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Au revoir

Updated on January 6, 2013

Stupid little love poem

Leaving you forever

Doesn't seem for real

How could i ever

Stop feeling how i feel

To forget what we've been through

Would be to spread a darkness in my world

It'd be shading all the blue

in my eyes left in this whirl

The stars would forever change

My heart would beat no more

I know things aren't the same

But the ocean always flows to shore

That which is meant to be

Should be and should thrive

The way you did with me

Even when it was just getting by

To do better than what we have

Is beyond my grasp

Because you were my future

My present and my past

The sun rises with you

And the moon was always ours

This love you've lit inside me

Is worth more than all the stars.


Say Goodbye ~ Chris Brown


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