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~Baby Got it going On~

Updated on November 12, 2012


Grandmothers phylosophy... Beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the core and when the beauty is all gone, ugly holds its own...



I have to admit, I have to be able to look at him at least twice, we might be together the rest of our life

Its scarry waking up and seeing frankenstein, then you have to make excuses for being blind

don't pretend you've never had that thought, you just got a little to drunk and got caught

whispering sweet nothings in your ear, wining and dining you, hooking you up with the latest gear, you felt so glamorous, you didn't care what others thought about your grizzly bear

rolling around like yesterday didn't exist, diamonds on your fingers, your neck and your wrist, you grace the nail shop every week, they gave you a permanent seat

then you hit the hair shop by three, and make it home in time to clean, cook and change last night sheets

you have your cook books all lined in a row, to catch his eye as he glides through the door, the aroma of that Tbone Steak marinated just right, make a grown man squeal and ache

you're standing there in your best after five, watching him squirm to get by, rushing to the bubble bath you prepared for him, you made that grizzly bear feel like a gem

dinners on the table so you assist drying him, put on your best smile so you don't piss him off, noone want to upset a bear, the outcome might not be so fair

you guide him to the dining room and sit him on his throne, his feast is before him, but you're in a different time zone

your mind is wandering back to that old fateful night, when you were so drunk, you forgot to turn on the lights, a smile creases your lips as he reaches to give you a kiss

then leans back and takes in the atmosphere, at that moment that old grizzly dropped a tear, I know I'm making fun and getting a kick out of it, but remember ladies, every good man ain't ripped



This piece breathes life into an unlikely subject who uses his charm, wit, and financial standing to secure his position in the heart of a woman.


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    • Karen Russell profile image

      Karen Russell 8 years ago


    • Jaqui Fray profile image

      Jaqui Fray 8 years ago from UNITED KINGDOM

      I love this Karen, true words indeed, I laughed and related to this one heartily... Much love to you Sis, Stay Creative