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Blow Kane: The Death Dance

Updated on February 11, 2017


Known by many names…They smoke it, sniff it, mix it with other deadly products that only guarantee the people in the cemetery will have some new company soon.

Blow Kane… Killer powder or rocks that render its users as losers of everything that might have been of value to them.

Blow Kane… Turns sensible people into wide-eyed, take a chance, blow it all individuals who will do anything to keep the flow of blow going and going, until they are so far gone that their self-esteem and dreams die with every hit, or sniff, or smoke.

Blow Kane… Family taker, human eraser, creates a skeleton crew that loves to operate under the night lights and in the shadows.

Look for their drips and runny noses, look for sunken eyes and disheveled clothing that no longer fit...

Look for hollow eyes and dead women thighs that are no longer appeasing to the eyes...

Look for dead-eye-dick who can no longer get up his stick because of all the poison flowing through it.

Blow Kane… Claims the Old, the Young, the Black, the White, the Rich and the Poor.

It doesn’t care about race or faith, or if you come from a good family, or a dysfunctional family.

It doesn’t care about crying children that you left behind or a broken-hearted parent or mate who found out too late about your deadly addiction.

Blow Kane… Doesn’t believe that you are too young, too old, to take a chance and get invited to the death dance.

Talk to your loved ones, talk to yourself if you must, and let it be known that Blow Kane destroys lives and homes.

Malik Canty

Word Bird


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