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Baked Visions

Updated on June 30, 2017

Baked Visions

You are my maple leaf asleep inside my phantasm. I am elongated by breathing winds that surround me with vengeance. For truth is the troubled sky that battles within dancing clouds; yet, you are the lightening that cuts through my tortured flesh, and laughs at me with wicked breaths. These visions bake inside a fierce jungle, prancing on the prowl like a lion, jaguar and tiger. For I have become their prey. They lunge at me with their deseased tongues, only to swallow my body whole; thus, omitting my remains and leaving them to rot beneath the spiteful eyes of the cruel sun.

My limbs are frigid, and the flesh the color of turnips.  My lungs are congested with a tinge of pain; yet, my eyes are succumbed to sleep within acidic lids.  The base line is the song comprised of temperamental melodies on the verge of spicing up flat waters.  Shouting winds of diluted visions take hold of rustic minds, and create festive light inside this harmonic web entrusted to nullified prayers.  For to drink from the royal hemisphere surrounds true minds with lavished halls of the harmonic web.

Blue crush tender by strain dances through my stormy spirit.  I am the sour note that bleeds into paper moons.  For this is ancient song that feeds on humanly bliss.  I gasp for air when the steamy ocean sends its fire down into my windpipes; yet, the weeping music continues to strum my frozen heart that wallows.

Mild tides hover me so warm.  My breath is ice that swims through my whimsical hair, and the light that surrounds me beats down into hallow tombs.  For it strums my soulful seeds, and takes in turbulent song that weeps for the masses.  For the dark hours seep through spongy spirits, and create dancing blisters inside jubilant halls of crescent minds.  My frothy visions have become your shaky embrace, but I shall not dive into your egotistic waters.

I cannot take a breath without crying out your name.  I sing my heart at night for the bleeding souls of the earth.  I am not an illusion.  For I am the water of your body.  Come lift me up into your soulful arms.  For I will not be desserted by your fateful lines.  Pour out your willful spirit unto me.  For I cannot reach the clouds without your gateways to heaven.  I fall every time I attempt to climb Jacob's ladder.

Baked Visions

Baked Visions
Baked Visions


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    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      What is the meaning of egotistic waters ? In your terms that is ? Don't forget pics to reflect your thoughts it somehow always draws more attention to the article. :) Also add a pic of yourself or a simple avatar.:) Another beautiful poem.