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Asleep At the Wheel of Her Own Life (Poem)

Updated on June 21, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

An Introduction to My Poem

I came back here today to edit this poem. It has been taken off the published list, so I wanted to find a way to get it published again. However, I now do not want to edit the poem itself. Instead, I will write a little introduction here and talk about the reason I took the time to share this poem.

This poem is not particularly flowing with rhythm. No, It is not completely rhythmic. It is a narrative to a day that I had, which felt melancholic as I went through a normal day of life. It has my thoughts attached to everything that I viewed that day. It also states the feelings I experienced from a normalcy we find ourselves in sometimes during our daily routines.

The pictures are from my hometown and are meant to paint a picture into my story through my poetry. I hope this explains my poem more. Thank you for reading.

Mossy Oak Roads in Hilliard, Florida

A concrete road I travel everyday in our little town. Georgia Street is in Hilliard, Florida.
A concrete road I travel everyday in our little town. Georgia Street is in Hilliard, Florida. | Source

Our little town has a few train tracks, and as you can tell, I like to photograph them.

Sometimes we have the two lane train delays. :)
Sometimes we have the two lane train delays. :) | Source

A beautiful song with great lyrics.

Wild Flowers on Country Roads

The end of our dirt rd. home. Named after my cousin who was killed in 1984 in a hunting accident.
The end of our dirt rd. home. Named after my cousin who was killed in 1984 in a hunting accident. | Source

She bought a

pair of shoes

she needed,

but didn’t care

to have.

And next she

went to the

grocery store

and pondered

up and down

the aisles.

Driving home,

she stared into

space, then

stopped for a

long two train


She watched

as the trains

zoomed by,

getting a bit

dizzy by the

red flashing


She kept

staring as if

in a trance.

As the train

cars flew by,

vivid images

of years past

started to

invade her mind.

Then the rails

raised high, and

she crossed the

tracks, as if in

slow motion,

she drove on


Keeping on the

concrete road to

home, she glanced

at the overcast

clouds with a moan.

The wild

flowers that

were tossing in

the wind,

struck her as

being slaves on

this earth of sin.

She couldn’t help

but feel half sad

from the stale air

her lungs breathed


She made it home,

yet she didn’t know

how. She sat there

a moment before

she got out.

She told herself

it was time to snap

back, unload the

car then try to


It is sometimes

hard for her to

keep going, with

this life of routine,

of not knowing.

She certainly

wonders who

she is some days

and why her god

chose her to live

this way.

And as her day

came to an end,

and she finally

settles in for bed;

she will gather her

strength for

what tomorrow

may have


Melancholy Sky


I was wondering...

Do you ever have days of not feeling fully present in the day?

See results

© 2015 Missy Smith


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