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Baby Niamh.

Updated on January 15, 2015

Wee One.

Niamh is amazing,

she defies belief
Loved from a baby,

to her very first teeth
I'm mesmerised ,

she keeps me in awe
By my own reckoning,

she hasn't a flaw
I watch her daily,

I watch her grow
She picks up the lingo,

she goes with the flow
She is my baby,

she knows me so
She has my number,

she knows it though.
Intelligent,smart,fly and wide
She's my girl, never be taken for a ride.
I teach her daily,

she soaks it up
She takes it all in,

the proverbial tea cup
Her smile is infectious,

the sound of her voice
She gets me every time,

my heart flickers,I have no choice
Her smile,her laugh,

she talks for a while
She has her moments,

she cries for a while
Each time I see her,

I get more fond over time
She's my reason for getting up

each time and every time
Although occasionally

she causes me some strife
I'll always love her,

she gives me life
I am hers as much

as she is mine.

she can be moody

i guess that's fine
She takes in my stories,

she thinks I'm a god
I keep her going,with

the occasional nod
Guide her through,

life's ups and downs
Try to put smiles,

where there would be frowns.

Infectious laugh,incredible moods.

niamh has the funniest and most infectious laugh imaginable.when she starts chuckling ,you can't help but laugh aswell.she is hilarious,very funny,quite cheeky,occassionally mischievious.she is an amazing artist ,not unlike her sister Megan. Some of the designs and pictures Niamh creates are astounding.i can only dream of having a talent like that.she can be a tricky customer by herself to figure out,but even more tricky when teamed up with her sisters,a handfull.

Cold night out with the dog.

Last one of the Marshalls.

i remember Niamh being born very clearly.She was our last child to be born.she entered the world with a scream and a whimper.she was a great sleeper almost immediately.quite often ,after getting her home,we would wake her in the morning ,as she could sleep for Scotland.Very rarely were we up during the night to feed her,great child or what.After the previous four kids,I think my wife and I had earned a wee rest. She excells at school,excells at most things generally. She is generous to everyone she sees.i have no doubt she will go far in life.

I'm furthest left.

Cutest kid.

when you eventually got here

i could forget the fear

i looked forward to your life

sometimes shedding a tear.

growing up you had your falls

occassionally some cuts

all through the dramas

you always showed guts.

tough as nails

hard to the core

always entertaining

never a bore.

you brought joy and happiness

you gave light and you gave love

you are my angel

sent from above.

Like Father like Daughter.

when I was very young,my Mum said I was the moodiest kid ever.I used to go in to a strop and hide behind the sofa,with my head between my legs,speaking to no one.imagine my surprise in later life when Niamh had a fight with her sister.she proceeded to run in to the hallway,sat herself down,and stuck her head between her legs like her Dad did as a about history repeating itself.i was shocked when she did it,it was like de ja vu,but also made me laugh a wee bit.My Mum will be looking down from on high giggling I suspect.

Takes after me in more ways than one.

Niamh like myself loves to cook and bake cakes. She loves writing like myself,and she's pretty good at it aswell.she loves going long walks with me with the dog.we have so many interests alike it's uncanny.she loves school most of the time,I tended to love it most of the time aswell.she is very industrious, if cleaning or other household jobs need done,she does an amazing job.cant fault her in anyway.But,her taste in music we definitely differ.hers is shocking.Her music tastes seem to involve a lot of screaming in the songs,where as mine are a lot more mellow.

Cutest baby.

cutest baby you ever did see

a kind spirit,totally free

full of energy,full of life

toddler antics on the edge of a kinife.

crazy laugh,and an infectious smile

entertaining me and my lot,all the while

no fear or restrictions,charging about fast

cuts here and there,never did it last.

playing with her sisters,day in to night

then crashed to her bed,so ends the delight.

So cute as a baby.

How kids are pressured.

Do we expect too much ?

See results

Future Thought.

In the future,i often wonder where Niamh will end up.i don't think she will struggle with adult life,I imagine jobs and other parts of grown up life she will take in her stride.She is very sociable,so getting on with people should not be a problem for her.she has the ability to achieve anything she sets her mind to.i see a lot of success in her life,providing she keeps on the path she is on at the moment.if she has a bump or two in life,I will always be there with an emotional plaster to help.


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    • bigj1969 profile imageAUTHOR

      John Marshall 

      3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks again for the kind comments.

    • whonunuwho profile image


      3 years ago from United States

      Well done my friend. So many blessings you have and the beauty abounds. Whonu


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