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Baby Rebekah

Updated on January 15, 2015

Double trouble.

When Rebekah was born,

in mid July
One of my twins,

my heart touched the sky
Born blonde headed,

her weight was fine
Yet another baby,

who'd always be mine
Always pretty quiet,

she didn't really cry
Megan did the crying,

she was a bit more fly
7pounds 4 ounces,

heavier than most
Gave me a excuse,

to go about and boast
I watched her growing,

more beautiful every day
I hope she has a good life,

I hope and pray
I think she'll be ok,

she's extremely smart
Good natured and kind,

she's got a good heart
Going through nursery,

then starting school
Time passes so quick,

she'll not grow up a fool
When she's up and married,

maybe even with kids
Jaq and me can relax,

watch all the old home vids.
I think she knows,

we love her to the end
Mum and dads baby,

we will always tend

The quiet one.

Rebekah is very reserved and quiet,very much the thinker of my children.shes non confrontational,definitely not an aggressive person.she has a heart of gold.i can say truthfully,ive never had a day of worry with her.shes never caused me to visit school teachers,never in trouble on the outside world.she is genuinely the most kind hearted person you'll ever meet.she excelled at school,she pretty much excells at everything she does.the musician in the family,and the budding actor.

A joy to bring up.

Cheery beyond belief.

finds the good in everyone

heart of gold,weighs a tonne.

kindness personified,mad as a hatter

loves a gossip,likes to chatter.

loves to bake,can talk for days

i like her style,her crazy ways.

does lots for charity,raises cash each year

late night walks,she has no fear.

so many friends,popular beyond belief

pleasure to raise,absolutely no grief.

Two drunkies.

Life coming alive.

I remember being in the delivery room with the twins was extremely nerve racking.i was not allowed in initially while the physicians did the cutting ,as it was a cesarean section ten twenty seven Megan came out first.she was very small.Rebekah burst in to the world at ten thirty in the morning.She was spookily quiet on arrival.She was a good weight at birth,seven pounds four ounces.not bad for a twin birth.She looked rather bemused on arrival,as if she didn't want to be there.Holding her for the first time along with her sister Megan was at the same time strange as it was wonderfull.A moment in life I will cherish forever.

Twin Telepathy! True or False?

A subject open to your own beliefs.from my experience it is a very real phenomeno.I remember one time Rebekah was in hospital, she was quite unwell. As soon as she was confirmed as being an in patient ,Megan became unwell.She also was running a high temperature,had a sore stomach the same as Rebekah.It was uncanny the both of them had pretty much the same symptoms. Megan was not quite as unwell as Rebekah,but it gives you things to consider other than the normal excuses used.

Twin mischief.

As toddlers at nursery ,Megan and Rebekah were quite mischievious. One of their nursery teachers informed us one day that both Twins had decided to play pranks on the nursery staff.for almost a week long period ,both twins kept swapping classes with each carried on for a full week before one teacher who could tell them apart,foiled their scam.even as toddlers,they could pull great scams off for periods of time.this was definitely one of the more intelligent ones they devised and implemented.

A worrying day.

when Rebakah became unwell one day not so long ago,she had crippling pains in her stomach.we called the Doctors three times in an hour long period.After initially debating what it was,they came to the house.The Doctor could not determine what was wrong.It was decided to send her to hospital.The Doctors at hospital were absolutely useless.she was very young,around twelve at the time,and they could not diagnose the problem.After a day of suffering,a senior Doctor determined that she had appendicitis.They operated the following day,the appendix had burst pretty badly.The surgeon contained the problem,they told us she was very lucky indeed,if it had been left much longer the outcome may not have been as favourable.that was a day I care never to repeat.

40 Winks,stressfull Being a Teenager.

What would you rather have?

Choices for people.

See results

Life changers.

The twins birth increased my Dad duties ten fold.i had to duplicate all my tasks. I had at any one time twenty bottles of formula made up.The washing was unbelievable.My washing machine should have been paid overtime for work done. I got in the habit of feeding both girls at the same time,I used to sit both baby rocking chairs on either foot and shake up and down ,to sooth and put them to sleep.the muscle mass in my legs increased significantly with this task daily several times a day.The twin pram and buggy were a job to push.Most shops and doorways at the time weren't twin buggy compatible.We used to avoid so many shops,due to not being able to access the shop doorways. Having twins is a job and a half.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks whonunuwho,very true my friend.i am blessed.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      Such precious children. You have so much to be thankful for and are so blessed my friend. whonu