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Back ache

Updated on November 9, 2015

Car Crash was the cause.

1998 changed my life forever.a taxi driver foolishly was speeding and his bonnet flew up and crashed in to the windscreen,causing him to skid across the motorway through four lanes of busy traffick.I was lucky not to be dead.the guy was so irresponsible and only wanting a good pay day,he was willing to drive a sub standard car to get a cash pay out.maybe some small consolation is,he got a bigger fright than I did,he could barely stand.

Nerve block injections

Today I experienced a new level of pain,

I'm struggling to see what I'm going to gain.

i felt it go,I felt it move around

scraping my bones,an unsettling sound.

i felt very sick after,and unsteady on my feet

i had no choice,had to have a seat.

15 years I've suffered osteoarthritis,each day I struggle more

i could write a book,even then I'd know no more

some days it's good,others really bad

some days your happy,others very sad.

had the condition now for so many years

the pain is so bad,I've been reduced to tears.

tried physiotherapy,acupuncture and many many more

each treatment pointless,just leaves me really sore.

I've been told an operation is out of the question

no guarantee of success,at least not to mention

the NHS is great,it's helped me out lots

but when it's down to cash,it like joining the dots.

I've been told i will be like this for the rest of my life

when reality hits,it cuts like a knife.

I've no choice now,just to grin and bear it

can't justify my operation,it hurts quite a bit.

Dull throbbing pain.

Daily Toil.

My life now has dramatically changed,I'm very restricted to what I can do now,and what I can carry.due to the taxi drivers greed my life has been altered immeasurably.i have no choice but to get on with it,can't wallow in self pity,that's not my style.

Focal Point


In 1998 the government estimated that back pain and treatments cost the NHS 1343 million pounds each year.roughly 35% of the total NHS budget.

Constant pain and discomfort.

More facts.

The office of national statistics estimated back pain cost the economy more than 13 million sick days last year alone.

Last year I was supposed to get an operation on my spine,I was told that the NHS could not justify the £15,000 to do it.i said I get around £1,800 worth of pain relief in a year.i thought it would be more cost effective,apparently not,they would rather keep me on prescription painkilling drugs all my life than pay for an operation that MIGHT help,but no guaranteed.i think it's inanely stupid logic.if it worked I could get a decent standard of living,but it is not cost effective.

Huge Amount.

Overall sick days have decreased from 178 million in 1998 to 131 million last year.quite the decrease.

Men constantly take less sick days than women.

The EU estimated sickness and absence through back related problems cost the economy 200 billion pounds each year.

Operation or not?

Replace pain relief with an operation.

See results

Future holds.

Ive been told by my doctor I have the spine of a sixty year old,a bit depressing but true.this was ten years ago,I hate to think what age my spine is now.he also told me to think if using walking aids,and possibly in the future I may need to use a wheelchair.what can you do,what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


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