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A Teenage Girl

Updated on March 13, 2011

A Teenage Girl

She is cute, she is naive,
She is as pure as a pearl.
She is cute yet confused,
She is a teenage girl.

She has will, she has passion,
To stand in a large queue
Outside malls and stores,
Who have just launched ranges new.

She is happy, she is sad.
She doesn't know what she wants.
She gets touchy about useless things,
And gets affected by baseless taunts.

She is not completely mature,
But she wants people to think the same.
She might not be very strong inside,
But outside, no one can touch this dame.

She fears the possible,
Is scared of the inevitable.
Wants to change everything he way,
But ironically, believes the impossible.

She is too old to believe,
That her true love would come on a beautiful white horse.
But rather not too old,
To stop hoping he would do so.

She is not happy,
And she does't know if she is sad.
She is unable to deal with her own life,
And she thinks she is bad.

Parents are not responding properly,
Her demands are not met.
She thinks that they don't love her,
The way they had.

She feels insecure,
With no place to look up to.
And i this classic confusion,
She falls in bad company too.

She is about to transform,
From a girl to a lady.
But her insecurities,
Make her future a little shady.

She wans to clear up the mess,
And make no such mistake.
That could make her feel guilty in the future,
But mistakes, she does make.

She is only a girl after all,
She is not perfect.
She might be nineteen but is still learning,
How to choose the path that is correct.

She might not be so sure,
About how her life is going to unfurl.
She is cute yet confused,
She is a teenage girl. . .


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