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Barrhead 35,takes to the skies

Updated on November 9, 2015

Crazy Times.

this weekend was the best in a long time.the first time three family guys had freedom away from all responsibilities.we had an absolute blast.we got quite drunk,explored Barcelona to the's a beautiful city.i have been twice now,and would definitely go back again.We had a banging time,one night I don't remember too much as I was a bit worse for wear.the first night we had a great time,I wasn't too far gone with alcohol,so I remembered every minute of it,these are the dream vacations we all want to have at least one of in our lives.You want the vacation you and the friends who accompanied you,will talk about time and time again.Barcelona is an amazing city,I would recommend everyone visits it at least once,you won't regret it.

Barrhead 35 took to the skies.
In February 2005,I took to the skies
First time flying,like I won a prize.
From taking off,what a thrill
Rising upwards,like climbing a hill
Joy and happiness,in the skies I found
Left from Glasgow,Barcelona bound
Weeks before a nightmare I had
My flight it crashed,my kids had no dad.
So graphic it was scary,I woke up in a sweat
I thought I was dead,paying the ultimate debt.
I saw my wife Jacqui taking the Polices call
Notifying her of the tragedy,how my flight had to fall
But the whole experience was a premonition of good
The flight and the holiday went down like my favourite food.
It was so good,two months later I flew again
I couldn't wait,to take to the skies again.
Me and two friends,living the dream
Seeing the Camp Nou every boys dream
I would never hesitate,I'd go in a flash
Just as soon ,as I get the cash.

My mates the nervous flyers.


Lots of money spent.

weekend away,spent lots of cash

cruising round Barcelona,in a mad dash.

seen the Camp Nou,Zoo as well

all other places,too many to tell.

went to the Aquarium,was a sight to see

happy as Larry,had a drink by the sea.

Boys on tour.


Never flown till then.

on a flight ,for the second time in my life

stressed a wee bit,a nice kind of strife.

flying so high,my ears did pop

didn't care,the world we were on top.

acted like teenagers,acted a bit crazy

some weekend,some bits are still hazy.

Weekend in heaven.

Things to do.

if your brave ,Barcelona has its own nudist beach.

theres a place you can create your own Cava wine.

Barcelona also has a world famous market street,it's endless.

Interesting facts.

Barcelona attracts 1,000,000 visitors every week.

Barcelona has 260 football fields.

Until 1992, Barcelona had no beaches till they were awarded the Olympics.then they were built.

Returning again.

Barcelona has something for hoping at some stage to take all my kids to it.its not the cheapest place to holiday,but it's worth every penny.


Cannot wait to visit again

amazing place,ten out of ten

amazing sites,sounds and food

trip of a lifetime,does your soul some good.

take a friend,take your kin

feel the heat,let the Sun hit your skin.

worth the extra money,treat yourself

have a good family time,boosts your health.


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