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Backyard Garden Tree

Updated on July 9, 2015



tall grown tree

in my backyard

garden, reaching sky

high like the minaret

of our old neighborhood mosque,

noble and majestic. What a

lovely sight my eyes set on ! Despite

all the trails, it’s still stubbornly stands firm!


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    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Well the poem looks like a pine tree too.

      Nice poem.

      - Hari

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 2 years ago from Morocco

      whonunuwho ,

      Thanks so much for your deep insight.Yes , very true we may bend but never back down.

    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 2 years ago from Morocco


      Yes,very true. people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 2 years ago from southern USA

      What a majestic tree, Tijani! I love trees.

      Beautiful write Ode to a tree.

      Up ++++



    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      We derive our own strength from the tallest represent how we may bend, not break and keep on growing taller. Thanks for the nice reinforcement of the human spirit. whonu

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 2 years ago from Shelton

      lovely write my friend :)

    • word55 profile image

      Word 2 years ago from Chicago

      A tall standing tree is a beautiful thing. It has so much value as well. What would we do without them?