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Barrhead ,wow

Updated on March 31, 2015

Many occurrences.

Growing up in Barrhead you had to be a bit gritty. If there was a weakness in your character,undoubtedly someone would find you out. It's a hard place to grow up in. It was ripe with bullying when I grew up,there was not as much focus on it back then as you see now.the way to deal with it back then was to grin and bear it. That's the advice and the widely accepted solution to the problem when I was growing up. Barrhead can be a kind place to people staying here,but it can just as easilly flip to the bad side and make your life a living hell. The best way to survive is to try to get along with people,try not to ruffle any feathers so to speak,it's the best way to approach the issue.ive seen outsiders come in and be chased out as quickly as they arrived,just because the didn't fit in.

A Unique Town.


I've been here now ,for most of my life
Not always good times,when I was younger got slashed with a knife.
One of those places,where we are all alike
Lots of poverty,struggle with daily life.
Great neighbours,never do you a wrong turn
If you mess people about,your peace they will burn.
Not a town to be taken lightly
Sometimes justice is dished out nightly.
When no one can see,and no one can grass
If you tell on people here,justice will not pass.
I've seen families chased out,for one crime or another
Best choose a quiet life,don't be a bother.
I don't think I'd chose,to live anywhere else
We look after each other,we protect ourself.
Be straight with each other,no use being sly
You'll be found out,get caught out in your lie.
All in the same boat,one or two think they're better
They tend to be ignored,we play by the letter.
I've live here now for over twenty years
Only once or twice,I've been close to tears
Rather that ,than being a pest
Try be the majority of the rest.


Old face.

I've lived in Barrhead most of my life,ive now lived here twice in my lifetime. I moved with my family here when I was nine years old,left when I was eighteen. I met a Barrhead women in the neighbouring town Paisley,then eventually moved back to Barrhead. We have raised five girls here,and I would not have had it any other way. There have been many bad times,but more good times to outweigh them. As long as the good mostly outweighs the bad,you should get on in life ok.

you deal with things a certain way in a traditional town like Barrhead. Things get done a different way now than when we first moved back.


Most of the time it's good.

my kids are pretty much grown up now,my youngest is fifteen,oldest twenty two. They have been through many mad stages growing up here. They have loyal friends who would go to hell and back with them,when you make a good friend in Barrhead,they remain fiercely loyal to you,and you reciprocate the same loyalty in return. Its the way things are done. It's a good system,then you know you will always have at least one best friend. After all,all you need is one good best friend,you can survive with many friends in life,it's the ones who stay by your side through thick and thin who are true friends.


Rather have crazy than hazy.

sometimes its better to have a pal who's not all they seem. It's a good thing if you can commumicate on a subject on a different level from most other people. If you stand by a friend with problems,they will repay you back more than you can imagine. I know this from personal experience. Having clever friends is ok in the most,but there's nothing wrong with friends who don't see intelligence as a currency to play with. On your level I find is just great,no pressure,great laughs,great times,always have someone to cry on their shoulder.

Toughest time in Barrhead.

this I remember vividly .I was eighteen,out on a night out with a friend.made the mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both of us were attacked by ten or more thugs.i was slashed on my face,I required several stitches and have a scar to this day. i was lucky not to have died that night,I didn't realise at the time,but an artery was cut in my ear. I lost lots of blood that night,I met a police van further down the road,they took me to hospital.i was later told if I had not met the police van when I did,I would have bled to death. That's the worst time I've ever had in Barrhead. It's a memory that never goes away.

Be prepared.

being prepared for anything is a great skill to have growing up in this town. Just when you think things are going great,they can have a bad habit of flipping on you ,and then all hell breaks loose. You need to be aware of your surroundings at all times,and never take any situation for granted.

if you are not able to do this simple system,chances are you would be eaten up in this town.

Housing Debate.

Where's the best place to live?

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High class.

One thing that stood out for me in Barrhead is the education system.I loved school,I spent my early years at a primary school called Auchenback Primary School.i enjoyed my time there immensely.It was a great place to be educated in,I always felt valued by the teachers,individual help was always available. My older years were spent in Barrhead High School, another school with a bit of a reputation,but I thought it was an excellent school.Dedicated teachers giving the extra mile each day,underpaid and under appreciated in my opinion. I was none too pleased after leaving the high school,I regretted it for many years afterwards,I left early to get a job,I should have stayed on to finish my studies,but money was too big of a lure to keep me in school.


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