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Autumnal Allergies- A Sufferer's Lament

Updated on September 16, 2015
Harry Higinbotham profile image

Much like other people, HMH was born. He grew up in a place, did things, went places, & wrote some stuff. He hopes you like said stuff.

Autumnal Allergies- A Sufferer's Lament

I always know when fall is near.

The sinus pressure in my ear,

The plugging of my reddened nose

That honks like geese whene'er it blows,

My itching eyes a waterworks,

The tickle in my throat that irks.

Reminders all that Autumn's come

With allergens I must flee from.

The ragweed count is through the roof

As is the mold's with further proof

That I must suffer through the fall

'Til winter comes and kills it all.

Of course by then I'll have a cough

(I think my head just might fall off.)

Bronchitis now has come to roost.

(My immune system needs a boost.)

Pneumonia can't be far behind

(Most likely I will lose my mind.)

But it's OK- soon Spring's clover

Will start the whole thing all over!

So THAT'S what's causing all my problems!
So THAT'S what's causing all my problems! | Source

Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

There's no mistaking that some of us are just prone to suffer from seasonal allergies. Here are a few tips to help you survive:

  • Make sure you don't have another condition. Sometimes symptoms you associate with allergies are indicative of other problems such as a cold or other viral infection. If your congestion lasts longer than a couple weeks it's probably allergies. Keep in mind also that if you have aches and a fever the cause is not likely to be allergies.
  • Over the counter medications work well for most people, however keep in mind that not all medicines work the same for everybody. If you find one medication just doesn't do it for you, try something else. You may also have to try a combination of medicines to get the relief you seek. Decongestants and antihistamines are the most common meds for allergies. Also keep in mind that some meds may make you drowsy, so check labels carefully. Finally, if your allergies are severe, seek treatment from an allergist who can help you target specific allergens with the proper treatments.
  • Sometimes the oldest remedies are the best. for example, using a saline rinse can keep your nasal passages clear of allergens, thus minimizing symptoms. You can also gargle with salt water for a sore or scratchy throat.
  • Remove your work clothes and shoes just as soon as you get home to minimize the spread of allergens throughout your home. If you have pets that go outside, wipe their paws as soon as they come in since pollen can stick to them.
  • Workout indoors. If you're a runner, find an indoor track or run on a treadmill. Sure the scenery's not as good, but you'll breathe better!
  • Wear a mask when working outdoors. This will minimize your exposure to pollen and other allergens. Be sure to use a mask marked "N95" which means it will filter out 95% of particles according to the standards of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Finally, take your allergies seriously. Even though you may think "it's just allergies" the symptoms can can take a toll. If you feel terrible, rest. Don't be afraid to take a sick day. Overdoing it will just make it worse.

I know this starts with spring allergies, but it's still good info.!

Let's Talk Allergens!

To which of the following are you MOST allergic?

See results

© 2015 Harry Higinbotham


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    • Harry Higinbotham profile imageAUTHOR

      Harry Higinbotham 

      3 years ago

      So sorry to hear that, Aimen. They say laughter is the best medicine, so hopefully reading some funny poems & stories on Hubpages can cheer you up!

    • profile image

      Aimen Ameen 

      3 years ago

      A very well written tragic tale which I experience throughout the year. I'm allergic to almost everything. I know the miserability of it. It's not a nonsense poem at all. For me, it is the tragic reflection of my being.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      3 years ago from United States

      Nice poem and so much the case for many in my family, especially my wife. Well received. whonu


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