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Updated on February 23, 2012

Midnight approaches

Faltering sounds and voices

Eyes begin to fade

Into the abyss I wade

A vividly obscure place,

My mind will now embrace.

Thoughts flow past


they are too fast.

Coming and going,

only for seconds do they last

Ideas sparked and a seed is planted.

Scientific, illogical, or romantic.

Later to be determined if they're realistic.

They are buried under all I know.

Deeper into the depths I go.

Lost in thought, jumping to and fro.

I found the place creations grow.

Plans, goals, dreams, wishes, poems.

My brain wanders and roams.

Mind's eye wide open,

Using expert rods and cones.

I start to gather different thoughts.

Sentences form and I connect the dots.

The random wandering stops.

Now skimming ideas, memories and interests.

Focused laser beaming through the mist.

Words put together are transported to my wrist.

On through my fingers and translated to the pencil easily.

Collecting every verb, adjective, and noun.

Fully conscious, I awake to see,

I've been writing all this down.


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