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Backstage In Years Past.

Updated on January 1, 2010 years past    

I remember
so vividly
long after the
shows went dark,
like a script
freshly memorized,
the smells and
the exquisitness
of the costumes,
we were issued
and allowed to don
to become our character.

Fine wools and
satin and silk,
my favorite a
Picaddilly Square
tuxedo overcoat
from 1910......
these were carefully
hollowed out
like pumpkin shells
by our dressers,
gently pulled over
our shellacked hair
and heavily made up faces.

Then they fell
in historical folds
around us and 
which allowed us
to become someone
else for two hours 
in a space
and time from another world,
all presented to
orchestrated tunes.

The odors of the
hairspray..and grease paint
and deodorant mingled
with wrigleys

and mouthwash
hot coffees

and fear
for every night

was a challenge
to do that same
perfect production unflawed,  
while the unknown

always smirked
just outside
the green room doors...


Oh..the roses we were
often sent opening nights
would make a fine quilt
to cover all that we
once knew as splendid.

Now I am

an older actor
playing scenes

from real life
and seldom

taking bows
as the days

fade into night.






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