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Bag Of Love

Updated on July 8, 2012

Ezekiel a poor bus loader who lives in one of the African countries and hustles daily to keep body and soul together met Samantha an American over the internet in a social networking site and they became friends. Samantha introduced him to Facebook where they both met, chat and exchange photos though Ezekiel is not computer literate; however his friend Edwin who owns a laptop helps him out.

One day, he received a mail from Samantha that one of her friends Mr Mactosh Opie hammer will visit his country so he asked her to send him some cloth and money. She agreed to do that for him but one problem Ezekiel had was that Samantha´s friend will not visit his community (Village).He has to travel to the city to collect the items Samantha agreed to send to him, with no money to pay for his transportation from his community to the city, he embarked on a journey to the city with a bicycle provided by his friend Job and encountered series of problem along the road.

However, he met Osman along the road and helped him fix his broken car so Osman decided to give him a lift to the city but they ran into hoodlums who snatched Osman’s car and left them stranded. With the desire to get to the city, the two continued their journey on foot and that situation left Ezekiel question his life events but as fate may have it, they came across Ezekiel’s bicycle where the hoodlums abandoned it then continued their journey with it.

They triumphantly reached the city but upon getting to the hotel where Mr Mactosh Opie hammer lodged, he was informed that he had checked out and had left for his country, that left Ezekiel heartbroken but luckily, they arrived at the hotel just couple of minutes late, he chased after the taxi that was transporting Mr Mactosh Opie hammer to the airport, but could not catch up with them so he returned back to the hotel heartbroken.

However, Mr. Mactosh Opie Hammer returned back to the hotel because he forgot his passport at the reception so upon citing him, Ezekiel rushed to him and introduced himself so he gave him the gift Samantha sent to him. Although they were less to his expectation. However, he was happy to receive the little gift but Osman questioned his ordeal and all that he passed through in the journey from the village to the city because to him, the gift he suffered to collect was not worth it but Ezekiel justified his trip as he considered it something about life.


This is the story i am about to bring to life with my crew in Accra Ghana,we are currently in the pre production stage of this great film that will keep you laughing from start to finish but at the same time will keep you question certain issues about life and will enable you see the best in yourself because you believe...


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