighed, she felt bad for Trina. Most of her relationships started out so well, but then after a year it would turn sour.

“You should come by the lounge, have a drink and meet some of my friends.” Jade continued

“You and your sister have become big celebrities. It’s really wonderful that you serve both the mortal and supernatural communities. You’ve influenced a lot of them to come out all over the states.”

“It was a step in the right direction. No one should have to live in fear.”


“Anyway I’d better get Paige home. I’m returning to work tonight. Come by, have a drink and dinner.”

Ash returned home, he sensed Amber wasn’t home. He walked inside and saw Drake in wolf form sleeping in his chair.

“Bad dog! Get off my chair!” He shouted

Drake woke up and shifted back, leaping to his feet.

“It’s nice to see you too Ash. Amber said you were out, so I made myself at home.” Drake replied

“Do not ask me what I saw. I do not want to talk about it.” Ash continued

“Believe me I wasn’t going to pry. I came by to show you this.”

Drake pulled out a folded newspaper article out of his back jeans pocket. He handed it to Ash and he began to read.

So this Professor Vega has found Abigail’s dagger. I wondered where she hid it.” Ash thought to himself

“This doesn’t smell right to me.” Drake commented

“Thank you for bringing this to me. Keep an eye on the professor.”

“Sure … like I have nothing else to do today…”

Drake flashed as the front door opened and Amber walked in. She leaped into Ash’s arms and squeezed him tightly.

“Sorry… didn’t mean to be harsh with you…” She whispered

“It’s alright love. I know you were only looking out for me.” He replied

Amber leaned back and smiled as Ash put her down.

“Need something… just ask…”

“I will.”

She went upstairs to her room; he sat down in his chair and began thinking about how ‘D’ started coming around more often and how he learned about Abigail’s dagger.


Ash had returned home from school with Elizabeth, Abigail was in the sitting room talking with Charlotte showing her a dagger. The steel of the blade shined in the sunlight, as she gripped the brown leather handle, the matching sheath sat upon her lap.

“Good afternoon Mother. What is this?” Elizabeth asked

“Come in my children, please sit down.” Abigail replied

They sat down while their mother stood up.

“This dagger belonged to your father. It has some magic and the power to kill any being whether mortal or non-mortal.” Abigail paused; “One day my son this will be passed to you.”

“It’s beautiful.” Ash commented

“Do not let its beauty deceive you. It is a very powerful weapon.” Abigail replied

Charlotte walked into the room and whispered something into Abigail’s ear. Abigail looked at her children and smiled.

“I must be leaving my children. I am meeting with Mrs. Turner to go to the market.”

Ash and Elizabeth stood up and hugged their mother, as Charlotte handed Abigail a small black velvet change purse and a white umbrella. Once she left, Ash walked out into the courtyard and sat down on the bench where Desire had shown her true identity. She had visited often and he had become attracted to her.

Unlike most of the women in the ‘Otherworld’, she was a free spirit. She was definitely ahead of the time, letting no man control her. Today, she didn’t visit, and he was beginning to miss her. He was about to get up, her sweet scent brushed against his nose. Suddenly he flashed and appeared on the white marble balcony of a Greek Palace.

“Aphrodite?” He called

“Welcome to my home Ash.” She replied

She appeared sitting on the railing, wearing a white toga with a silver braided belt around her waist. Her hair blew in the warm breeze. He looked down to see the ocean, white sand, and palm trees.

“This is beautiful.” He commented

“Thank you; I don’t get many visitors, you may visit as often as you wish.”

“Thank you, I need to return home.”

“Leaving so suddenly?”

He turned to see her eyes become a little teary. Her arms opened for him, he helped her off the balcony and carried her into her bedchambers.

By sunset he returned home, as he walked inside, Elizabeth and his mother were sitting in the dining room.

“Ash you have arrived in time for supper. Where have you been?” Abigail asked

“I was taking a long walk mother.” Ash replied

Charlotte brought out two bowls of soup for a first course, but then saw Ash was home. She went back into the kitchen and brought out another bowl.


“Welcome back…” Jade said

“It feels good to be back.” Jade J replied

The sisters took their places behind the bar, while Dannie and Michelle took orders at the couches. Ash flashed and sat down at the bar. He smiled to see a sixteen ounce Guinness waiting for him.

“Welcome back Jade, how is Paige?” He asked

“She’s happy, healthy, and I couldn’t be happier.” She replied

“I’m glad.”

“Ash are you ok?” Jade H asked

“Something doesn’t feel right…” Jade added

“It’s nothing; I’m fine.” He replied

“What…” Jade H paused

“Did you see?” Her sister finished her sentence

He was about to answer, when Trina came running into the bar. Jade Jacobs walked around and took Trina into her arms.

“Trina what happened? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She asked

“Professor …Vega… was… murdered.” Trina panted

“Sit down.” Jade Jacobs suggested

A glass of water slid in front of her and she began to drink.

“What happened?” Jade Jacobs asked

“I was on my way over, when I passed the campus. Police cars and an ambulance were parked right outside the art studio. I pulled in and went to see what was going on. As I went inside, Professor Vega’s body was being covered. Thankfully nothing was taken, but I don’t understand who would want to do something like this.” Trina continued

“I’m sure the police are going to find the person who did this.” Jade H smiled

Trina nodded, Ash turned to see Drake appear beside him.

“I know what you’re thinking Ash. I had nothing to do with it.” Drake said

“You’ve somewhat matured since turning.” Ash replied

“Is that a compliment or an insult?”

“Did you find out anything at the crime scene?”

“It was two mortals. But I smell magic all over them. After the job was done they snapped back to reality; claimed they had no memory of what happened.”

“It does smell like magic.”

“Who else knew about Abigail’s dagger?”

“Just me, Elizabeth, Charlotte...”

“And me…so when are you going to stop being secretive and ask for help?”

“Shut up Drake.”


“My little sister; now back off.”

He flashed to the crime scene, the police and crime scene unit were still working. He made himself invisible and began examining the scene. The light brown walls complimented the dark wooden furniture and matching leather desk chair.

Blood had spattered onto the wall; it looked like he was hit in the head with something. There were also signs of a struggle, but like Trina said nothing was taken. Whoever attacked the professor was looking for something. He flashed back to the lounge to see Drake had left; Trina was eating some wings and a beer.

Jade H walked up to him, handing him a tall glass of Guinness.

“Thank you wifey…” He smiled

“You’re welcome.” She replied

He sat down next to Trina who was talking with Jade Jacobs.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Ash commented

“Thank you…” Trina replied

“Trina, this is Ash. “ Jade Jacobs continued

She held out her hand and he shook it. He smiled as he got up leaving a generous tip for the girls.

“My apologies ladies, but I have an early day tomorrow.” He said

“Bye Ash.” The girls replied

He flashed and appeared in the backyard. He stared up the sky; Charlotte appeared beside him, wearing a dark red halter dress and black half heels.

“Is something wrong boss?” She asked

“A local professor of archeology was murdered this evening. It had magic written all over it.” Ash replied

“I saw the article in the paper. He found your mother’s dagger, did they find it?”

“No; nothing was taken.”

“Strange. You think your little goddess has anything to do with it?”

“I didn’t smell her magic at the crime scene. Unless she hired some help.”

“I wouldn’t put it past her. And I know Amber would agree.”

“I’ll have Drake recheck the scene tomorrow. Good night Charlotte.”

“Night boss…”

She flashed as he went inside and upstairs into his bedroom. The white walls glowed from the large black lamp, sitting on a dark wooden night stand. A large king size bed, covered with blood red sheets and black comforter stood next to the night stand. A large full length mirror stood in the right corner of the room. On the left were a small three draw dresser; and a door to a large walk in closet.

The light oak floor felt cool beneath his feet. He snapped his fingers and changed into a ‘Foo Fighters’ t-shirt and gray lounge pants. He lied down in bed, but sat up sensing someone else was in the room.

“What brings you here so late at night D?” He asked

“Can’t a friend visit?” She replied

She walked out from the shadows, wearing a short white toga with gold sandals.

“Friend? We used to be friends D; now I have no idea what this is.”

D sighed and lied down next to Ash, wrapping herself around him.

“You seem tense. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to talk about it D. Please leave me alone, I’m tired.”

She sat up and groaned.

“ that way Ash…”

She flashed as he turned over on his right side and fell asleep. Back at the lounge, ‘The Jades’ had called ‘last call’ and began cleaning up.

“Was it me or was Ash not himself tonight?” Dannie asked

“He definitely wasn’t all here.” Michelle replied

“He saw something…” The Jades interrupted

“What do you think it was?” Michelle asked

“Not sure… but it’ll be…” Jade H paused

“A while before he asks for help.” Jade finished her sister’s sentence

They continued to talk and clean up. The next morning Ash woke up to see Amber sitting at the foot of his bed. She wore a long black skirt and purple tank top.

“Good morning…” She smiled

“Good morning darling. What’s up?” He asked

“Trina is downstairs. She wants to talk with you.”

“Tell her I’ll be right down.”


Amber flashed; he got out of bed and snapped his fingers. He changed into a pair of black biker boots, blue jeans, and ‘ACDC’ t-shirt. After tying his hair back, he left his room and walked downstairs. Trina and Amber were talking; she wore a long white ‘maxi’ dress and silver sandals. Her hair was loose and fell to her shoulders.

“Hello Trina. How are you?” He asked

“Leave you two to talk…” Amber smiled and walked out the front door

“Hello Ash. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. Jade gave me your address.” She replied


“It’s alright; what’s up?” He asked

“I wanted to talk to you about Professor Vega. He mentioned you were a friend of his.” She continued

“We were friends. I assisted him identifying artifacts he’d bring back from digs.”

“Are you an archeologist?”

“No; I’m just someone who is a source for useless information.”

He gestured her to sit down on the black leather chair, while he sat down in his. She laughed as she made herself comfortable.

“Did he tell you what he found on his last trip?” She asked

“Yes; it was a dagger in a brown leather sheath with a matching handle.”

“He was planning on showing me today. I’m a reporter for a popular archeological magazine and we had become friendly when I was on the hunt for a new story.”

“This dagger must have been a great find.”

“From what he told me it was. He had a feeling it possessed some magic.”


“Old magic from, what did he call it; oh the Otherworld. He described it as a dimension where supernatural beings resided in before coming into the real world.”

He tensed and started to feel uneasy. She was slowly opening a door, unlocking the life before coming to this world and bad memories.

“I’m sorry if I’m prying. It’s the reporter side of me.” She paused

He sighed in deep relief and smiled, “It’s alright.”

“Ash! You home?” Drake called

He walked inside shutting the door behind him. He walked into the living room and saw Ash talking with Trina.

“Oh excuse me for interrupting. Ash can we talk? It’s important.” Drake asked

“Trina this is Drake. Drake this is Jade Jacob’s friend Trina. Please excuse us. Drake, come into the kitchen.” Ash replied

“Nice to meet you…” Trina called

They walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

“So you and Trina? She’s not bad looking Ash.” Drake commented

“Wolf! Focus and get to the point of you coming here.” Ash growled

“Jeeze; alright the dagger wasn’t at the professor’s office. It’s at his home, locked in a safe. Any supernatural could conjure it and leave the safe untouched.” Drake paused

“Have the police tapped off the house as a crime scene?”

“They have. I suggest that one of us go and get Abigail’s dagger before the supernatural community hears about it.”

“I agree. We’ll talk later about this.”

“Fine, call me when you’re ready.”

Drake flashed as Ash returned to the living room, to see D had appeared in his chair. Trina turned to see Ash, he smiled. D got up and walked over to Trina and began inspecting her. Her eyes scanned her up and down, a smirk formed on her face.

“Is everything alright?” Trina asked

“Yes. A lot of people come in and out of the house.” Ash replied

“Is this a foster home?”

“No; it’s more of open house. I’m a wrangler.”

“Oh really?”

“It’s a long story.”

Trina nodded as D crossed her arms and Ash could sense she was getting jealous.

Cheating on me Ash?” D asked her voice hissed in his head

Calm down your green is starting to show.” Ash replied

A mortal? With one move I could…” She paused

Get out D…” Ash growled

She smiled and flashed as Ash sat down in his chair. Before Ash could answer, the front door opened and Amber walked in with Trent.

“Ash…” She called

Amber walked into the living with Trent behind her.

“Sorry… didn’t know company still here… this is Trent, my boyfriend.” Amber smiled

“I’m Trina. And it’s nice to meet you Trent.” Trina replied

“Cool, then you met Pixy, Vamp lady, and Tiger.” Amber continued

“She means Jade H, Vicky, and Dannie.” Ash interrupted translating for Amber

“I did. They seem really nice.” Trina said

“Good. We look after each other. We’ll talk later daddy.” Amber hugged Ash tightly and walked out into the backyard

“Daddy?” Trina asked

“She was adopted… it’s a long story.” Ash grinned

“Right; Anyway I’d better get going. I have to meet with the new professor who is replacing Professor Vega.”

“Alright; the door is always open.”

She waved as Ash opened the door for her and she walked down the driveway to her silver Toyota Camry.

“Drake…” Ash called

“That was fast. So what should we do?” Drake asked

“You and I will go to Professor Vega’s home and get Abigail’s dagger. I’ll see about replicating the original to leave in the safe. Keep an eye on the house for now and scare anyone who tries to enter.”

“When did you want to make the switch?”

“I’ll call you when it’s time.”


Drake sighed and flashed, Amber and Trent came in, and Amber began smelling something. She growled and began looking around.

“Here…why… she come here?” She asked

“It was only for a second darling. Trina didn’t see her.” Ash replied

“Relax Amber.” Trent whispered

Amber sighed and hugged Trent tightly.

“If Trina saw her… someone… get hurt.” Amber continued

“We know…” Ash and Trent said together

She laughed as Trent put his arm around her waist, pulling her close. Ash’s cell phone rang; he sat down in his chair.

“Ash, I’m surprised you have answered your phone today.” Myra began

“Hello Myra. I apologize, but things have been busy.” He replied

“Believe me I know. I was wondering if you would be able to help with a construction job tomorrow. One of the houses burned down, no one was hurt, but we could use an extra set of hands.”

“I’d be happy to help. I will see you tomorrow morning.”

“Wonderful, thank you Ash.”

He hung up and looked over at Amber and Trent who were talking.

“What did elder tiger want?” She asked

“I’m helping her pride tomorrow with a construction job.” He replied

“We’d better go or we’re going to miss the movie.” Trent interrupted


They flashed leaving him alone. D was always possessive of him; she said it was her way to show she cared. He suddenly felt like a pet, verses a friend. At one point they were friends, he would visit with her and they’d talk. Over time, she started to become more confident and their visits had become less and less.


He missed her and flashed one day to her throne room. She was seated upon her marble throne with golden pillows.

“D…” He paused

Her eyes lit up and she got up, taking him into her arms. He hugged her tightly, but then she leaned up and kissed his lips gently. His cheeks turned red, but then he kissed her back, making it more passionate. Suddenly they were in her bedroom and she had stripped him naked. He ripped off her toga and entered her.

By sunset they lied in her bed, both covered in sweat. She nuzzled her head against his chest.

“I missed you.” He whispered

“I could tell.” She asked

“I need to get back home. I don’t want to leave.”

“So stay here for a couple of days. I know that servant Panther won’t care. She’s been busy trying to keep your little sister out of trouble.”

“Don’t talk about them like that. They’re my family.”

“So sensitive being around those women has made you soft.”

He got up and conjured his clothes. She watched as he got dressed, when she went to reach for his hand; he flashed. A few weeks passed and he returned to apologize for leaving so abrupt.

“Ash… what brings you here?” She asked

“I miss our visits. I was worried.”

“Ash that is so kind of you; though I am afraid that, I will be terribly occupied. Many suitors have brought me such beautiful gifts. Each one is so special, it is so refreshing.”

“Suitors? I do not understand.”

“Ash, these men adore me. And now that they have confessed their affection, I am making this world my own. Everyone will bow down to my superior power.”

“D… you cannot be serious.”

“Leave me Ash as I prepare to conquer this world.”

He appeared outside his home and he walked inside. Before he shut the door, there was a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder. Elizabeth and Abigail came out from the kitchen with Charlotte behind them.

“What was that horrid sound?” Abigail asked

“It sounds as if a storm is coming.” Elizabeth replied

“She has come…” Ash muttered

“Ash… what is wrong my son?” Abigail asked

They ran outside to see D had transformed into a giant standing over the small village.

“People of the Otherworld, I am Aphrodite Goddess of love. I am claiming this world as my own. You will all obey my rules, if you do not then prepare to die.” D began

“Aphrodite please do not do this!” Ash shouted

She didn’t even acknowledge his pleas.

“We will not obey you goddess!” Abigail shouted

She looked down to see Abigail stepping forward, wearing a light blue dress. Her black wings had appeared and unfolded.

“Mother!” Ash and Elizabeth shouted

“Charlotte, protect my children.” Abigail commanded

Charlotte morphed into a black panther and stood in front of Ash and Elizabeth. Abigail conjured her dagger and removed it from its sheath. Aphrodite’s eyes widened as Abigail began walking towards her.

“Foolish demon; do you think that small weapon will defeat me?” Aphrodite laughed

“No, it will weaken you.” Abigail replied

The dagger levitated over Abigail’s hands, it transformed into a sword. Abigail launched it and it stabbed the goddess in the stomach. Aphrodite then held out her hand and launched a lightning bolt. It got quiet as Abigail try to dodge the attack. She fell to the ground as the dagger returned to its owner.

Ash and Elizabeth ran over to their mother.

“Mother please do not leave us.” Elizabeth begged

“It is time my loves. I am hiding this dagger some place where no one can find it. Charlotte look after them.” Abigail whispered

They watched as her body began to fade and turn into gold dust. It floated into the sky, Charlotte morphed back into her human form and they flashed to the real world.


D had gotten what she wanted she scared the people of the Otherworld into obeying her rules. She tried to contact him, but he ignored her calls. Charlotte had flashed them into the real world and began a new life. Elizabeth had become rebellious; she disappeared in the late nineties.

Ash had sent Charlotte to find her, but his sister didn’t want to be found. He wondered if she saw the newspaper and would she try to come home. That was the least of his problems, he had to get Abigail’s dagger back and hide it before it fell into the wrong hands.

Elsewhere Jade woke up from a nap on the couch. She sat up and straightened her blue t-shirt, and then got up and walked into Paige’s room. The white walls glowed in the sunlight peeking through the window covered with sheer white curtains. A small light wooden bookcase stood to the next to the window. It was filled with ‘Dr. Seuss’ books and ‘Goodnight Moon’ along with a stuffed rabbit with black fur, which Aunt Jade gave her.

She looked over to see Paige asleep in her crib, but she noticed that her mobile was moving on its own. Then she watched as the stuffed rabbit flew off the shelf and into her crib. Jade gasped as she put her hand over her mouth. She let the door shut behind her and she called Ryan.

“Hey beautiful what’s up?” He asked

“Paige has come into her powers.” Jade replied

“What? What did she do?”

“She has her mother’s powers. But I don’t think she realizes she’s doing it.”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s asleep right now. Her mobile is moving on its own.”

“I look forward to seeing more.”

“Believe me she’ll surprise both of us.”

He laughed, “Anyway darling my next client should be here soon. I’ll see you when I get home.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She hung up and went back into Paige’s room to see she was awake and hugging her stuffed bunny tightly. At the local college, Trina was sitting in the white gazebo waiting for the new professor. She had her small recorder ready along with a steno pad of questions.

Occasionally a student would walk by, she admired the small campus, the white and brown brick buildings complimented each other. Also they were ten minutes in walking distance.

“Trina Stone?” A female voice asked

“Professor Kent, yes I am Trina Stone.” She replied

She looked up to see an older woman, in her late fifties. Her frosted hair was clipped back; her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She wore a pair of gray capris, white camisole with a grey blazer over it and white sandals.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.” Trina continued gesturing the professor to sit down

“You’re very welcome. I know with everything going on, it is hard to focus.” The professor said

“It is. Though let’s get started. Where were you teaching prior to coming here?”

“I was at a community college in Maryland. Due to lack of funds the art department was closed last year.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“At least I can continue to teach here.”

“What courses are you going to be offering students?”

“Art history, ceramics, and drawing…”

“Have you been on any archeological expeditions? I hear you studied it at college.”

“I did join Professor Vega in Egypt. It was exciting to get a little dirty and dig.”

Trina laughed, but then noticed a woman with long blond hair, wearing a short white sun dress and ‘gladiator sandals’. She was walking towards them, with a determined look on her face. Her blue eyes looked fierce as she walked into the gazebo.

“Trina Stone I presume?” The woman asked

Trina stopped her recorder, she and Professor Kent turned to the young woman.

“Can I help you with something?” Trina asked

“I hope you can. I am sorry Patricia, but Ms. Stone will have to reschedule your interview.” The woman replied

The professor got up and walked away, the woman sat beside Trina.

“Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you. Tell me where Professor Vega keeps the dagger he found in Egypt.” The woman continued

“I don’t know where it is.” Trina replied

“You two were close, where is it?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know where it is. Why do you want it?”

“That is none of your concern. My only concern is to find that dagger.”

The woman got up, but before walking way she turned to Trina.

“Just stay away from Ash…he belongs to me…”

She walked away, Trina was stunned. She had only just met him and already she was getting threats. She got up and began walking towards her car. As she pulled away from the campus her phone rang.

“Hello Jade.” She began

“Hey so how did the interview go?” Jade asked

“It was going great until a strange woman interrupted us.”


“She was asking where Professor Vega kept this artifact he had found on his trip. When I told her I didn’t know, she then threatened me to stay away from Ash.”

“That is strange. My sister and I have a feeling Ash will come around to ask for help.”

“Tell me about it. Anyway I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Ash was sitting outside in the backyard when he sensed someone was close by. He looked around and only saw the wooden fence extending from the house and creating a border from the forest. Charlotte appeared beside him, wearing a pair of jean shorts and violet tank top.

“Your sister has come out of hiding.” She began

“Where is she?” Ash asked

“She’s been living in Delaware. She has cleaned up and calmed down some since she left. She called out for me once she saw the paper. We talked and she would like to come home, if you’ll have her.”

“Once I get the dagger back, we’ll talk. Right now I have a lot on my plate Charlotte.”

“You were always too busy to see people unless they made an appointment.” A voice commented

He got up to see Elizabeth landing on the lawn. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail with pink highlights; a pair of black sunglasses covered her eyes. She wore a dark pink strapless sundress and silver sandals. Her hand reached for her sunglasses, her brown eyes had a silver glow. He walked up to her and took her into his arms.

She hugged him tightly, and then leaned back to look him over.

“You haven’t changed…” She said

“Neither have you, except I’m surprised that you got rid of the purple highlights.” Ash replied

“I got bored.”

“I’ll leave you two to catch up.” Charlotte said and flashed

He gestured for her to sit down, she followed and smiled.

“Have you found mother’s dagger?” She asked

“I’ve been doing alright, but you always wanted to get right down to business.” Ash replied

“We’ll do that later.”

Ash sighed, “I have found it. It’s in the safe of the professor who found it. He was murdered a couple of days ago. You can shift a normal dagger and make it look like mothers. I plan on switching the real one with the fake, and then hiding the real one somewhere else.”

“You think your goddess is after it?”

“It crossed my mind. She knows what kind of power it holds.”

“She can’t and won’t get it. So does Amber still live here?”

“She does; she’ll be happy to see you. Why did you leave?”

“I left because it was hard to accept mother had become a shade and left this world. I tried calling for her, but she never appeared. I was also brought into the real world where I wasn’t free to show my powers and I decided to have some fun. It lasted years, but then I grew up and started over in Delaware.”

“It was hard for me too. We could have helped each other get through it. Over time I made friends and we helped other supernatural beings come out of hiding. You’ll meet them at some point.”

“I’m sorry; I’m here now and would like to know I could come home once in a while.”

“The door is always open.”

“Good. It should stay that way.”

He smiled as they continued to talk. The next morning, Ash arrived at the gate of the tiger clan, he explained his reason for coming and the gates opened. He drove to the end of the block and arrived at the construction site. There was tent a few feet away, some of the workers were taking a break, while others continued to work.

He got out of his truck, Myra walked up to him.

“Thank you for coming.” She began

“You’re very welcome.” Ash replied

“As you can see the basic frame of the house is up. Wherever you can help would be appreciated.”

He nodded and walked over to see Aiden coming out of the house.

“Ash hey man what’s up?” He asked

“Myra asked me to help out.” Ash replied

“Cool. C’mon we’re putting up the insulation in the living room.”

By noon, a whistle went off and everyone went on break for lunch. Jade Jacobs, Dannie, Michelle, and Trina arrived with food from the lounge.

“Aiden where’s Ash?” Dannie asked

“He’s still working with a few of the pride members.” Aiden replied

“Here Trina, go bring him some food. Trust me he’ll be thankful.” Jade suggested

She handed Trina a plate with a hamburger and fries; along with a thermos.

“Alright…”Trina replied

She walked out from under the tent and over to the house. As she walked inside, she saw him putting in insulation in the walls. It was hot, beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she watched him work. He wore his black combat boots, blue jeans, and ‘ACDC’ t-shirt.

“Snagged a plate for you…” She commented

He finished putting in a sheet of insulation and turned to see her. She wore a pair of blue flip flops, jean shorts and white t-shirt. Her hair was clipped back with strands of hair curled around her ears.

“Thank you.” He replied

He took off his gloves and stuffed them into his back pocket. She handed him the plate, he sat down and began to eat. She sat down beside him; he tensed up as he began to eat.


“Are you keeping me company?” He asked

“I could; unless you want to eat alone…” She replied

“Stay for a while…”

She smiled as he continued to eat.

“How long before it’s finished?” She asked

“It’ll be a while, Myra wants it done properly. Because sometimes magic doesn’t fix everything.”

“I can see why. She wants everything to be perfect.”

“Myra is very protective of the pride. She treats them like her own family.”

“It must be nice.”

He sensed some pain, but decided not to bring it up. She saw he was finished and picked up his plate, they stood up, and she turned to leave when a woman appeared standing in the entrance. Trina recognized her as the woman who interrupted her interview with the new professor on campus.

She wore a pink sundress and silver sandals, with sunglasses covering her eyes. Her hair was loose and draped over her bare shoulders.

“Ms. Stone I thought I told you to stay away from him.” She began

“Why?” Trina asked

“It’s a long story, which I don’t want to get into.” She continued

Ash growled and got in front of Trina, who looked so confused. The woman put her hands on her hips and stared at Ash.

“Why did you threaten her D?” He asked

“It is not obvious? It might be to other supernatural beings, some mortals, but especially me.” She replied

“Back off D…” He commented

“Leave them alone…” A voice echoed

Amber appeared wearing a pair of black sneakers, black shorts, and tank top. Her hair was braided down her back as she growled as she stood in front of Ash.

“This has nothing to do with you Amber. Leave now… “D commanded

“No… leave them…”

She conjured an energy ball which had fire surrounding it. D began to back away, Amber took a step forward. She flashed and disappeared, Amber turned to Ash and Trina.

“Thank you darling. You are a life saver.” Ash said

“Welcome. Why she after Trina?” Amber asked

They turned to Trina who walked out the back and started pacing. Jade walked up to her and hugged her tightly; Ash and Amber came out from the house.

“Ash what the hell is going on?” Jade asked

“I don’t want to talk about it. I’d better get back to work.” Ash replied

The other workers had returned and continued to work. He watched Jade, Amber, and Trina leave, as Aiden brought in another roll of insulation. By sunset Myra was impressed, though it would be a while before the house would be complete.

Ash had gotten into his truck and started the engine; Myra appeared sitting next to him.

“I sensed your goddess was here. She’s turning into the green monster of jealously Ash.” She commented

“Was it that obvious?” Ash asked

“It was. When are you going to stop being a stubborn ass and ask for help?”

“I get the message… “

“Good, thank you for coming.”

She waved and flashed out of his truck. He drove home, and began to piece some events together. D had hypnotized those mortal men to break into Professor Vega’s office. She must have thought the dagger was there, but wasn’t counting on Professor Vega to be there. They kill him and then get arrested for his murder. Trina was a close friend who was in town to visit; D realized Trina might know where the dagger could be. When D confronted Trina, she had no idea where it was kept.

D is after the dagger and he has to get it before she does. He sighed knowing he was going to need help to get into Professor Vega’s home and switch the real dagger out for a fake one. But one thing still puzzled him; D said it was obvious why she threatened Trina to stay away from him. Could it have to do with his vision?

His cell phone rang as he pulled up in front of his house. He got out and saw “The wife” appear on the screen.

“Hello wife…”

“Hello husband, Trina is here. Someone showed up at her hotel and threatened her again. We’re bringing her to stay with Max. Luckily she someone left and a room opened up.”

“That answered my next question. Was it a mortal?”

“She said it was one of the lobby boys. He looked hypnotized.”

“Alright; bring her over there and I’ll go over to Max to talk.”

“Sounds good; we’ll talk later.”

He hung up and went inside; Elizabeth came out from the kitchen. They hugged as he began to smell the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen.

“Welcome home. I made dinner, for you, me and Amber.” She began

“It smells wonderful.” Ash replied; “I have some things to take care of, but we’ll eat first and then I’ll go.”

“Great. Where is Amber?”

Amber walked in and her eyes lit up to see Elizabeth. She leaped into Elizabeth’s arms and squeezed her tightly.

“Lizzie! You came home!” Amber shouted

“I’m home... feels good to be home.” Elizabeth replied

“You look better… not sick no more?”

“Thanks and no I’m not sick anymore.”

“Good… smells good in kitchen…”

“I made dinner, come inside and sit down.”

Elsewhere, ‘The Jades’ pulled up in front of Max’s safe house. Trina was sitting in the back seat of Jade H’s car, shaking. This situation was getting out of control; she was quickly becoming exposed to more of the supernatural world. It was a lot to take in.

Max came out and stood on the porch. Trina got out, as her luggage came out from the trunk. They walked up the steps and inside. By ten Trina was sitting outside, reading a book, she had changed into a pair of blue boxer shorts and white t-shirt. Ash appeared on the other end of the porch.

“I hope I’m not interrupting you.” He commented

“No; I was beginning to read the same page over for a second time. What’s up?” She replied

“I wanted to apologize for any trouble D has been giving you. She’s stubborn and very possessive.”


“Something like that. She doesn’t understand the meaning of the word over.”

“Is she a supernatural? Are most of the friends you have?”

“She is; and most of the people I know are supernatural, but I do know some mortals.”

“This is just a lot to take in.”

He sat down beside her; she put her book down on her lap. She looked away; he sensed her fear and confusion.

“I know it’s a lot to take in. Believe me.” He commented

Slowly she turned and met his brown eyes. She leaned in and hugged him tightly; he wrapped his arms around her, feeling her tears wetting his shoulder. Slowly she leaned back and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“I’m sorry…” She whispered

“It’s alright, I’ll keep you safe.” He replied automatically

Heat rose in her cheeks and she stared down, trying to hide it. His hand gradually lifted her head back up, he leaned in slowly and their lips met. Her eyes were wide open, but closed as he parted her lips with his tongue. Gradually her eyes closed, her tongue began to get tangled with his, as she pulled him on top of her.

He broke the kiss, and began kissing along her jaw and then her neck. She moaned softly into his ear, urging him to continue. He felt her legs wrap around him, but then she pushed him up and there was a long silence.

“I would love to continue, but I’m not the type of girl to give the neighbors a show.” She said

“That won’t be a problem.” He replied

Within a blink of an eye they were in her room of the safe house. The white walls had decals of black branches and falling leaves on the walls. There was light wooden desk, four post bed, and night stand to the right of it. She led him over to the bed, covered with gray sheets and white comforter. He lifted his hands over his head; she pulled off his ‘ACDC’ t-shirt and tossed it onto the wood floor. She kissed him, as her hands massaged his muscular body.

She slowly backed herself onto the bed, as he climbed on top of her. Their lips met again, his hand slipped underneath her t-shirt and began to message her breast. Her hands had started to unbutton his jeans and slowly pushed them off along with his briefs. He pulled her t-shirt off and then he took off her boxer shorts.

A gasp escaped her mouth as his fingers entered her. He moaned as she took his member into her hand and began to stroke it slowly. He conjured a condom, without her looking, and slipped it on. Gradually he entered her, her legs wrapped around him. He started slow, while she placed kissed along his neck and shoulder. His speed increased as she pulled him closer and she used one hand to run her long nail up and down his spine.

They climaxed together and he laid his head upon her chest. Soon she was lying beside him, her head on his shoulder and body pressed against his. She moved her head on his chest and then fell into a deep sleep. He kissed the top of her head and fell asleep.

The next morning, she woke up, in her pajamas and she heard him talking to someone outside. She got up and went downstairs. As she walked out onto the porch, she saw Ash with some young boys playing football. Max came up beside her, handing her a cup of coffee. She wore a long purple strapless dress and her hair was tied back into a ponytail.

“Good morning...” Max commented

“Good morning. It looks like their having fun.” Trina replied

“They’re practicing for the start of the season next week. Ash coach’s the local youth football team.”

“Are they good?”

“The team formed last year. Since they’re new team on the block, Ash felt they have to show some skill.”

“Are they supernatural or mortal?”

“Most of them, Jake who is the quarter back is a fire fairy. And then there’s Dean who arrived last night, he’s a were-bear.”

She pointed to a boy dressed in a pair of ripped cargo shorts and ‘Rolling Stones’ t-shirt, with brown hair. Dean was Jake’s height, semi- muscular bleach blond hair and green eyes; he wore mesh shorts and black t-shirt.

“He’s so good with them.”

“Ash acts as a male influence for them.”

“From what Jade told me about him. He’s very private and doesn’t open up easily.”

“Once you get to know him. He’s helped a lot of us come into our powers and get settled here in town.”

“Jade told me, he helped her accept her powers. She didn’t like them at first.”

“She loves them, just like her sister. Together they are powerful.”


He looked up to see her talking to Max on the porch. She seemed to be a little more comfortable, but still a little afraid of D; if she ever showed up again. The boys had set up for another play, when he felt someone close by. “Ash…Ash…” A voice whispered. He looked around seeing no one, shaking it off; he dismissed the boys from practice and joined Trina and Max on the porch.

Max went inside to take a phone call from someone. Ash leaned up against the railing as Trina walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head.

“Good morning…” She whispered

“Good morning, my lady…” He replied

“What kind of supernatural being are you?”

“A unique one…”

She giggled as she leaned back and stared into his brown eyes. A silver spark appeared in them like fireworks exploding in the sky. “Beautiful…” She thought.

“I would love to stay, but I have some things to take care of.” He continued

“Alright…” She sighed

“I’m only a call away.”

She nodded as she rose up to kiss his lips gently. He smiled and flashed, she went inside and upstairs to shower. He appeared outside the lounge and walked inside, Jade Jacobs and Dannie were behind the bar, and Vicky and Alyssa were taking orders at the couches.

“Ash… you better be careful with her…” Jade commented

“I promise.” He replied

A tall glass of Guinness slid down the bar to him. He sat down and began to drink.

“I need everyone to meet at my house this evening. This problem with D and Professor needs to end.”

“We’ll be there. What about Trina?” Dannie asked

“She stays at Sanctuary. I don’t want her getting hurt.” Ash replied

“I’m sending Ryan over there to shield the house.” Jade said

“Good idea. Thanks for the drink ladies; I’ll see you all tonight.”

As he flashed, he found himself in the Otherworld. It wasn’t near D’s palace, but on the other side where there was an entrance to a forest.

Ash…Ash…” The voice called

He walked into the forest, the tree’s leaves created a canapé with their leaves. Small beams of sunlight pierced through lighting the light dirt path which led up to a large opening. When he came into the opening, there was a large pond and a cottage sitting on a small hill.

“You have grown into such a handsome man…” A female voice whispered

He turned to see his mother. Abbigail wore a long white strapless dress, while her hair was clipped back. She took Ash into her arms and hugged him tightly.

“Mother…” He paused; “I have so many questions.”

“All you need to know my son is that I’m alright. I live here in the forest of the shades, it is peaceful here. After your goddess killed me, the forest saved me. I know your sister has tried to call for me, but tell her I’m sorry. I will bring her here, just like I did you.”

“Elizabeth… Elizabeth…”

Elizabeth appeared beside her brother and began to cry seeing her mother. They hugged each other, tightly.

“Why did you bring us here? How come you haven’t answered when I called for you?” Elizabeth asked

“Calm down my love. I brought you here, since I know Professor Vega found my dagger in Cairo. You have to get it before your goddess finds it, or any supernatural being. Once you find it, hide it where no mortal or supernatural can find it.” Abbigail continued

“She’s not my goddess…” Ash muttered under his breath

“She definitely has claimed you as hers. I have a feeling she’ll learn the truth very soon. There is something else I didn’t tell you, that I should have told you centuries ago. Both of you are more powerful, and have been holding back in using your powers. Your father was a Greek titan named Krios.”

Elizabeth and Ash exchanged looks of shock, and then looked back at their mother. She wiped a tear from her cheek.

“He was involved in the ten year war with the Olympian gods and goddesses. They banished him to the Underworld, but he managed to escape and he came to the Otherworld. We met and married, but Hades came back for him after you were born Lizzie. If you go up against the goddess at least you will be able to weaken her. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you this sooner, but now you know. So go my children and retrieve the dagger.”

“Goodbye mother…” They said together and hugged her tightly

They flashed and appeared in the backyard. Amber had come outside with Trent and the ‘Jades’ with Ryan. Dannie, Aiden, Vicky, Aaron appeared standing beside Elizabeth, followed by Drake and Charlotte.

“Thank you all for coming. I asked you all here for your help. If you saw the newspaper this week, a college professor went on an archeological dig in Cairo. He found an ancient weapon that belonged to my mother. The dagger is powered by old magic of the Otherworld, only Charlotte, my sister Lizzie, and I knew of its existence. After taking over the Otherworld, D found out about the dagger and hypnotized mortals to find it. This resulted in Professor Vega being killed and Trina getting those threats; since she was invited out to meet with the professor. We have located the dagger and are going to retrieve it, but I have a feeling D will probably send some army to stop us.”

“What is the plan?” Drake asked

“Drake, Aiden, Dannie, Charlotte, and the Jade’s will surround the house. Lizzie, Ryan, and I will go in. Lizzie will shift a kitchen knife into the dagger, while I take the real one with me.” Ash replied

“What about us?” Amber asked

“Go to Trina. Keep an eye on her at Max’s house.” He replied

“Mother… try something sneaky…” Amber commented to Trent

“Now let’s move out.” Ash commanded

Amber and Trent appeared on the porch of ‘Sanctuary’. Sierra and Samantha came from the backyard, morphing back into their human forms.

“Tigresses… what wrong?” Amber asked

“Some blond bimbo took Trina.” Sierra replied

“What…” Amber growled

“It was like she hypnotized her. She led her into the backyard and they vanished.” Samantha continued

“Need to tell him…might be trap…” Amber began speaking quickly

“We have to tell him. C’mon Amber…” Trent replied taking her hand into his

“Call us if you need help.” Sierra said

Trent and Amber flashed right into Professor Vega’s home. She saw Ash, Charlotte, and Lizzie standing in front of a closed safe which sat within a dark brown wall behind a painting. Lizzie had just shifted a plan kitchen knife, when Amber came up behind him, whispered into his ear.

Ash come outside…we got a problem…” Jade H’s voice echoed in his head

They flashed outside to see D with Trina kneeling beside her. She was unconscious; D was dressed in a white toga and gold ‘gladiator’ sandals. Her hair was loose and falling over her shoulders.

“What do you want D?” Ash asked

“I want that dagger. Abbigail was a fool to hide it, and now thanks to you it will be mine.” D replied

“Our mother wasn’t a fool. She knew that it should never fall into the wrong hands.” Lizzie chimed in

“Elizabeth, you have certainly cleaned up. How sweet it’s a family reunion.” D laughed

“Enough D! Let Trina go…” Ash growled

“Give me the dagger and I’ll let her go. Refuse and I’ll kill her.” D continued

“Let her go D!” Ash shouted

“Wake up Katrina; I want you to witness this.” D whispered

Trina slowly lifted her head up, her vision was blurry, but once it cleared she saw everyone. Her eyes met Ash’s and she looked scared to see D standing above her.

“Ash…” She whispered

“Come Ash save her… give me the dagger and I’ll let her go.” D commanded

Lizzie handed her brother the dagger. He nodded and began to walk towards D, Trina got to her feet. Everyone watched as Ash handed D the dagger, Trina ran into Ash’s arms. They turned to walk away, but stopped when D screamed.

“You bastard! This isn’t the real dagger!” She paused; “You’ll pay…”

She conjured a lightning bolt and threw it towards him and Trina. It struck Trina in the back and she fell to the ground. Ash turned with gritted teeth, his eyes glowed silver, his black wings and tail revealed themselves. He roared up to the sky and flew at high speeds towards D.

Jade Jacobs ran over to Trina who was still conscious, putting her head into her lap.

“Trina! Stay with me honey.” She whispered

Ash had tackled D to the ground and roared into her face. She flashed and appeared standing and brushing herself off.

“Give me the dagger…” D commanded

“It stays with family…” Amber replied

She appeared beside Ash, her red and black wings and tail. Trina looked over to see Ash and Amber, she tried to scream, but couldn’t.

“Who are you? What are you?” She asked

That question pierced him like a knife. His vision finally made sense; he revealed himself, but slowly she lost consciousness.

“Trina!” He screamed; “Aphrodite goddess of love, I am the son of the Greek titan Krios. I banish you from ever entering this realm again!”

“You can’t be! Krios perished in the Underworld.” D replied crossing her arms

“We both are the children of Krios. Say goodbye Aphrodite…” Lizzie chimed in

He turned to D who stood there stunned. He conjured an energy ball and threw it at her; she flew backwards in the air and landed hard on the ground. She suddenly retreated, Ash flew over to Trina.

“Trina… please don’t… leave me...” He whispered

Everyone gathered around them, but then Ash saw a shadow appear floating above them. It flew into Trina’s mouth and she took a breath.

My son…” Abbigail whispered

Mother?” Ash asked

Trina woke up to see a woman who held out her hand. She grabbed it and stood up, she notice the woman had black hair and brown eyes like Ash.

“You must be Katrina. My name is Abbigail, Ash and Lizzie’s mother.” She began

“I am. What is this place?” Trina asked

“This is the forest of the shades; it’s a part of the Otherworld.”

“It does exist. Professor Vega had spoken of the place where supernatural beings lived. What am I doing here?”

“I brought you here child; to save you. I know you love my son and he has fallen in love with you. Though he’s only known the love Aphrodite has shown, which has been toxic. The love you two share is pure.”

“It seems insane. I do love him.”

“Please accept this gift from me.”

She conjured a silver energy ball and held in both hands. Trina backed away afraid.

“Don’t be frightened. This is powers that belonged to Ash and Lizzie’s father. He was a Greek titan, strong enough to defend from even Aphrodite’s attacks.”

“What will I become?”

“You will be half titan and half mortal; now go and be happy.”

Thank you Abbigail.”

Abbigail let the energy wrap itself around Trina. It absorbed into her body and she felt a surge of power. She flashed and returned to her body.

“Ash…” She whispered

“Trina … I thought I lost you…” He paused

She sat up as he took her into his arms.

“I’m not that easy to get rid of. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a talk with someone.” She replied

He let go and watched her flash, he followed as they both appeared in Aphrodite’s throne room. Aphrodite rose from her throne and walked up to Trina.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked

Trina conjured an energy ball and held it above her head. Aphrodite just stood there stunned.

“You will leave Ash alone. Come near him and you’ll have to deal with both of us.” Trina replied

“Fine… go back to your realm and I’ll stay in mine.” Aphrodite sighed

Ash took Trina into his arms, hugging her and spinning her around. They flashed back to see everyone celebrating. Lizzie walked up to her brother and handed him Abbigail’s dagger.

Keep it my son.” Abbigail’s voice whispered in his head

I thought you wanted it back.” Ash replied

No, you have the power to protect it.

Alright mother…

Later that night, Ash placed Abbigail’s dagger in a case made of glass. It was protected with a spell to keep intruders out and he kept in his closet within a shoebox. He flashed and joined everyone outside as they sat around the large fire pit.

Trina brushed up beside him; he put his arm around her pulling her close to him.

“So my mother gave you some of my father’s powers?” He asked

“She did; I never thought I would have powers. I come out to meet a good friend, with some knowledge of the supernatural world. And now I’m a part of it.” She replied

“Welcome to the world.”

She laughed as Michelle and Vicky arrived with food from the lounge.


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