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Bangalore - 2 See Video.How to Make MYSORE PAK.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Make MYSORE PAK. or Eat it at Gundappa.Hotel - Balepet,Bangalore.

Jog Falls
Jog Falls
Your Stay
Your Stay


The pictures are not taken in Bangalore it is not in Bangalore.This is a good place to Escape from the boredom at Bangalore.Most of the folks who are Bangalore-ans know this those who do not know and folks who are visiting Bangalore from all the road,rail and air routes can plan a visit after getting bored at Bangalore,the place is Jog Falls five hours by road from Shimoga.You can travel by road or rail stay at Shimoga and go fresh after breakfast.You must avoid eating any place till you check in at the guest house.Oh yep you need to book the guest house in advance as it is infested by our Netta's and bureaucrats all the time.You can contact Karnataka Tourist Department - or phone 6565 3333 and take their advice to book your room.

The road to Jog Falls is smooth and good all the way in the evergreen forests to your left and right side of the road with plenty of bends and ghat section after an hours drive.Group excursions will be exciting and you will not get bored.I don't know if it will be good for honey mooners.The place has nothing but trees and you will be soon bored if you visit with just your family.

In case you want to keep going and not stay at Jog Falls it is also a good move and you can visit Gokarna.It is in this place that the King of Sri Lanka's, Ravana's pride and power was broken.Here you can see the Sea above the ground standing near the temple,how the Sea is not entering the land in is a wonder since 2000 years.There is no shortage of water here,all places are with sweet water below the ground and every home or hotel has bore wells.From here you can go to Karwar a port city and even Goa.You can return by Puna - Bangalore High Way.The trip will be exciting for two weeks.

This is Escape from Bangalore there are others also short or long as you wish try this first.The short ones like SriRangapatana and Mysore can be done even on week end.I am waiting for my n'th trip to Mysore for Mr.Keny to complete his Mega Project NICE to be completed,it's running like Ramayan Mahabharat Mega serial one after the other which I have recorded but never viewed after.

Lets now see what's going on in Bangalore in Bangalore - 3 which may go like a Mega Capsule. 


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