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Bangalore - Blues.

Updated on February 23, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Born in Bangalore ( me ) & Madur ( my Wife )

We both in Bangalore
We both in Bangalore

At Microsoft,

At Google in Bangalore.

Bangalore Visit.

Now & Earlier.- 1

Welcome to Bangalore my home town.

1- if by Road, 2 - if by Train and if by Air - 3.

If by road you will be coming from east,west,north or south.If from east it will be from Tamil Nadu - Chanai - east end and the places that are up to Bangalore.if from west it will be from Mangalore the east end,if from South it will be from Tamil Nadu or Kerala till the lands end Kanyakumari,if from north it may be fom so many places like Mumbai the north east up to any place in north central west and from any place from Kolkata in any area central west.This gives a fair idea of my city to any one who has not visited Bangalore.

The best way to come to Bangalore by any mode of transport.The best advantage is of course the road by your own car since you can locate the best place to stay.A friend of mine from north rented a house and had a taxi for a month and later left the taxi and was travelling by various public transport and was here for a year and toured the whole of south making Bangalore his resting place for a break.Having come to Bangalore you have to stay here if you are from north and wish to visit all the place in one go.If not you still can make it in instalments and still enjoy Bangalore which is having a good weather almost for 10 months in a year except April & May when the temperature touches up to maximum of 39 deg cen on few days and still you will get few bonus rains when it's really you feel hot.

Having come to Bangalore head straight to MG Road and the Book Store 'Gangaram' or Higginbothoms.Buy a Guide book and go by the Book.First to West Coast.Bangalore to Mangalore by road a/c bus,a/c train or by air.Stay ay Mangalore and go south up to Kanyakumari and north up to Goa.This may take 15 to 20 days.Where ever you go you will get all sorts of food and also drinks as no place is dry.Veg is good in few places and non veg in few but drinking water even after 60 years of freedom is not good if it's free.Please keep you camera handy as you may find excellent spots to take pictures for your memories of the visit.

From your Guide book you can select good hotels and restaurants on your way in various locations there are hotels for lodging which provide independent rooms a/c from Rs.700/ = to Rs.9,000/ =Your food may cost Rs.1,000 per day per person,breakfast,lunch snacks and dinner with out drinks.This is neither high nor low but medium can cut on food but not on bed ( lodging ) as your health is important.

Traveling with family you need to be careful even though there is no danger but for traffic since walking on the road is as good as walking in the middle of the road.There are no footpaths since they are all mafia controlled organised hawkers selling anything that is available in shoping complexes other than groceries.

This is only a Capsule.Not a catch 22.


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