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"At School"

Updated on June 23, 2013
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Oscar has hubs on various topics, including painting, self help and poetry topics. Much of his life is a blend of creative activity.

never stop learning!

At school they try to bend your brain, with numbers, letters, pictures, and graphs; to try and teach you a thing or two or three.

Hard you’re pushed from day to day, to work and think, and then to memorize; you’re given papers to take back home and study for the tests. Don’t miss a day or skip a class, for the teachers keeping track; she thinks that the more you miss, the lower will be your grade, well, let your report card tell it best..

Mrs. Murphy did all that she could do, to put your grammar straight; don’t mix your verbs and adjectives, comma’s, colon’s and pluralities, for she’ll catch you every time; yet only to correct you, before she gives the test.

One day you’ll get to use it, this training you’ve been through, for life is full of algebra, no matter what you do; by it you’ll make your living, whether rich or not.

This final word of schooling; you cannot know it all, but be one who makes the effort, for it’s those ones who find rewards.


March 17 ,1994


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