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Bangalore - 5 What is a High way in India.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

See a 245 Km/h Highway.

Mysore State.

It was in Mysore State that Bangalore was in.

Now after reorganization of States Bangalore has gone in Karnataka State.Why reorganization was done is a different dead story now so,we Bangalore citizens accept the change for whatever reason it was done.However when Bangalore was in Mysore State it was a city of pure Mysoreiens and most of it's population was spread all around the city in all directions north,south,east and west but the central area was mostly in the following areas,Chamaraj Pet,Malleswaram,Srirama Puram being the residential area of the persons working for the Royal Family of Wodeyars.The area of occupancy was as per the positions held by the persons in the official capacity serving the Royal family who were the Rulers of the state.The commercial area was also different for the city,the city was served by places like Akki Pet,Chik Pet,Tharug Pet,Bale Pet,Sultan Pet,Nagar Pet,Cubbon Pet and KR pet the Huge Market Yard built in stone and preserved in pathetic condition by the authorities the BBMP so big they dont know what is where and how is it all managed by bureaucrats in office who come to the BBMP on deputation and on picnic with pay. The central area is for civilians and the mighty British were all in the Cantonment area.It was out of Bounds for the Civilians in those days of 1940.My father used to go on Bicycle to meet his Boss a Parsi who were a class of different kind and would not be willing to be called as Indians in those days.They were privileged to live in the cantonment area.You may know the present Bangalore from the Internet but you will not know how was Bangalore in those days when the British Ruled India.My school was run by the Govt of Mysore.There were no primary or higher educational institutes in the private sector in those days of 1940's and prior but after the 2nd world War things slowly changed and changed fast as Independent India to emerge as dependents in India by who so ever is called as Prime Minister.Not entering in to politics to say that our city has emerged as a Global City by the efforts of we Bangaloreians and not any politicians.

To visit Bangalore is as attractive as visiting a country that has much more to offer to a visitor.We may not be having good roads because of the politicians but we have good intellects of Global standards.The infrastructure may be poor because of politicians but we have rich heritage in the people who managed the State of Mysore.The city may be dirty because of the politicians but we have the best weather all round the year.There may not be Mega Projects like NICE road and Double Rail Track to Mysore going to be completed even after 7 years or more because of politicians but there is Mega private projects getting completed on time improving the image of Bangalore.Well this is Incredible India isn't it,as as with incredible politicians who did work in self interest but improved our city.We now have so many extensions done by the politicians that we need the assistance of others to to few places.The city is well known as a health Clinic of the World.The Govt Hospitals are a waste of money but it cannot go to private.You need to visit the Victoria or Bowring Hospitals to know more few special wards are used for other purposes it seems.The less said the better.

What is a Highway.

Bangalore and Mysore were sister cities.They are almost like Mumbai Suburban trains but its speed is 160 KM in 6 hours.My airthmetic is bad please calcilate as I can't immagin a train running at this speeds.Its not that it can run fast but our politicians keep the speed as they need.I could not belive a AC comparment in a 3 tier compartment in our Chief Minister,s train to his city.

There are plenty of AC Volga Buses running in the city but on the State High Way which is an apology for a high way.They have Speed Breakers of all dimensions even lady's get up at these speed Breakers speeds.They are Stations by courtesy of Drivers who stop for lady's if they are pretty they will stop the Bus even if there is no speed breakers just the girl mut show her teeth never mind if its tobaco stained as they are homly for them.

Why the Govt is dilly dallying with doubling railway connection.?

Why there is a delay of over 9 years for a project called NICE a super express 6 lane road which can cover 160 KM in 90 minutes under taken by a play boy or some body by name Keny.From where did he come to make a Road 160 KM long in 17 KM per year or 1.4 KM per month a world record in roar making.

Big Money - Big People - Big Bribes - Big Delay - Big Inconvenience -Big Problems are the Big Achivements after 60 Years of Independence fogged by democracy and a constitution which NO BODY CAN CHANGE EXCEPT A Marget Thatcher.

We Respect.

Place where a Prince was Born.
Place where a Prince was Born.

Mysore High Way.Go behind a Bus.


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