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Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 2: Scrambled (E.G.G Episode 15)

Updated on November 7, 2014



Previously, on Avengers v.s E.G.G...

Tony Stark came up to Mother E.G.G and gave Josh an ultimatum: Shut down, or The Avengers would shut them down. After figuring out that Nick Fury had scrubbed all evidence that E.G.G was connected to S.H.I.E.L.D, Josh got angry, and gathered Eileen, Acacia, Julian, and Agents Becket and Allyson Whitcomb, to go down to Porter Park and let the Avengers know that they weren't leaving without a fight...

E.G.G Episode 15

Avengers v.s E.G.G

Part 2



“AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!” Captain America shouted.

“E.G.G ORGANIZE!!” Josh shouted, charging forward with his Thwip Blaster.

“That still sounds lame!” Acacia exclaimed, taking out her Repulsor Blaster.

“Have at thee!” Thor shouted, spinning his hammer Mjolnir in I circle, readying for attack.

“Julian, shut him down, now!” Josh shouted.

“You got it!” With that, Julian powered up a large gun, which blasted Thor with a ray of orange energy. Thor flew back and slid in the grass, dropping Mjolnir feet away.

“What manner of sorcery…” He said, rubbing his head.

“Like it?” Julian asked. “It’s called the Coulson’s Revenge, built off the remains of the Destroyer! Figured if it could work on Loki, it’d work on you to.” Thor clenched his fists, and began to stand, but Julian blasted him again. Thor slid deeper into the ground. “He ain’t goin nowhere!” He called. Josh nodded, glad that Thor was out of the picture. He turned to the only to see Captain America throw his shield. It hit Josh square in the chest and launched him backwards. Josh hit the ground and rolled. Allyson rushed up to him.

“Director Westbrook, are you okay?” She asked, helping him up.

“I just got hit by Captain America’s shield,” he groaned. “I don’t know if I should be offended or honored.” Just then Captain America rushed up and knocked Allyson away with his shield. “Allyson!” Josh shouted, but was cut short when Captain America got him in a chokehold. Josh struggled, but Cap was too strong.

“Stand… Down… Soldier…” Cap said, struggling to keep his grip on Josh. Across the park Eileen had engaged the Black Widow in combat.

“Stop this Agent Wuthrich!” Black Widow said, kicking Eileen. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Then don’t, you can end this!” Eileen shouted, swinging at her. Black Widow blocked the punch. “Tell everyone we’re sanction by S.H.I.E.L.D!”

“I am under direct orders to do just the opposite.” She stated, chopping at Eileen’s throat. Eileen caught her arm and kicked for her leg. Black Widow twisted around swiftly and elbowed Eileen in the back. “You were one of my best students Eileen.” She said to her. “Don’t let it end like this.”

“It’s all up to you.” Eileen said, assuming her fighting stance. “Tell everyone the truth.”

“I don’t see the problem here,” Black Widow said, strafing cautiously around Eileen. “Fury said he’d relocate you.”

“We’re fine where we are.” Eileen said.

“Fine,” Black Widow replied. “But just know I tried to offer you an out.” With that, Black Widow lunged at Eileen. Iron Man was in the sky, flying away from Acacia and Agent Becket, who both were equipped with jet packs. He spun around and began to fly backwards, shooting repulsor blasts at both of them. Acacia and Agent Becket swerved in the air and avoided each of them.

“Gah, come on!” He shouted. “Jarvis, find me a weak spot.”

“Their jet packs are unfortified against electric overload,” Jarvis observed. “Feeding them too much energy will cause them explode.”

“Excellent!” Iron Man said. He suddenly stopped in the air. Acacia and Agent Becket flew right past him.

“What the…” Agent Becket asked.

“Where did he…” Acacia began, but her question was soon answered. Iron Man flew behind them and put his hands on their jets packs. Suddenly his armor began to electrocute and he fed the energy into the jet packs. They began to make loud humming noises. Acacia’s eyes widened. “He overloaded them! Bail!” Acacia and Agent Becket unstrapped themselves and fell to the ground. Acacia tumbled just as she hit but Agent Becket fell right onto his back.

“Ah!” He cried. Acacia began to run to his aid, when both jet packs landed in front of her feet. She turned quickly, but the jet packs exploded and launched Acacia into a tree. Iron Man landed on the ground.

“Two down.” He said. Thor gripped the ground and began to get up again, but Julian blasted him.

“You feelin’ froggy?” He asked. “Then hop, sucka.” Thor looked up angrily and held out his hand. Julian looked at him in confusion. “What are you…” Suddenly Mjolnir flew into Julian’s shoulder, knocking him over. Thor caught it and held it to the sky.

“I have had more than enough of you mortal!” He shouted. The sky darkened, thunder clapped, and with a mighty bellow, Thor brought down lighting upon Julian. Julian screamed in pain, and fell to the ground, steaming. “Thou art fortunate I’ve used but a fraction of my power.” Thor said. Eileen looked over, holding both of Black Widow’s fists in her hands.

“Julian!” She said. Then she stopped. “Wait, that’s it!” Suddenly lighting formed on Eileen’s hands. Black Widow’s eyes widened.

“What did you…” She started but screamed in pain as she was electrocuted.

“Nat!” Hawkeye shouted. He took up his bow and aimed. Then he launched an arrow, and it pierced Eileen straight through the shoulder.

“Aaahhhh!” She screamed, falling to the ground. Josh watched as all of his agents fell.

“Do you see this son?” Captain America asked him. “Violence only becomes more…” Josh abruptly cut him off by elbowing him the stomach. Cap double took and released Josh from his chokehold.

“I’ve heard the phrase.” She said. He took out his Thwip Blaster and set it to strand. He shot at Cap only for him to block it. But with a mighty yank, Josh pulled Captain America’s shield out of his hand. He threw the Thwip Blaster down and rushed Cap. He stumbled back, but then planted his feet, grabbed Josh under his arms, and swung him around. He threw Josh into a bench, which shattered once he hit it. Josh shook his head and stood up.

“Give it up.” Captain America said, approaching Josh with his shield. Josh turned to see Iron Man and Thor coming from the other direction. “It’s over son.”

“It’s not over,” Josh said, taking out his Repulsor Blaster. “Not yet!” He turned quickly and fired it at Iron Man. Thinking fast, Iron Man fired his own repulsor blast, and the two beams met in the middle. An energy sphere began to form. Cap and Thor backed up.

“That thing is not powered by arc reactor tech!” Tony said. “It shouldn’t be able to counteract my repulsor!”

“Sir,” Jarvis alerted. “The device is powered by a nuclear reactor.”

“That thing’s nuclear!” Iron Man shouted. Josh held the Repulsor Blaster steady, the energy sphere getting bigger.

“Here goes nothing!” He shouted. He twisted the dial from stable to suicide, and in a split second, the energy sphere exploded. The blast was massive. For a moment, all of Rexburg, Idaho was blinded by the light.

Josh's Threat Assessment of Thor

* * *

When everything cleared, Porter Park was a crater. Josh opened his eyes and sat up. He looked around at the destruction.

“Oh man…” He said. “I didn’t mean to…”

“Josh!” He looked around. Thick smoke cased the area, he couldn’t see a thing. “Josh! Where are you?” It was Acacia’s voice.

“I’m over here!” He called into the smoke. Acacia made her way over to him. She had Agent Becket over her shoulder.

“What the shell happened?” She asked.

“We’ll talk about that later,” he answered. “We gotta get everybody out.”

“Julian’s over there.” Acacia said, pointing. Josh approached to see Julian sitting up.

“What happened,” He asked, barley conscious.

“Come on,” Josh said, pulling him up and wrapping Julian’s arm around his neck.

“Josh,” Eileen said, limping up to him with Hawkeye’s arrow sticking through her shoulder.

“Eileen!” He shouted. “Are you…”

“The Extremis is helping,” she said. “But it still hurts like a bamf.” Josh walked up and grabbed the arrow.

“Squeeze something.” He said. Eileen firmly grasped Josh’s arm. “One, two,” Eileen took a deep breath. “Three!” Josh yanked the arrow out.

“Eragh!!!!” Eileen growled. She held her shoulder. “We need to retreat…”

“Allyson.” Acacia said. “Where is she?” Suddenly they all heard Allyson’s blood curling scream. They rushed over to the source of the sound to see Allyson run through the smoke. She fell onto the ground, crying hysterically. Eileen rushed up to her.

“Calm down, breathe.” She said. “What’s wrong.” Allyson looked up at Eileen.

“Run!” She shouted.

“RRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Everyone quickly looked up towards the noise that had pierced the deafening silence. Through the smoke Josh could see a giant, hulking shadow standing directly over them.

“Run, RUN!” He shouted. Acacia turned and ran as fast as she could with Becket on her shoulder. Josh dragged Julian, who was attempting to run himself. Eileen quickly helped up Allyson and they began to flee. They all ran for their lives. And the incredible Hulk chased them.

“RRRRRAAAAGGGHHH!!!” He roared, in hot pursuit of his opponents.

“Split up!” Josh shouted. Everyone went their separate ways, but Hulk continued to trail Josh and Julian.

“He would…” Julian managed as they ran. Hulk slid to a stop, then raised his fists into the air.

“HULK SMASH!” He shouted, pounding the ground. The earth quaked, and everyone on their feet fell to the ground. Josh activated his earpiece.

“We need extraction now!” He shouted.

“We’re trying sir,” an E.G.G agent on the other end replied. “But visibility is zero down there, we can’t see a thing.”

“Then aim for the flare.” Josh said. Julian looked at him.

“A flare?” He said. “You’ll lead that monster right to us!”

“We’ve gotta take that risk.” He activated his earpiece. “Team, you guys see a wrecked jungle gym?”

“Visual.” Eileen responded.

“I see it too.” Acacia said.

“Converge there now!” Josh said. He rushed up with Julian to meet Acacia, Allyson and Eileen. The Hulk lurked through the smoke, waiting for a sign.

“Everyone brace yourselves.” Josh said. He took out a flare gun and launched it into the sky. The Hulk immediately turned around.

“Hulk smash puny eggs!” He roared, charging towards them. They all huddled together.

“Steady…” Josh said. Hulk barreled closer and closer. Acacia was sweating. Allyson was crying. Eileen was ready to take off. “Hold it..”

“RRRAAHHH!!!” The Hulk yelled as he jumped into the air. He balled up his fists, and then smashed into the ground. He looked under his fists to see nothing, and looked up to see a blue light fade away.

Josh's Threat Assessment of The Hulk

* * *

Everyone was in the infirmary. Julian was in the burn unit getting treated for Thor’s lighting strike. Eileen was having her arm patched up and wrapped in a cast. Agent Becket still lay unconscious, hooked up to medical equipment that at least confirmed he was still alive. Acacia was having tree bark pulled out of her back. Josh took off his shirt to see he was covered in bruises, cuts, and burns.

“Here,” He turned to see Allyson with a rag. “Those cuts will get infected.” She dabbed the rag onto Josh’s wounds.

“Agh!” He screamed. “What’s on that, acid!”

“Alcohol.” She said, dabbing Josh’s wounds.

“Well it burns,” he said. “Badly.” He looked at Allyson. “You a nurse?”

“I was,” she answered. “Back at S.H.I.E.L.D. But I couldn’t do that anymore. Too many agents were coming in wounded, and some of the injuries…” She shuddered. “Too much to bear. I switched over to infantry at E.G.G first chance I got.”

“You went through a lot today.” Josh said. “I shouldn’t have dragged you into it.”

“It’s my job,” She said, dipping the rag in the alcohol. “But this, this is nothing we were ever trained for.”

“I know.” Josh said. He noticed Allyson glancing over at Agent Becket. “He’ll be fine.” Josh reassured.

“I know.” Allyson said. “He’s strong that way.”

“You guys…”

“No, we grew up together. My house burned down when I was young, my parents died in the fire. I was sent to a foster home and… I saw Beck. The other kids were picking on him, he was younger, smaller. But I stuck up for him.” She looked over at him. “I’m his guardian.” Josh nodded.

“That’s nice of you.” Josh said. “You’re a sweet girl.” Allyson turned and blushed.

“Thanks.” She said. She sighed. “I guess I wanted to go head on into this because Beck and I went from foster parent to foster parent. I just couldn’t bear the thought of losing another home I love.”

“You won’t.” Josh said, taking her hand. “Not today.” Eileen approached them.

“Well,” she said. “We… lost. Now what?”

“Now?” Josh said. “Well we made our stance clear and we took the first move. It’s all up to the Avengers now. Whatever they do determines the fate of E.G.G. But now they know what they’re dealing with if they still want us to surrender.”

“And if we lose?” Eileen said. Josh sighed.

“Then we go down. But as long as we’re breathing, this egg will stay in the sky.”

* * *

Iron Man walked up to Captain America, who was helping firefighters lift a fallen tree.

“Just got off with the President.” He said. “It’s gone that far Steve. People don’t take kindly to historic parks getting blown off the map.”

“I understand Tony.” He replied. “Has anyone found Banner yet?”

“No, still MIA, you know he disappears after every fight.”

“And Natasha?”

“Her leg is broken, and Hawkeye suffered a concussion. The blast knocked him off of the roof.” Captain America sighed.

“We can still try and reason with them…”

“This is beyond diplomacy Steve! That option went out the window when they fired a nuclear weapon on us!”

“Aye,” Thor agreed. “I know not who these egg men are, but they have truly earned my wrath.” Captain America looked at Porter Park. He looked at Hawkeye on a stretcher and Black Widow getting her leg in a cast. He looked at the people, previously overjoyed that the Avengers were in their presence, now filled with fear and anger.

“It’s clear then team.” He said. “We take E.G.G down. Tonight.”

To Be Concluded…

“It’s clear then team. We take E.G.G down. Tonight.”
“It’s clear then team. We take E.G.G down. Tonight.”

Things have definitely escalated! The question is, whose side are you on?

See results

Don't Forget!

Leave questions so that I can answer them in the Q&A on November 13, and tune in next Friday, November 14, for the finale to this climactic E.G.G Season 1 event: Avengers v.s E.G.G Part 3: Over Easy!


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