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Updated on May 29, 2016

When you see all that is before

We wonder why it is so

Don't just stop there move forward

Let all come to you and take hold

Never to let go or you will mist

Come this way as the way is good

Come and walk thro the forest of wood

Can you hear the birds with song

They never give up they always sing

Watch for the sun to rise in the morn

Stay awhile and listen to hear the gentle breeze

Blowing around and thro the tall trees

In the meadow green pasture can be seen

The flowers ready to bloom

Come and see the valley so sweat with gentle slopes

Rolling down to the stream below

Where does it want to go

Down and around many hills of green

Down past the tall buildings man made

Flowing gently thro the country side

Out into the wide big sea.

ramon (c) 27/05/2016


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