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Updated on September 17, 2013
Hollywood glamorizes the outlaws and makes a movie with comedic satire.
Hollywood glamorizes the outlaws and makes a movie with comedic satire.


The Wild Bunch was made up of a band outlaws who saw it easier and quicker to get rich by robbing trains, than working hard. The leader of the Wild Bunch was an outlaw named Black Jack Ketcham and other members included "Kid" Curry, whose name was actually Harvey Logan and his brother, Lonny Logan known as Flat Nose George, Bill Carver, Bob Lee, Sam Ketcham, Elza Lay, Ben Kilpatrick, Deaf Charlie Hanks, Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and a couple of woman, Laura Bullion and Etta Place. Some people referred to them as the "Hole in the Wall" gang as well.

They were wanted for multiple robberies from Wyoming to Texas and the surrounding area, but in 1902, during the holdup of a Union Pacific train in Dupont, Ill.; they had a witness. A young boy who gave them the descriptions of two of the train robbers. The descriptions were those of two members. "Butch Cassidy" also known as George Leroy Parker and his sidekick, the "Sundance Kid", Harry Longbaugh.

In a not so smart move, the train robbers took $50 worth of jewelry, which for that time was a considerable sum; however, they left behind an envelope containing $100,000. During their seven year spree they amassed over a half a million dollars.

By 1904, the "Wild Bunch" came to an end. Some of the members were killed; like Black Jack Ketcham who was hung and Bill Carver, Lonny Logan, Flat Nose George, Deaf Charlie Hanks, who was shot, others jailed - Elza Lay, Ben Kilpatrick, Laura Bullion and Sam Ketcham, who succumed to wounds he received in a shootout when he was captured. Kid Curry, was jailed and escaped to the mountains.

Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid

Around 1904 or so, the Wild Bunch was all but done, the papers had said that Butch Cassidy had been killed, then he surfaced in Argentina. The authorities were unable to locate any export documentation showing that he had left the United States.

Then around 1910, Kid Curry was thought to be in Argentina with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, however, there was no proof of such a thing. Butch and Sundance had been in operation for about four years in Argentina, robbing banks and holding up trains. With them was Etta Platte, a marksman in her own right.

They settled on a mesa where they could see 25 miles around them. Their careers could have gone on much longer, but in 1913 they sent a letter home to a friend and it was intercepted by the law. Shortly there after; they were once again on the run. They then made provisions to leave Argentina and head to Chile.

Their Demise

In 1898, it was said for the second time that Butch Cassidy, the now leader of the "Roberts Roost Gang" had been killed in Utah. The story went on to say that the Chief leader, Cassidy was no more and the others were put in places that would do no further harm to the communities. This had been a joint venture, by the Governors of Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. They were so sure they had their man, having used a photograph from his time in the penitentiary to identify the body.Then he surfaced again.

The mystery of their demise begins once more. It has been said that they fought a standoff with the federales and were both killed. It has also been said that they actually made their way to Chile and gave up the dangerous life of robbing banks and trains and settled down to enjoy their final years in peace and luxury.

So, did Butch Cassidy and Sundance meet their maker in an Argentina gunfight against the federales? We might never know.

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