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Avoidance Of A Senseless Path.

Updated on January 13, 2010

The Avoidance of a Senseless Path.

When I

took the i
out of what I said
I was left

with sad,
Promises are

the prom
that doesn't always
come true
with corsages
and heavenly nights,
I knew

we weren't right

for each other,
and so I left,
I would rather
hurt you now,
when it is far
too early

too matter,
then to lead you
down avenues of love
that only become

dead ends.
many others would
simply use you,
for your beauty.
I would rather

you find
the love you seek
in an honest heart.
I am not ready for
the kind of pain
the misdirections
of my affections
would leave
in your eyes.
Far less tears

are shed,
facing my back now,
then by backing away
from my

face later
haunted by

the false
love found there.
Cruel to be

kind perhaps,
but honest and fair,
Farewell my

lovely lady,
Godspeed to

your next love,
and may it be

ever true to you.



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