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Updated on January 15, 2015

Twin one comes home.

When Megan was born,

she was really very small
4 pounds 7 ounces,

like a baby doll
She never stopped crying,

she never shut up
You could see her spirit,

she'd never give up
It wasn't a long wait,

to she put on the pounds
Talking in baby language,

loveable sounds
She's growing up a bit cheeky,

and very wide

She'll set Rebekah up constantly,

then run off and hide
As I watch her grow,

her personality change
Her cheekiness knows no bounds,

and endless range
You can't help but love,

her cheeky face
She makes me laugh,

a real mad case
She's had her problems,

her ups and downs
Sadness and laughter,

tears and frowns
In life I suspect,

she'll get on ok
Same as Rebekah ,

I'm sure I can say
We love her to bits,

her Dad and her Mum
If she ever has problems,

she knows where to come.
No matter the drama,

in life's constant race
I'll always be there,

to put a smile on her face

Megan's arrival.

Much like Rebekahs story,Megan was born very small.She came in to the world at ten twenty seven in the morning.She was quite loud on arrival,in fact she screamed and screamed,no wonder poor Rebakah kept quiet,as she would not have been heard anyway. Once she got her first feed,she settled down for a very brief nap.The twins took it in turns to ensure both my wife and I got as little sleep as possible for the first six months.As Megan fell asleep,Rebekah would wake up and vice versa.Those were probably the longest and most tiring six months of my life.But worth all the tiredness.

Wee Peggy Patch.

a worrying night.

when Megan was a young kid,she fell and bent one of her teeth in to her lip.She had to go to hospital to have the tooth removed.the problem with this was,I had never experienced one of my children going under the anisthetic before. We had initially spent the night in hospital,she got the tooth removed the following morning.The operation took less than an hour,I had never been so worried in all my life.That was without a doubt the longest hour of my life.The minute she came out of the theatre,she cried and shouted Daddy.She then saw me at the side of the corridor,and jumped from the bed in to my arms, and gave me the biggest hug ever.i was so relieved she was ok.

Funny and Cheeky.

The Cheeky One.

cheeky,mischievious,naughty and mad

quite often making her sisters appear quite bad.

she was very sneaky,playing pranks

always in trouble,never got any thanks.

she would mess the room up,then run away

Rebekah got the blame,all in a day's play.

very clever,almost too clever per say

never be taken for granted,that won't be Megan's way.

Time passes so quickly.

i remember the twins being born as if it was yesterday.i remember first day of nursery,first day of school,first night out with her bigger sisters.where has all the time went,it's passed by in a flash.i remember every parents night,I remember attending all the school plays.time literally flies by,blink and you will miss it.the future looks good,I suspect lots of happy days with Megan in the future.She is extremely funny,very rarely moody.She is the comedienne out of all my girls.if there is mischief going on,you can pretty much guarentee Megan is at the heart of it,or at the very least has a hand in it somewhere.


Megan is very talented at Art. She can hand draw the most amazing designs and pictures. Her art portfolio is amazing to flick through. She wants to be a tattoo artist when she gets a bit older.Some of her designs ive seen are unbelievable.the attention to detail is out of this world. She is a computer buff,loves computer programming and game design,She will go on in life to be very successful.

Deligating without trying.

Megan has a very good knack of getting out of house work in any shape or form.When asked to do a job,she either goes so slow you get frustrated and end up doing the job yourself. On the other hand,if she is asked to do a job with one of her sisters ,she does as little of the job as possible,without her sister even realising what's happened. Not a bad talent to have i think.She can sleep more than most ive ever met.If sleeping was an olympic sport,she would win a gold medal without a doubt. She is also very generous,if her sisters need anything at all,more often than not Megan is there to lend a hand.

I'm the one on the right.

What's the best job?

In today's job market,what pays more?

See results

When the time comes.

when the time comes,

where will Megan be?

will she excell in life?

just wait and see.

she could sell sand to a Nomad

she could sell snow to the eskimos

what career will she go to?

only Megan knows.

high pay or low,she will do her best

compete at the highest,along with the rest.


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