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Attractor Factor

Updated on January 5, 2014

Attractor Factor?

The book 'Attractor Factor' does not say anything new which was not discovered by the humans. The principles were in practice by a group of ancient elites who rose to that status by their sheer hard work and perseverance. The book has recollected the same old, lost principles and presented them with simplicity- so that every individual of faith can take advantage of these.

Dr. Joe Vitale not only clarifies about "what to attract" but also "how to attract." The examples provided by him are real life- some from his own life and some from his students and acquaintances. That makes it easy to believe, isn't that?

Then, what is the catch. He adds the 'how to to do it' aspect to these principles. His own writing skills added to his own experience with LOA makes the book lucid and interesting.

Who you are fighting against?

Can you recollect any incident where you hurt yourself with a hammer?


Can you imagine such a situation?

The greatest anguish is not the injury or pain, but that you did it to yourself!

In real life, we do it everyday, in fact every moment!

"Why we do it" and "how we do it" can be better understood by understanding the underlying principles that govern us and our world. Our ancestors understood and cherished these principles, but we are fast forgetting these.

In a general sense, everything old and ancient -- way or principle, looks superstitious and mediocre to many.

The reason?

All these principles totally depend on the subjective aspect of us; upon our understanding and our efforts for its manifesting.

We are living at a time where the intellectual aspect of everything is considered everything about that thing. So, these ancient treasure troves do not appeal to us in the first look, not even in the second look!

But, there are some, though a handful, who cherish these.

"Once you learn the secrets of the Attractor Factor, you will be free from worry and self-doubt. You will no longer have to wonder what the future will bring, because you will be able to deliberately create the future you desire by using the simple five-step formula." -Dr. Robert Anthony

You would love to know the topics covered in the book

In Attractor Factor, Dr. Joe Vitale covered topics such as:

What Are You Dismissing?
How To Attract Money
A Shortcut To Attracting Whatever You Want
What's Your Prosperity IQ?
Step One: The Springboard
Step Two: Dare Something Worthy
Step Three: The Missing Secret
Step Four: Nevillize Your Goal
Step Five: The Ultimate Secret
The Million Dollar Secret Formula

All you have to do is pick up the book, read it once first and then re-read it as a work-book and take action.

May be you have read the book already, but have you taken action?

I am sure, if you choose to act on the teachings of 'Attractor Factor,' it will change your lives for better.

My 2 cents about Attractor Factor

We actually block our money flow!

We all know what attraction is. We are attracted to people and build relationships. We fall in love with a puppy and bring it home for the attraction we feel towards it. In a physics experiment, we see magnets attract iron. We can find plenty of examples of attraction when we look around.

In real life we attract each and everything we have in life, either good or bad. We are responsible for each fortune we have in our lives so as every misfortune.

When it comes to matters of money it becomes very difficult on our part to believe that money can be attracted into our lives. We are conditioned to believe that money can only be acquired by hard work and it's not easy. If you want to build up wealth you have to attract it. So, it is important that you learn how to attract money and other prosperity.

The first positive step in this direction is to "believe" first that it is possible to attract money into our lives. It is an irony that we become so concerned in matters of money that we become anxious and we block the flow of prosperity into our lives.

What Dr Joe vitaley reveals in this book is taken from the ancient spiritual books. All the known religions have confirmed the existence of such a principle. It is highly unlikely that different religions, which evolved at different times in different geographical locations would take the pain to mention it in their spiritual texts without examining the truth value behind it. When we explore and put efforts, we discover.

If you are open-minded you must give it a try. However incredible it may sound, it is a wonderful principle. If we can perfected it with practice we can achieve wonders in lives, and no price is high price for such an achievement.

I have nothing to say to the "Nay-sayers". Perhaps, your time has not yet come.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, another spiritual coach reveals from the TAO

We must trust in the provider

Dr. Wayne Dyer reveals an interesting fact about how we block our own prosperity flow.

When we are conceived as a fertilised egg, we are just a teeny spec. That teeny spec has all the requisites to build us in details what we are supposed to be. Everything is taken care of. Practically, the Universe which creates us provides for everything through the mother. Similarly, if we can trust the universe to provide us, it is going to.

When we grow up, we start believing that we do everything for whatever we have been lives. We chase behind what we want and we want it in our own way. This is the time when this universe stops interfering in our affairs. As we can never have a perfected plan as the universe we are likely to fail most of the times. That's what happened to us, and we fail. The more we fail, the more we strive to fail again with an imperfect plan.

If we can just trust in the provider we are going to be provided for. Here comes the most important question-do we have to sit down and wait for things we want?

No. You are not going to get what you want, but you will only get what you are! That's what Dr. Wayne Dyer says.

Dr. Wayne Dyer
Dr. Wayne Dyer

A Video Review Of the Book

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