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Backward Christmas

Updated on November 9, 2016

Light of a thousand memories pass and she finds myself shining brighter than ever before. I have seen the skill of lifespan open toward the blameless, for they simply pitch it away and run toward a counterfeit life-cycle! They will never at all ever, recognize the magnificent and celestial beauty of a small, glimmering smile, outcast from the seasoned tradition! I shine inside her backseat marvel, retaining every gift she has ever rewarded me! How must I ever repay her? I wrap these night-line lights around and around my only tree, simply and entirely mine! I have shone far beyond my time and I know this to be exact, for I can feel her glory radiate all throughout me! What will this crown, this star at the top of her tree stand for and symbolize? As each level is mounted, I discover that my appropriate gift is to give, truthfully grant society acceptance, harmony of the secular soul, bravery and all for a love, mounting persons beyond the gates of a heaven unknown! My Christmas, my light and my lifespan has been within the backward gleam. I create light upon light and within that alone, my Christmas is stunningly backward inside the artist’s light…my light!


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