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Awakening to the Truth

Updated on October 21, 2019
Luke Holm profile image

Luke Holm earned bachelor's degrees in English and philosophy from NIU. He is a middle school teacher and a creative writer.

One day I looked up and saw a star.
O how far that star seemed to me.
I made a wish that I could fly
and to tell this failing world good bye.

Then the star began to shine
with a light so bright it burned my eyes.
I tried to run to some safer place,
but I tripped and fell upon my face.


“Come with me and you’ll see everything your heart desires,”
he softly whispered in my head.
I tried once more to run and hide,
but could not shrug my mindful guide.

Like a robot I stood and moved at once
to an opening that lowered itself
onto the grass before my feet,
as if inviting and eager to greet.

I slowly walked up on its path
not sure, exactly, what I was doing.
I thought to myself, “Maybe I am dreaming,”
and let out a nervous laugh.

My body filled with joy,
tingling with energy from head to toe.
In the later hours of the night,
I decided to leave the world below.

When I entered the bean, there was no light.
Darkness engulfed my being
and I could no longer tell where were my extremities.
I relaxed into the night.

Then I felt a mighty tremble
and wind whirled around me like a great storm.
I turned to see the star before me
dimming down to show its form.

A melting ball of liquid lava cooled into a silver bean
floating just above the land.
I began to wonder what it could mean
and was answered by the voice of a man.

Then I realized I was sitting on a couch
made of a zebra striped material.
I was watching my favorite movie
and eating a bowl of cereal.

All around me was everything I owned,
each a possession that I loved.
There were plants around I’d never seen
and in the distance something droned.


It sounded like a mosquito
approaching from quite far away.
As it grew nearer,
it sounded like it had something to say.

Just outside of myself
it vibrated immensely,
making my body sway
and warp intensely.

And then it came into my head
and filled up everything I knew.
It became me
and it became you.

We became it,
as with all things that exist.
I was all things,
and everything thing that this brings.

Or, I was it—
this tone of sound.
It was everything
in which reality was found.

Then, I became lost.
There was no separate I.
In an urgent need to be me
I desperately began to cry.


Images of other people’s lives on earth
filled my senses.
I lived their lives
and was part of each birth.

Every life was part of the same
feeling that I felt was me.
I knew too that I was only part of it,
a player in the ultimate game.


When this was happening,
the voice reverberated above the vibrations.
“Adam,” which was not my name,
“You too are one in the same.”

Shocking waves of denial
bombarded me from all directions.
I fell in and out of the lives of many.
Each helping me realize an eternal reflection.

I understood that I had all that I needed,
but for some reason searched for more.
I tried to make a reality for myself
better than what I had had before.

Waves of insight filled this being
which I was a part of and then understood too.
We suddenly realized the greatest of meaning,
that it was me and I am you.

It was all here, right now!
What a glorious feeling to immerse one’s self into.
In a moment, I just wanted to go home,
for many years had I felt I’d roamed.

I then awoke in my own bed
drenched in sweat and filled with dread,
until I remembered the greatest thing
and decided to heal this worldly sting.


It's All YOU!

It's all you! And by all I mean all that you know or can possibly ever know. From waking consciousness to dream consciousness, it's all you. You are all that you know and experience, from sensory experience to that which you call thought and knowledge. It's all you. You share consciousness with other conscious beings, but this just furthers your own consciousness. For other beings, it's all them, however this is in your own mind so really it is all you.

Slow down, feel the earth as you walk. Be aware of your breath and your thought. Be aware of that which is before you, for it is all you and it is all you will ever know. That which is all you is all you will ever know.

There is something that is not you, something that you cannot and will not ever know completely; at least in consciousness that is currently you. There is something that consciousness and conscious beings will never know, for all that they know is consciousness, whether waking or dreaming. That which is not you, which is not them, is God. For you and them are the same. There is something beyond the consciousness, and that is God. This can't be understood in it's entirety through our level of consciousness.

© 2017 JourneyHolm


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