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At a Loss for Words

Updated on May 9, 2012


At a loss for words, not sure what about my prerogative

No sounds heard that indicate bells ringing my cognitive

Survival was long overtaken by the struggles of just living

Cheating death in morality but still lost in search of meaning

Exclaiming all truths and idioms of life in haphazard harmony

Humming unknown tunes, strumming chords in cacophony

Gathering fresh leaves in salty hopes as they dry and crack

The Midas is thus a failure as it behaves in reverse track

The sky seems a distant mirage and the ground a fake reality

The sun that barely shines on occasion leaves no light in pity

Lost in the woods, lost in the world of meaning and shoulders

No organic belongings around, just large immovable boulders

Once at the helm of the door opening to symphonic dreams

Now stagnant, trying to write, but at a loss for words it seems


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    • profile image

      Jim 5 years ago

      how could someone mark this as 'funny', what a dummy!