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Mothers Day Poem

Updated on March 1, 2012

“As only a Mother can”

Dear Mother please

believe and even be

much surer than I am.

Because I am sure

That this love I feel

is not about what

you may still have

to do for me. your son.

But it's rather that

which you have so

long ago already done.

I thank you sincerely!

That love you have

so unselfishly given

in good times and bad

always with such

unconditional and with

true love and care.

A smile was not

always clearly there,

but that’s exactly

what you have used

to show me the way.

That I can be able

To then and now

truly understand why

My Dear Mother;

And I surely did

now am able to see,

As only a Mother can !

Regardless of what

I have turned out

to be in this life,

Your love and truth

sent forth this son,

as one that's ready

for all challenges

and all challengers.

You have worked

relentlessly with me.

You believed in

what you have done.

even up to that time

when I had to leave

I remembered how

we cried and hugged

But you understood

Why I was leaving,

you knew it was only

through my love for you

growing up I sensed

all that I had to do.

a burning desire

to be anything other

than the greatest son

This world will ever see

It’s surely because

of that burning desire

this moment feels

overwhelmingly fitting

sincerely joyous to me

that I can say with the

sincerest of meaning

with the greatest of my

Most truthful feelings.

I love you Mother!

You had always said.

That this race is not

for the swiftest,

but it is to those who

can endure to the end.

That end for me was

not one to collect

the prize for endurance.

But rather the one

for understanding

everything a son should

Of his dear Mother.

With your blessings

I am in this special

earthly bit of Heaven

Knowing this truth.

One which can only

be confirmed by a

Mothers Love

I always pray that

the Most High God

continue to bless

guide and protect you.

My beautiful Mother.

He has done so

through the years.

For you my Mother

eh will continue to

do so for you mother

As you are truly

the wind beneath

This son’s wings.

“As only a Mother can”


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks you always Rose. And though I think I read it I will look again for your hub , Love all mothers especially those who understands motherhood . It should never be compromised , it the most fulfilling job in the universe.

      Never stop loving them for what they have done , only visit the mirror.

      Blessings to you and yours Rose.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up, awesome and beautiful. A wonderful tribute to your mom. Your so lucky to still have her. I miss my mom and did up a hub for what would have been my mom's 100th birthday. God bless and keep your mom around for many more years to come.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Can you imagine if we all can see that beautiful need in our hears , instead of being jealous and envious , we can exercise the love God gave us and help someone along the way. Somebody Have to help you eventually, you did not know?Thank tou again Cardisa.

      Listen here.

      God Bless.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks you Cardisa . I know that you would like it because of the things you said of Mom much earlier.

      But I know you love her. I hope she got her hat for church. Lol.

      You did not think I would remember. lol


    • Cardisa profile image

      Carolee Samuda 5 years ago from Jamaica

      Lovely! I am sending you an email right away because this peom deserve some Google traffic. Look out for that email!

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      And I truly love the fact that whenever I think of some one they show. But I know why this happens, and I can say life is truly what we make it.Let Celine sing , she is one of my favorite.

      Thanks "AE" it's great to see you, give God the praise. I guess is the same I my life goes I have made here my best friend but she will never hear that. She can only hear

      "I love you Mother."

      Thanks for the great and positive comment "AE" I think as we mature, and look at our selves in the mirror we see exactly what we need to .

      Have a great day "AE".


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I love this Sky. Your love for your Mother shines so bright for all the world to see..Thank you for sharing..I love the song...

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thanks brethren Frank . This is possibly the only area of my life where I am strong in truth , but weak in holding myself together.

      I see mothers as the only source of a child's true existence. Of course we are wiser than even mentioning the our Father. I stuck to my father as a boy , but the mystery of my mother, I can't explain. And do not care to try.

      I think God himself place that special love there.

      If there is ever a favor you can do for me , just thing of your mother honestly.

      Each person must see this in their own way, remember that whatever you now feel , you first have to be here to feel it.

      Thanks my brethren and Bless.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you Eddy. Always great to know you are, your positive self and reading on . It's the only way to be when you have come to realize, that it's truly up to us, each and every time, to be able to see the beauty in ourselves regardless of what setbacks we might have had the answer is , we came out alive and have work to do.

      I had to run Eddy I had to leave everything and run. To find that peace and nothing will ever take it from me but God himself. Until then I Give thanks and move on to what

      I know for sure are blessings.

      So it's my pleasure , when I know that even just one of those kinds of people are by my side living that same journey of a life.

      Grateful thanks Eddy, you are mighty strong and that's great.

      Give thanks , bless.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

      Sky this is one of your better hubs so filled with sincerity and the wonders of what only a mother can...:) up and awesome my friend

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      So beautiful Sky and has to be awarded my 'Up up and away'.

      This poem is truly amazing;I couldn't watch the video clip thought.

      Take care my friend and have a wonderful; day.