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Back To You

Updated on May 15, 2016

Back To You

The sky hangs low and heavy
Dark clouds angrily brew
Through the pelting rain I run
Dodging lightning and thunder too

Murky floods are rising now
Against the weakened coast
Waves claw hungrily at my feet
As I thrash through watery ghosts

The ground ahead opens up
The earth rumbling with anger
A vicious dirty snarling mouth
I leap over the dark pit of danger

Ashes fall upon my cheeks
As the heat burns against my skin
A fire rages towards me
Searing arms of fire and wind

I close my eyes, clench my teeth
Holding my breath inside my chest
For what good is true North
Without South, East and West?

I dive through burning embers
And tumble towards the ground
You take me into your arms and sigh
"I was lost but now I'm found"

I breathe you in, you fill my heart
In your arms I am at home
As I melt in to your dark eyes
I whisper what you already know

"Through fire and floods I'd run
Storms and earthquakes too
I'll battle your minds demons
All to find my way back to you."


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