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Author Interview with Diamante Lavendar

Updated on October 12, 2015


Writing can be a very effective healing tool for whatever hardships a writer comes across in their life. Not only that, but sharing their stories, philosophies, and triumphs can help others identify with or at least understand what it's like to go through these hardships. Author Diamante Lavendar has used her own personal struggles to write her two published books, one based in fantasy and one a memoir, proving that she can both disguise her painful experiences with colorful settings and write straightforward nonfiction. Below Lavendar answers my 10 author questions about her writing process, inspirations, and successes. Be sure to check out her books on Amazon.


The Interview

1. How many books have you written and where can you buy them?

I've written two books thus far (working on my third). The two that are written at the moment are a YA fantasy adventure entitled “The Secrets Of Yashire” (the first book in a series) and a women's fiction book entitled, “Breaking The Silence”.


The Secrets of Yashire: Emerging From the Shadows is a young adult fantasy adventure that occurs within the framework of a young girl’s subconscious mind. The main character, Brianna, finds herself thrown into a world called Yashire where she is forced to deal with circumstances.

Based on a true story, a new novel from Diamante Lavendar. Joan Eastman was born like any other girl. However her life would prove to be a life of great pain… Growing up, she was treated differently by family members, powerless to defend herself against their sexual and psychologi...

Both books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Createspace, BooksAMillion, Kobo and Shelfari.

2. What famous books can you compare to your own?

My book The Secrets Of Yashire has been compared to The Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland. My book Breaking The Silence is similar to The River Of Forgetting: A Memoir Of Sexual Abuse and Scars Don't Hurt: A Story Of Triumph Over Sexual Abuse.

3. Why do you write for this particular age group?

I wrote my YA fantasy adventure in remembrance of my daughter who passed away many years ago. It is filled with virtues about life and relationships that I wished for her to learn. I also wrote The Secrets Of Yashire because I love fantasy. So it was a combination of those things.

Breaking The Silence was written as a memoir of my life. I wanted to tell my story so that I could help other victims know that they weren't alone and that healing from horrible trauma of that sort is possible.

4. How autobiographical are your books?

Very! There are pieces of me in each book I write as well as pieces of my loved ones. And as I mentioned above, Breaking The Silence is my life story written in a fictional format.

5. What's the best compliment that you've ever received about your writing?

I love the fact that The Secrets Of Yashire has been compared to The Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland. What wonderful compliments! I also love the fact that Breaking The Silence has been described as powerfully healing and inspirational. After everything I went through in life, I consider it an honor to help others heal and be inspired.

6. What has been your greatest moment as a writer so far?

There have been many moments where I've met other kindred spirits and kind souls who have understood my books. To me, that is the greatest have readers who understand and feel what my writing is about!

7. Where do you get your covers?

My covers are designed by graphic artists. Both covers were designed by different people. I like to portray the feeling of the story in my book covers and I think the artists have succeeded in doing that.

8. What is a subject/character/setting you would like to tackle?

I have been thinking about writing a humorous story some time down the line...I think it would be great fun to do so. But I have a number of projects I'm working on before I attempt it. At the present moment, I'm working on an adult fiction book that is set in medieval times. It has elements of fantasy, romance, inspiration and mystery in it. I'm enjoying working on it!

9. What is next for you?

I'm working on my adult fiction book that I mentioned above. I'm hoping to have it published in the spring. Then I will be writing The Secrets Of Yashire Book Two.

10. End with a quote.

Here is a quote that I try to live by. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

I believe we each need more purpose and happiness in our lives and the only way to accomplish that is to treat ourselves and each other with respect as we do our best to spread kindness and understanding throughout our circles of influence in the world around us.


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