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Author Interview with Paige Lavoie

Updated on June 7, 2015


Each week, I interview a self-published author for my "Author Monday" interview series. This week, I interview author, Paige Lavoie, whose YA book, "The Diary of an Invisible Girl" is on sale June 9th. She also has a comic series titled "Pumpkin Spiced," a Halloween-themed comic that celebrates unique characters. Here is a summary of her new book from its Amazon page. Be sure to check it out!

"Comic-book-obsessed Barbara Jenkins' idea of an exciting night consists mostly of fan fiction and frozen pizza-that is, until one fated day during the start of the school year she literally crashes into the queen of the AV Club. Barbara soon begins to explore life outside her comfort zone as she is thrust head first into a new world of costumes, conventions, and crushes, as well as a HUGE secret."


1. How many books have you written and where can you buy them?

My first Young Adult novel Confidence: The Diary of an Invisible Girl will be on sale tomorrow, June 9th, on Amazon! I’m so excited.

I’ve also written around five issues of my comic Pumpkin Spiced that are all available to read for free on Currently the first two issues are in print, and I’m working towards getting #3 ready for this summer.

2. What famous books can you compare to your own?

“Confidence” was very inspired by the goofiness of the diary-style books I read when I was in middle school such as Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging, Mates Dates, and The Princess Diaries. So I think it would be fair to compare it to those. I love stories about friendship and overcoming the everyday challenges of growing up, and learning to be yourself.

3. Why do you write for this particular age group?

I knew Confidence was going to fit into the YA Category, but at the same time I didn’t really write it thinking about a particular age. Most of the time when I write, I don’t actually have an age group in mind. I just try to tell the best story I can, and be true to the characters.

4. How autobiographical are your books?

I took a lot of inspiration from real experiences to build the nerdy convention atmosphere that my protagonist is surrounded by in “Confidence” and Barbra herself is a lot like me. That being said, the events are all fictional. :p

5. What’s the best compliment that you’ve ever received about your writing?

It may sound a bit untraditional, but when people draw my characters I always take that as the best kind of compliment. It lights up my heart, and every single time I can’t believe my eyes. The fact that someone would spend their time drawing a character I created blows my mind. I love it.

6. What has been your greatest moment as a writer so far?

Hitting 50,000 words and winning NaNoWriMo for the first (and hopefully not last) time. J

7. Where do you get your covers?

My husband and I are both artists and brainstorm and work together to make the covers. He has a great eye, and did the design work on the cover for “Confidence.” I feel so lucky to have someone in my life who is so passionate and driven to create a visual representation of the story.

8. What is a subject/character/setting you would like to tackle?

I would love to do a fantasy novel! With subjects and themes of home and family. But I’ve been inspired to start writing a second “Confidence” book, and getting back to Barbra and her geeky friends. Oh what chaos and adventures the gang is going to get into…

9. What is next for you?

I’m working on a short collection of spooky stories that I hope to release on kindle in October. I want to keep writing, exploring new ideas and genres. I intend to win NaNoWriMo again this year!

10. End with a quote (from one of your books, a favorite quote by someone else, or one that has been on your mind recently).

“There’s nothing wrong with living your life day to day as Sheik, but once in a while, every girl deserves to feel like Princess Zelda.” –Confidence: The diary of an invisible girl.


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