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At First You Don't Succeed

Updated on January 13, 2015

Have A Good Laugh

Because that is what I do many times during one day

It makes me crazy to think why ? how come ? what am I doing wrong ?

I make it a game and like that old saying

Try, try, again

What do you have to lose ?

Your sanity

Now that is pushing it a little extreme don't you think ?

You have everything to gain

If you make a mistake join my club

it is a very exclusive club

Where only very elite members can get in

They have to fail

Yes I said fail

Many times

Because when you fail

You have tried your best

Took a chance , a shot in the dark, a college try

Gave it a whirl

Welcome to my world

Where nothing goes exactly as planned

But everything

And I do mean everything

Has a reason

That all the other group members get to tell you why

Not you

You have done enough work

So if you have what it takes

Only if your interested and your heart is in the right place

In the left side of your chest

I hope

Here is a small preliminary test to see if you qualify

You have to love life

I mean you have to love life like it was your own

You have to be real

No cheaters please

I like people that try and keep trying until the cows fly

So are you still with me ?

Are you still with me ?

For a minute there I thought you fainted

Did you drop out ?

I hope not ?

Come on I hope you will stick it out

Don't let a few precisely choiced words scare you away

I need people

Lots and lots of people

You look like your a person ?

You look like you want to be in this group?

Let's ask some more questions

Do you know someone or have you ever been wrong ?

Do you admit it or try to hide It ?

Now where getting down to the real meat and potatoes

Is anyone else hungry just like me ?

Do you like to laugh ?

I mean the real loud laugh out loud when everyone is looking ?

Alright enough questions for now

We will keep a close eye on you

Do you feel my eyes piercing the back of your neck ?

I hope not

Because if you do it's not me

Now we have a bigger problem

Don't worry and get your hair all messed up


We can solve that problem

Say after me a few nice words

Go away unwanted eyes

Go away

You never did exist

Only in my mind

I have better things to do with my time



I told you it would work

You have to learn to trust me

O.k. your still with me

Wow your a persistent little bugger aren't you

Don't worry you passed this test

But I do have to warn you there are a hundred more that follow

O.k. I extended the truth just a little bit

How about ten more tests ?

Five written ., five oral

Still too much

How about two multiple choice tests?

You want an open book test

I will think about it

If you have read each line with me until now

You look like a good prospect

Now it's time you get some sleep

You have a long day tomorrow

Up at the crack of dawn

Five A.M.

Only joking again

How about six fifteen ?

Still no

How about when your feet hit the floor

O.k. that sounds good to me

See you then

Have a great night sleep

Dream big

Because the world is waiting


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      Lisawilliamsj I want to let people know it is o.k. to fail. It is about trying and believing yourself. Thank you for reading and sharing. In the future we will not only fail but fail on our way to succeed. Have a nice night.

    • Lisawilliamsj profile image

      Lisa Williams 3 years ago

      I really like this! It is uplifting and funny, with an important message. You have to keep trying if you want to succeed! Thanks for sharing, I voted up!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 3 years ago

      DDE I like to pretend I am climbing a rock wall. Each failure is one more step in the right direction to the top. Sometimes I stop just to enjoy the view. Gypsy Rose Lee In my dreams I often think about my friends doing well and each of us sitting around and sharing our stories and great times. All excited about meeting again next week with new thoughts and ideas. Thank you both for reading my story and sharing your vision.Be happy and more happiness will come your way.