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At birth we dance with the heart beat of death, ( life).

Updated on July 29, 2015

At birth we dance with the heart beat of death (life).


At birth we dance with the heart beat of death (life).

At birth we dance to the heartbeat of Death.( Life)...

Lies bathing with Truth, Lust.‎ Relationships.
Trust. Poverty.
Obstacles we face.
what we are attracted to.

Our dreams‎.
What drives you.‎

At birth we dance to the heartbeat of Death.( Life)...‎
Ps inspired my Ms Bibi Segoli .‎‎

I believe in the goodness of her existence.....She is the symbol of a pure god( goodness) bringing human life to Earth, Birth.

Lies bathing with Truth, Lust.

Be honest with your self at all times.
Always do what makes you joyful.
Question what you fear till you at peace with
the shadows of insanity.

Consciousness and being alert are the daughters
of time, being alert and striving for meaning.

Value your time.
Plan your day.
Study your desires.
Calculate your pennies.
Take note of all your mistakes.

Find peace in your existence.
Find relevance in your decisions.
Do not become complacent.

Paint your reality?
What is love?
Perhaps we were created out of love?

Will you adorn your spouse and your family
out of Love?‎

Where is your heaven?


Mine is here in the life of my breathe shadow
The life of my existence.‎
Loved ones.
What have you done with your life, to make the
world a warmer cosier place.

Ending make the most of every moment
Our beginning depicts our struggles and ending......‎
Bibi once I have settled my Debt.

‎ I just want to paint me and Bongi Townhouse ‎orange, put new lights and those removable ‎carpets in the bedrooms.

‎‎just save 4 k a month from my next job.‎
Drink my wine twice a week.‎
Take medication and meet my demise at 94.

Well anytime after 43 that is when my dad rested..‎
That's it, hey.‎
‎Cherish self.

Inspired by Ms Bibi Segoli, I worship the nature
of the goodness your spirit embodies.‎

Gods Poet Nkosi‎

Nkosinathi Ncala


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