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Attending the Prom

Updated on September 1, 2016

'Acting' as opposed to Being

Last year, as 'Acting Principal"
I saw how things were done.

I had been quiet letting the Vice
Principal and Head Teachers
run the show, making mental notes.

Now that I am Principal I make
my mark.

Last year, the first staff meeting after Easter Break, concerned “THE PROM”.
I had turned the meeting over to the Vice Principal and reported to my
Office to be sick.

Prom, the very word, was up there with Holocaust and Armageddon as events
I did not want to contemplate.

Oh, I will never forget my High School Prom.
The Prom I didn't attend.
The Prom I didn't attend because no one asked me.

My Prom

Unlike most who only get one year to think of the Prom, I had two.

When I was a Junior my best friend
was a Senior.

At Spring break she became All Prom All The Time.

What she would wear, how she would do her hair, even the color of her nail polish were
major topics of discussion.

She had been dating Mac for nearly a year so she knew who was taking her.

Vicariously, I lived her Prom, thinking how wonderful it would be, resolving that as
a senior, from day one, I would find a boyfriend so there would be no question as
to whom was taking me to the Prom.

As my Senior year began I hunted for a boyfriend.
As my grades slipped I realised I was too anxious, I had plenty of time.

Until Easter Break.

Until Easter Break when I still had not a single date, nor had a boy tried to talk to
me beyond; “What’s the answer to question two?”

I realized then I wasn’t going to the Prom.

On Prom Night I stayed home, watched the old flick, “Marty“, principally that
scene where the female lead sits in the living room with her parents watching
a comedy on television and crying

As Principal

I called a full assembly of the Senior

Standing center stage I informed
them that this school had been
selected for a special experiment.
A computer dating service wanted
to check its viability and that all
students would be electronically
matched and attend the prom with their “dates”.

The students seemed to be shoicked, surprised, and I saw hope on many faces.

I explained how for the first two hours the computer matched pair had to stay as a couple, then, a brief questionnaire would be filled out. After that, the couples were free to separate if they chose.

For our participation, the Dating Service would pay for the Prom.
Well, this got a cheer.

I then turned the assembly over the the official from the Dating Service who, being one of those professional phoneys, was well liked by the kids.

We had eighteen more girls than boys so decided that nine boys would take two girls instead of one.

As I could envision Handsome Jock saying, “No Way!” if he found he was matched with Fat Girl, or Queen Janelle refusing to dance with Geeky kid, I made it clear that not until the day of the Prom would results be announced and that any one who objected would not be admitted.

The anticipation of the Prom was off the scale. Every student was excited, every student was part of this experiment.

Mediation and Other Activities

I had informed all teachers, Guidance Counselors, and staff that I would personally handle and complaints, quieries and all matters concerning the Prom.

There were a few who said they weren't going on religious grounds or that their parents didn't let them date or they would not be in town on the date. These kids were to say nothing, and their names would be removed from the list.

Some came to me saying they were Gay or engaged or some other such reason which I slapped aside.

"The Prom starts at Seven, you are to stay with your 'date' until Nine. The point is to test the algorithm of the Company. Just to see if the questionaire has value. This is not marriage, this is not permanent, they just want to know if you have anything in common with the person you are matched with."

I was fairly successful in my encouragement.

The Night

Nearly the entire Senior Class was at the Prom.

Though there was the two hour splitting for many, others remained with their date.
Every student who wanted to go had been to the Prom.

This was a brilliant idea,” Eric the Math teacher said to me, softly adding,
“I wish when I was in High School…”

“You too?” I exclaimed, seeing him for the first time.

“You didn’t go to your Prom?” he gasped.

“I’m there now,” I say, “Let’s dance.”


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      Thank Chris. I am glad you liked the story.

      Norlawrence what you have to do is read the Terms of Service of any site you join so you know the way it deals with content. Hubpages will do a search to see if the article has been published elsewhere.

    • Chris Neal profile image

      Chris Neal 5 years ago from Fishers, IN

      Wow, that was interesting. I'm still trying to digest it. I did not go to my prom either, although being a boy it wasn't because I wasn't asked.

      Lot to chew on, there...

    • norlawrence profile image

      Norma Lawrence 5 years ago from California

      Do the articles have to be published first on Hub Pages. Please do not get mad at me for asking dumb questions. I have published a lot on Triond but the type of articles I write just do not fit there. I get about 8 views in a day on a good day. Thanks for your help.

    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 5 years ago

      It is very easy. Click on Start a New Hub. It holds your hand while you create the Title, the sections etc. Once you have about 200 articles on Knoji they chase you off. It happens to everyone. Further, you make very little money on Knoji. What is it? 8c? The hits at Hub Pages are in the Millions; at Knoji i don't believe 100k.

    • norlawrence profile image

      Norma Lawrence 5 years ago from California

      Your articles was very good. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find some information on how to submit articles to Hub Pages. I signed up 2 years ago but never did anything as I do not know quiet what to do. It seems alittle different than doing regular articles. I have been using knoji since mid-Fedruary but now that I have 261 articles in there and 48 of them stay in SEO at High I have been suspended twice now because my articles do not meet their standard for publishing. I need a new home.